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The Best Blender For Juicing Fruits and Vegetables: A List of the Top 7

Which is the Best Blender For Juicing Fruits and Vegetables? If health and nutrition is your priority, then you know that blending fruits and vegetables is a fantastic way to pack a load of much-needed nutrients in one delicious drink.

Not only do smoothies satiate your hunger and stop you from reaching for the dreaded junk food snacks, they are also a great meal substitute since they are made from a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. And they’re great if you’re trying to lose some weight.

For your green smoothies to be appealing, enjoyable, and beneficial, they need to be super smooth.

This means that your fresh or frozen vegetables, fruits, and other ingredients need to be liquefied, with no bits and pieces of leaves, chunks of fruits, or gritty seeds which can be an icky turn-off.

And if you have fussy children or people in your household that you wish would drink healthy wholesome green smoothies, they shouldn’t be able to tell that there is any leafy green stuff in it. Well, except for the color.

All blenders are more or less the same! – You might think. But this is far from the truth.

There are a myriad of differences underneath the hood that can affect how you blend your food and the quality of the smoothies – and using the wrong blender for fruits and vegetables can ruin both the food and the machine itself.

Just blending fruits and vegetables can damage a blender. Yes, breaking down their fibers and seeds is not a simple task for many blenders, which can result in chunky, gritty, stringy “smoothie”, and blender blades that dull quickly, or break altogether.

So, picking the right fruit and vegetable blender is necessary.

Top 7 Best Blender for Green SmoothiesRatingPrice
Vitamix 5300 Low-Profile Blender, Professional-Grade5/5CHECK PRICE
MengK Smoothies 1500W-2000W Professional Blender 5/5CHECK PRICE
Nutri Ninja Personal Blender with 1000-Watt 4/5CHECK PRICE
COSORI 1500W Blender for Shakes and Smoothies5/5CHECK PRICE
NutriBullet NBR-1201 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer 4/5CHECK PRICE
BlendWorks All-In-One, High Speed Blender3/5CHECK PRICE
GoWISE USA 1450W High-Speed 2 Horse Power Blender4/5CHECK PRICE

Using a top notch, high-powered blender for juicing fruits and vegetables makes smoothies a great treat.

While regular department store blenders will require constant stopping and restarting to coax the chunks of food into the right position for the blades, the best blender for green smoothies literally devours whatever you put into it.

The right fruits blender will give you the best green smoothies that are creamy in texture- without adding cream.

Check out these blender Tips.

How do You Identify the Best Blender for Green Smoothies?


The Right Power

Consider the strength of your blender. You will want it to finely chop up all the fruits and vegetables you want in your smoothie without pausing or stressing under the task, right?

You shouldn’t skip on the power of your blender. One with at least one horsepower motor is ideal, and a stronger one even better. You can never have too much power when it comes to blenders!

The Right Blades

The blender may have all the power in the world, but without the correct blade for the job, it would all be for naught… ever tried chopping your meats with a butter knife?

There are various blade types. Dry blades and combo blades are not what you need if your green smoothies will have the added nutritious and tasty benefits of foods such as grains and nuts.


Your blender requires wet blades, which are specifically designed to make an evenly processed mix, with no chunky or badly mixed smoothie.

Now you know what comprises high-performance blenders. These are great for making smoothies with tough and dense ingredients, such as almond, carrot, and apple smoothies with ice to boot.

These are not your regular simple conventional and personal blenders that can barely handle more than spinach, blueberry, and yogurt smoothie with the power they provide.

Conventional blenders, including immersion blenders, maybe handy and even might be able to crush ice cubes, but they lack the much needed power needed for your green smoothies.

The Right Size

The best blender for juicing vegetables needs to be large enough for your needs. It should have a jar with a capacity to blend enough servings for you and your family- unless you will be making numerous small batches, or even chopping up your fruits and veggies into incredibly small pieces to get the blending job done!

Time is of paramount importance, so spending much of it preparing your green smoothies doesn’t exactly spell efficiency.

If you will be making smoothies for more than four people at a go, a blender with a large jar is a better option. Some blenders that are smaller make two or three servings per blend, while the smaller blenders simply have smaller jars, perfect for couples.

With personal blenders, you can blend your smoothie in the same container that you’ll later drink out of, which is handy and offers less cleanup. You can usually take these containers on the go as well.

Don’t limit yourself with the size of the blender. Keep in mind the number of people who will be enjoying your smoothies, and select the right size.

Keep in mind they can be limiting if you plan to make smoothies or shakes for multiple people, and personal blenders are often not meant for intense blending of ice and tough veggies like carrots.


The Right Cost

There is a wide variety of blender for vegetables in the market, with models that are cheap while others are on the higher range.

Many people usually opt for models in the mid-price range. However, this is determined by the features that it offers, and you are can make the best choice based on these power, blade types, and size.

Additional Features

Additional features are always a plus because it means you can do much more with the blender than only preparing green smoothies.

Check out what controls are featured on the blender. What more can it do? Juicing or preparation of butter, dips, or sauces? Chopping Ice? Can you change the blade speed, intensity, power, or pulse?

These features may be useful for you in the kitchen even if your main intention is to purchase the best blenders for green smoothies.

The Best Blender for Juicing and Smoothies

Your search for the most efficient green smoothie blender or rather the best blender for fruits and vegetables can turn out to be a daunting task.

There are so many options available, coupled with numerous high-quality features. But we’re here to help make your search a smooth experience.

Below are the best types of blenders for juicing that are excellent tools for making your deliciously healthy green smoothies, and which will suit your needs, budget, and overall lifestyle

1. Vitamix 5300 Low-Profile Blender, Professional-Grade


The Vitamix 5300 juicing blender offers you power and convenience, with a 2.2 HP motor and a low-profile, 64-ounce container that fits easily under most cabinets.

High-Performance Motor

It has a powerful 2.2 HP motor, which propels blades through tough ingredients to create the highest-quality blends. This motor can just about do any difficult blending task such as nut butters, flour, food prep, smoothies, dough, raw soups, and more.

Variable Speed Control & Pulse Feature

The controls on the Vitamix 5300 are simple and user-friendly. It offers Vitamix’s popular 10-speed variable control with a wide range of true speeds.

With a pulse switch that works at any speed, you can easily adjust it to achieve your desired texture of foods. The dial can be rotated at any point during the blend, so you’re in complete control.

It also has a start/stop switch and a master on/off power switch in front,  and has no electronic controls or LED screens that can break.

With the Pulse feature, you can layer coarse chops over smooth purées for heartier recipes, such as chunky salsas or thick vegetable soups.

4-inch stainless steel blades

The 5300 comes with laser-cut, stainless steel hammer mill and cutting blades that help you achieve a smooth and consistent mixture.

Low-Profile 64-ounce Container

The 64-ounce Low-Profile Container works well for blending larger amounts of thicker recipes, crushing ice, and food prep where you don’t want to puree the ingredients. This Low- Profile container fits comfortably under most kitchen cabinets.

The Vitamix 5300 is designed to be self- cooling, operating efficiently at a high speed for long durations of time, by drawing in more airflow.

Therefore, you don’t want to blend at a low speed for long, or it will cause the machine’s overload protection to turn off the machine.


  • The new low-profile Vitamix tamper which helps with the wide jar as there is more room for ingredients to push out to the side. The tamper integrates with the removable lid cap.
  • Blends very well with the power of the 2.2 HP motor.
  • The low profile container is excellent for thick recipes and food prep where you have chunky ingredients.
  • Simple to use controls with an adjustable speed pulse lever and ever-popular 10 speed control dial.
  • The low profile container is shorter and therefore allows the blender to fit under a kitchen cabinet.


  • The 64oz low profile container struggles with small batches and recipes that have less liquid, as the wider base makes it hard to create a proper vortex.
  • Lacks noise dampening
  • It comes with a wet blade, so for processing dry ingredients, you need to purchase an additional dry blade and dry container.

The Vitamix 5300 blender for fruits is a solid choice. You would want the new 2.2 HP motor and low profile jars. You could also purchase a second container (32oz) for small recipes to enable you to blend small batches.

You also have an option of either purchasing a new Vitamix 5300, or a certified reconditioned one- as good as new, which has a great offer, including a warranty. It is one of the best blenders for green smoothies.


2. MengK Smoothies 1500W-2000W Professional Blender

best blender for green smoothies

High Performance Power

The Professional veggie blender is rated with a power of 1500W, but it can reach 2000W with a rotational speed of 27,000 r/min. Efficiency in ice crushing, blending, pureeing, and controlled processing is provided.

Variable Speed Control & Pulse Feature

Variable Speed Control and Pulse features allow you to control the texture of your recipes. With a stirrer and a dial that can be rotated at any point during the blend, you’re in complete control.

64 oz Container

The BPA free container has a large capacity of 64-ounce, making it a perfect size for a family. It is a food-grade high hardness stir container (LFGB certified), that is heat-resistant, anti-corrosive, healthy and durable.

Stainless Steel Blades

The powerful motor is paired by 6 stainless steel blades. These make the Professional’s blending performance easy, crushing through whole fruit and veggies in a few moments.


  • Blends very well. It sucks the ingredients down, no splashing all around the jar.
  • Excellent dual rubber seal around the lid, no leak or spill.
  • Friendly price.


  • A large and tall blender, may not fit under most of the cabinets
  • Lacks noise dampening
  • Dances around during the blending process
  • Container is not made with sturdy material, and can easily crack or break.

It may be that for the low price, the MengK Smoothies 1500W-2000W Professional Blender is not built for commercial or heavy duty blending, as, though powerful, it is quite flimsy.


3. Nutri Ninja Personal Blender with 1000-Watt Auto-iQ Base


One of the best blenders for juicing greens is the Nutri Ninja Personal blender features Auto iQ Technology. This means it does the work for you.

Auto-iQ Technology features intelligent programs that combine unique timed pulsing, blending, and pausing patterns that do the work for you.

The digital countdown timer displays how much time is remaining on the selected Auto-iQ program or counts up to track blending time when using the two manual speeds.

Motor Power

Nutri Ninja has a 1000 Watt motor that provides the necessary power to crush through whole fruits, vegetables, seeds, and ice, within seconds.

Blades and Speed

Nutri Ninja Pro Extractor blades rotate at high speed to liquefy your ingredients into the smoothest nutrient juices, smoothies & purees.

These blades are removable from the cup, to ensure thorough cleaning, and for you to use the cup without emptying the contents. It is among the best blenders for vegetable juice.


For your convenience, it includes 3 sip and seal cups of varying sizes, 18 oz., 24oz. and 32 oz., all with lids. After blending, you don’t need to empty the cups into another for carrying. Just blend and go.


  • Relatively compact. It fits easily on the kitchen counter, and in a back pack if needed.
  • Very easy to use and clean.


  • It is loud, having no noise damper.
  • It tends to vibrate when in use.


4.COSORI 1500W Blender for Shakes and Smoothies


Motor Power

The Cosori 1500W blender utilizes is a 2-hp motor that spins the blades at 30,000 rpm. This power makes it capable of making more than just smoothies. It crushes beans, spices, ice, and much more.


This Cosori 1500W features variable speed control, pulse function, and cleaning option. A knob controls the speed of the blade, giving you more control over how fine or chunky you’d like your recipes to be.


This blender comes with a 64 ounce pitcher that means you can make one blend batch for the family; and a 27 ounce travel bottle with to-go lids.


The Cosori uses a 6 prong stainless steel blade capable of chopping up different types of ingredients.

The 4-prong blade is based on the top and another 2-prong blade which turn downwards, helping to scrape off stuff that the other blade cannot reach. This is quite useful when making nut butter and sorbets.

In addition, it comes with a tamper that helps push down your ingredients toward the blade to ensure no chunks are left behind.

An amazing part of this package is the cleaning brush, which makes cleaning of this blender a notch higher; and a recipe book, giving you the versatility of gourmet recipes this blender is useful for.

All the components in this blender are BPA free, so you don’t have to worry about chemicals seeping through anything you put inside the pitcher.


  • Powerful motor and 6 prong stainless steel blades make it versatile
  • Large pitcher is an advantage for family recipes
  • Easy to hand clean with brush provided
  • Tamper helps push ingredients towards the blade, ensuring consistency and smoothness.


  • The powerful motor means it is loud when in use, even on a low setting.
  • The tall pitcher requires a higher counter clearance than normal, so it may not fit on a regular kitchen counter top.


 5.NutriBullet NBR-1201 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer 


The Nutri Bullet 12-Piece High-Speed NBR-1201R model is a blender in a class of its own. It can chop, grind, shred, and blend- so much more than only green smoothies. An easy to use blender, it works fast, making it perfect if you’re always on the move.

Motor Power

The blender has a 600-watt power base with high torque power. Your ingredients will be liquefied immediately. The engine is quiet, and this is quite a relief. The blender completes the job in just a few minutes, which saves you time.


The blade’s design works with a cyclonic action- and this is patented. The milling blade grinds, while the extractor blade makes the smoothies.

The blades bust seeds open, shred tough skin, crack through stems, and break down the toughest ingredients to bring out the vital nutrition of your foods.

This blender grinds coffee beans and flax seeds easily. It is not wasteful and uses the whole vegetable or fruit.


It has a durable plastic body. It comes with two short, and one tall changeable blending container, which double as the storage or serving cups. It also has two storage lids in the cups.

The design of this Nutri Bullet is minimalist and smart. There are no switches or buttons, and the suction cup feet at the base lock securely onto your countertops. It is small enough to tuck away at your office kitchen or home, and you can easily carry it with you.


  • Minimalist and smart design, which takes up little counter space.
  • It gives you the smoothest consistency, but still maintaining the goodness of fresh, whole ingredients.
  • The motor runs quietly.
  • Comes with cups of different sizes that can be used for serving or storage.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Many healthy recipes included.


  • The blades are not strong enough to crush ice. So, for your iced smoothies, work with frozen foods.
  • If you cross the liquid line or do not screw it properly, it can leak.


6. BlendWorks All-In-One, High Speed Blender


Motor Power

It has a 2 HP motor with a power of 1500w.


The motor rotates at the rate of 30,000 rpm, so your smoothies will be evenly blended within a short period of time.


The Blendworks’ precise 6-way stainless steel blades have a three-way processing mechanism of liquefying, adjusting speed, and then finally creating a smooth blend.

The fruit blenders feature custom degrees of ice crushing, smoothie making, soups, dips, frozen cocktails, juices and can even handle all kinds of food processing.


Made from 100% BPA-FREE heavy-duty plastic, the pitcher jug is a phthalate-free, deep 70 oz container with tamper-friendly air-tight cover & an innovative removable measuring cup lid.

The Blendworks All In One blender comes with a spatula, a 12” contoured tamper that ensures you get the very last ingredient blended into your smoothie, and a 20 oz. to go cup for your smoothie convenience. Among the best juice blenders.


  • Unique power control and speed adjustment capability
  • Three way processing of smooth blend required for smoothies
  • Versatility in making a variety of customized smoothies- dips, soups, frozen cocktails and milkshakes.


  • High purchase price and maintenance costs, especially in replacing of parts, and servicing.


 7. GoWISE USA 1450W High-Speed 2 Horse Power Blender


This is a professional and high-performance commercial-grade blender.

Motor Power

GoWise USA 1450W is equipped with a 2.0-peak horsepower, 1450-Watt motor to blend the toughest solid ingredients into a creamy and smooth consistency with no chunks, and low noise.


The adjustable speed control allows you to choose from 8 different blade speeds. The built-in pulse function allows you to use the full blade speed in bursts to blend hard chunky ingredients faster.


Its 8-blade stainless steel assembly spins 25,000 rpm, designed to crush, dice, slice and chop any ingredient for an impeccable recipe every time.

The blender also features 4 Blending Presets: Smoothie, Salsa, Juice, and Nut Butter, which quickly perfect the texture of your recipe with simply a touch of a button.


GoWise USA 1450W comes with a high-capacity pitcher of up to 67oz., that is ideal for blending treats for your whole family or entertaining a party. Made with durable, BPA-FREE Tritan plastic, the pitcher is impact resistant making it safe to blend ingredients at a high speed.

The pitcher has a low profile, so it is easy to store under kitchen cabinets or anywhere else.

The vegetable blender comes with a tamper to help blend recipes that include thick ingredients, such as ice cream and shakes; and a recipe book to help you explore the endless capabilities of the blender.


  • Versatility in its capabilities
  • Powerful, fast commercial grade for the home


Choosing the Best Blender For Juicing Fruits and Vegetables

After reviewing some of the best blenders available for green smoothies, you can now make your choice based on your needs, and the features we have reviewed in detail.

Do take the features into consideration, as you consider the purchase of the best blender for vegetable smoothies/best blender for juicing and smoothies, for it is an investment.

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