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Can Sherry Go Bad?

As an avid eater who always wants to try new wines with my meals, I can confidently say I wouldn’t substitute Sherry for other drinks at my table. With its many variables, Sherry is my favorite startup wine. However, can Sherry go bad?

Yes, I believe it does since it’s packaged for consumption. It has many variables to it, and it’s fortified from the Southern part of Spain-Jerez de la Frontera.

Ask me for my advice on a romantic and sophisticated drink, and I immediately get a sherry rash. It is unique, doesn’t taste like other drinks, and you can never go wrong with this choice.

That’s what makes Sherry, what it is since it’s created from a grape grown in a top-notch vineyard.


Because they undergo different fortified methods, not all Sherry will expire at the same time. For instance, the Fino or Manzanilla will still be consumable up to one and a half years while Amontillado and medium sweet Sherries will be drinkable after two and a half years.

On the other hand, cream Sherries and Oloroso maintain their aroma and taste for up to two and a half years. It seems Pedro Ximenez will stay in your pantry long enough. The PX sherry remains suitable to drink for four years.

Although they use white wine when making Sherry, the colors come out in ebony, amber, gold, and topaz.

Also, two major types of grapes used in making the various available Sherry, Pedro Ximenez, and Fino, which some of the Sherry get their names.

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Can you Freeze Sherry?


One of the reasons you’ll want to freeze Sherry is because you don’t want to waste such a precious drink.

Although freezing Sherry may change its aroma and taste, it’s still the best preservation method if you can’t drink it all at once.

Like any other food, the flavor will change, and this is where Sherry comes in as an ingredient for your stews and soup.

As an ingredient in your meal, Sherry brings out some delectable flavors that will leave you wanting more.

What is the best way to Freeze Sherry?

  1. This is where an ice cube tray comes in handy, hence pour the wine into the dish.
  2. Put the sherry cubes into a freezer bag or airtight container once they freeze nicely, then you may choose to label the box so that you’re up to date with storage time.
  3. Return the ice cubes into the freezer so that they don’t thaw.

With frozen Sherry, you can always add them to whatever stew or soup you’re cooking directly, and it creates an intense taste.

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Do you have to Refrigerate Sherry after opening?


To prolong its life, always refrigerate your Sherry after opening since it’ll survive up to a fortnight.

While Olorosos cream and sweet Sherries have a longer shelf life, others like Amontillado have a shelf life of 48 months. Also, when shopping for Sherry, look for brands made in Southern Spain.

Sherry, from this part of the world, has a way they use yeast and alcohol content to get the necessary “flor.” While making Sherry, the Spaniards recommend an alcohol use of up to 15%. Anything higher will interfere with the processing; hence you mustn’t go for imitators.

You can find superior-quality Sherry from wine and liquor stores in whichever city. Manzanillo and Fino sherry have the biological aging factor, and you can never go wrong with this selection.

How to Store Sherry


Your wine cellar or pantry would do work well with an unopened bottle of Sherry. Nevertheless, a cabinet can also work well, the vital thing to consider is the container should be away from light. Also, a cool and dry place comes with so many benefits.

To minimize the liquid’s level of exposure, ensure your bottle stands upright. That position slows down the wine’s oxidation process.

Typically, oxidation alters the taste of wine as it affects the wine’s composition. A wine that undergoes a long process of oxidation causes it to have bad quality.

Although winemakers oxidize wine, they do it moderately to get the specified result. On the other hand, when storing a bottle of opened Sherry, tighten the seal and store it in the refrigerator.


If the cork doesn’t fit perfectly, opt to use a stopper for the wine bottle. Also, you may pour your wine into a decanter.

Although not airtight, decanters are made in a way to ensure the drink inside maintains, especially when you drink your wine soon enough.

Another option would be to transfer the remaining wine into a smaller bottle. The most important thing is to ensure you seal the bottle of wine tightly and place it in the fridge.

Can you sip Sherry with your meals?


Surprisingly, sherry pairs quite well with food. Medium-dry or dry Oloroso goes well with flavorsome cheeses such as manchego and fatty meats.

Not only does your palate relax when sipping Sherry with delicious meals, but you also get to enjoy the flavors better.

You can also use it with braised meats, mushrooms, and aged cheeses. Due to its nutty taste, amontillado pairs well with creamy sauces like mushroom and roasted turkey sauce, and white meats.

For vegetarians, roasted vegetables don’t do bad either when you decide to have Sherry on your table.


Manzilla, on the other hand, has a crisp flavor and always feels light plays well with raw and fresh seafood, such as ceviche. Fino sherry goes well with dips, potato chips, salty ham, olives, and almonds.

When you want that delectable after-dinner taste, then high-quality wine dessert sherries would be your go-to option. Here, you can go for cream sherry.

When pouring out Sherry for a meal, measure three ounces in a small wine glass, sherry glass, or tumbler. Serve aged, darker, and chilled sherries at cellar temperature.

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When should you discard your bottle of sherry?


Sherry winemakers put alcohol in moderation. Hence, when you open a bottle, there’s limited time for the wine to remain fresh.

There are two types of Sherry; those that undergo oxidation and the ones that don’t go oxidation after opening. However, most people will choose the former since most have some sweetness in them while the latter are bone dry.

Drinking overstayed, Sherry will leave you with cork specks in the mouth due to crumbling. When Sherry stays for more than the recommended time, the cork grows some fungus, which you can find on trees used to make the cork.

Also, the nose plays as the most reliable tool for detecting bad and pleasant smells. After Sherry goes terrible, the scent will likely change, so that means it’s time to get rid of the bottle contents.

When it comes to the crumbled cork, the specks will be visible in your glass. Any sediment for processed wine will always rest at the bottom of the bottle.

How do you then get rid of the unpleasant smell from your Sherry? Simply wrap plastic paper on a large container and pour it in your Sherry. Let it rest a bit, and the wrap absorbs most of the bad smell, then you can enjoy your wine.

For How Long will Sherry Last?


Any processed and manufactured food comes with the best-by date, and Sherry isn’t an exemption. The time doesn’t necessarily mean the date of expiration, but it keeps you updated on the quality of your Sherry.

Very few Sherries continue getting better after opening due to the oxidation process.

Depending on the process of manufacturing, some of them maintain their caliber throughout the years, while others can’t stand the process of oxidation.

To be on the safe side, follow the date given on the packaging so that you may enjoy your wine while it’s still rich in scent.

How does Sherry Taste?


Being a fortified wine with many variables gives Sherry a unique taste from sweet, to dry bone, and even creamy.

If you ever taste the Tio Pepe, this wine is 15% oxidized, making it pale with a pungent smell of almonds and yeast. The method and time taken into making the many available Sherries will make you anxious about the place of origin, barrels used, and its existence.

The part of Spain where sherry growing takes place has the best climate and good soil, which plays a significant role in producing quality grapes. The oxidation sherry undergoes brings out the amazing flavors. From ultra-sweet with a pleasant taste, Sherry boasts of so many things.

To get the most out of Sherry, sip instead of drinking. This will help you detect nuances and subtle flavors such, almonds, cream, and fruity if you take your time.

Another way to enjoy the flavors tastes in between your meals like the taste that will come out when you sip Sherry after biting chocolate. Another thing is going for a cheap option or the real Sherry, which has an out of the world aroma.

With all that said, we can’t go without mentioning the delectable wine with a variety of aromas stem from one grape. That’s what demystifies Sherry from all the other wines and the vines used since time immemorial.

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