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Best Food Processor For Baking [What is a Good Wattage, Food Processor Vs Mixer]

I was baking my Red Velvet cake when I came across an article on the versatility of a food processor and I decided to check it out.

I couldn’t believe it when I saw The best food processor for Baking in one of the sections.

I hadn’t thought of using a food processor to mix my ingredients during the baking process. The process so simple that I decided to try it out and The outcome was unbelievable!

I tried out various food processors and I can attest to the fact that there are great food processors that made my baking experience easier and faster.

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Features of a food processor


There are various features to look out for when purchasing a food processor.  Some of the main parts to look out for are the motor, and bowl with a lid and feed tube that helps you add other ingredients, and a set of attachments.


How many watts should a good food processor be? Before purchasing a machine, you should first check the power or the wattage to make sure that you have the right machine.

A food processor wattage will ensure the processor is able to handle and execute bulk jobs such as kneads of stiff dough and cutting raw carrots.

This will make it easier also for the machine motor not to burn out after running for long.


Food processors are always available in different sizes; there are processors that can be used in restaurants for bulk work and also food processors for home use which are smaller in size.

Depending on the amount of work you will be doing or the total number of personnel you classically cook for and also the type of ingredients you will prepare for your machine.

For example, an 11-cup size should suffice a family of four since it won’t be a bulk work for the machine since

Attachments and Accessories

Most food processors are designed to perform various tasks. They come with attachments and accessories which make them easier to use.

The accessories differ in the size of blades and bowl, disks that are for slicing and grating food into certain sizes, and also the speed settings that convert the food processor into a bread dough grinder or a citrus juicer.

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It is always good to know the type of food processor that will work best for you before buying one.

Breville BFTP660SIL sous chef 12 cup food processor


The Breville food processor is mainly designed to bring out the best in food processing.  It works well with smooth textured products with simplicity and easiness in each kitchen appliance.

The innovation in each appliance delights in that:

  • This type of food processor is used for grinding cheese and slicing your herbs or nuts to mixing batters and pounding soups.
  • It has a capacity of a 12-cup cap which is very efficient, especially for large jobs; has a BPA-free plastic work bowl; with a Safety baking System
  • Has a large which feed helps to  precut most recipes
  • It has a momentary pulse button – this button helps maximum regulation and even processing
  • The motor has a capacity of 1000 Watt  which offers great versatility and electricity in the compact size

The motor does not work unless the bowl together with the lid is correctly and tightly slid in a certain position while the feed pusher is then inserted.

It has a blade that is specially intended to do mixing and kneading yeast dough.

It has a strong heavy base which gives it stability when placed on the table or any flat place, mostly during tremor while working with it.

It has a high torque introduction of the motor which results in overheating and heavy duty, and also, the stainless steel cutting blades are suitable for all food processing tasks.

Some of the Sous Chef Plus Special Features:

  • Safety Interlocking System

This feature is the one behind the locking system which prevents and the lid from unlocking.

  • Safety Braking System

Supposedly when the lid stops it stops the S-blades.

  • Easy Storage

It has a suitable storage Box house for the attachments, especially when not in use.

  • Blade

The serrated S-Blade brings easy action for consistent chops, mix, and a process of a variety of recipes.

  • Variable Slicing Disc

The slicing disc is designed in a way that it has 24 settings from paper thin 0.3mm to thick cut 8.0mm.

Advantages of having such an appliance are that:

  • It’s easy to use
  • It’s easy to clean
  • It is not noisy

Cuisinart DFP-14NRY custom 14 food processor, stainless steel


Cuisinart is one of the well-known brands for every kitchen enthusiast.

Talking of performance, quality, and design Cuisinart products set the standards quite high.

Because of their functionality, people prefer them in their day to day work in the kitchen.

It grinds the produces extraordinarily, such as pizza dough into delicious spicy treats.

It’s a type of processor that is bought with a stainless-steel slicing disc, chopping blades and shredding disc. It has:

  • The motor has a capacity of 720-watt,  with the on/off buttons
  • It has 14-cup Lexan work bowl which comes with a large feed tube and  small-sized and large pushers
  • The dishwasher-safe parts that are safe to clean.

These food processors with a large capacity speed up cooking, fort-night night meals to weekend partying.

Can the food processor be used for baking?

Yes!  A food processor can be used for baking.

Especially for cakes, preparing the dough is way easier when you are doing many other things.

Try using the all in one method, this is mixing all the ingredients at the same time and wheezing them until they are evenly mixed.

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What is a good wattage for a food processor?

The higher the wattage a food processor has, the more work it does. 

Generally, food processors range between 400 watts and 1000 watts which are the high powered machines.

But depending on the type of use, you should be careful while choosing the wattage.

I normally go for a food processor with 600-700 which I believe is in a good position to execute even a tougher job without overheating.

Food processor vs mixer for dough [Which works better?]


Food processors work better compared to a mixer.

A processor performs many functions which makes it more convenient. A mixer is limited to certain work while the processor multitasks easily.

They are many things to consider, which are worth it when you want to buy one.

Some of the Sous Chef Plus Special Features:


The fact that it is designed with a 14-cup makes it efficient to serve a large number of people on any occasion.

Maximum Power

A motor is a heavy-duty machine of 720 watts, which makes it easy and faster to prepare more food.

Prep Perfection

The tubes are large which easily holds whole fruits and vegetables all at the same time.


The stainless steel blades are powerful to perform tasks, from simple single garlic cloves to doing heavy dough.

Optimal Versatility

The processor is in a position that is able to do the mixing, chopping, slicing, shredding, emulsifying and kneading dough.


Control paddles provide a single-touch experience with ease.

Advantages of having this product:

  • Easy to clean
  • Performance wok well
  • Easy to use
  • Manual Included

Maintaining a food processor


Food processors are the best tool to help you chop, slice and also shred a lot of foodstuffs. However, cleaning all its parts can be quite tiresome.

If you get to know the steps, then you will be in a position to easily clean your machine and this will reduce the risk of machine breaking down, thus you can enjoy using your machine over and over again.

Things to have while cleaning a food processor

  1. Mild dish soap
  2. Dish clothes or a sponge
  3. Nylon brush

The process of cleaning

The food processor comprises different parts which when cleaning them need to be separated first for easy cleaning.

  1. First, separate the various parts of the food processor. The food processors have several pieces that we’ll need to be taken off, then remove the pusher unit, remove the blades and then take the bowl off from the motor.
  2. Particles of food can remain in the processor so you’ll need to remove the parts for thorough cleaning.
  3. Blades need to be cleaned thoroughly in order to keep its sharpness and also to avoid stains on the blade and dullness.
  4. After cleaning the blade make sure that you dry the blade using the dry dish towel to avoid moisture on the blade which may lead to rust.
  5. You should also consider using warm water in washing the removable parts with mild dish soap.
  6. The base part of the motor is another place where you would need to clean to avoid stains also.
  7. Let all the parts dry completely then assemble them together in readiness for the next use.

In conclusion, if you are looking forward to getting a food processor, I recommend the above-mentioned types of food processors.

They will bring the best results and give you a pleasant baking experience. 

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