My name is Michelle. I love to cook. I have studied food and nutrition and I love giving quality advice on related topics.

I am a wife and a mother who enjoys living a simple, minimalist life while taking care of my home.

I share tips on How to live healthy by Eating Cheap Nutritious Meals

If you are looking for tips on how to save money in the home, and still eat a healthy meal, you are in the right place.

My goal is to ensure that you are equipped with the right information, to help you live a healthy life, while saving time and money.

If you are into living a Healthy, simple life and love trying new things in the kitchen, you’re in the right place.

At Kitchenvile, I combine my experiences in my expertise, life, and kitchen adventures to provide simple, inspiring solutions and creative ways to help you solve problems that you encounter in your everyday life.

In short, my goal is to help you save money and have a great time in your kitchen.

So what will you find on Kitchenvile?


Living a frugal life gives us control over our finances. At Kitchenvile, you will find Awesome ideas on how to budget and save money on some of the essential aspects of home-living.

Learn simple tips on how to reduce spending in key areas like bills, and groceries. Occasionally, you will find tips on how to earn extra money doing WHAT YOU LOVE, by using simple proven techniques when doing side hustles.


I share some minimalist kitchen tips that will help you adopt a simpler life, embrace less clutter, encounter less distractions and thus save money.

You will find tips on how to organize and design a minimalist kitchen, how to effectively simplify your home and kitchen, how to save time and money in the kitchen by trying out the tasty recipes and ideas shared on my page.

Kitchen Tips and Nutrition:

The Kitchen is one of the most essential parts of a home.

However, it also one of the easiest places to feel overwhelmed if you let the cooking and cleaning process get out of control.

At Kitchenvile, you will find Great tips on how to make your kitchen “your favorite” place in your home. Find you find instant recipes and cooking ideas that will simplify your life.

You will also learn how to eat balanced meals on a budget. You will find great deals on kitchen gadgets that you can use for a wholesome kitchen experience.