5 Food Mill Substitute [You Need to Know About]

What’s a food mill? I believe a Food mill is a piece of necessary kitchen equipment for any cook. This is because it makes work easier and a lot faster.

Most times, you will find me blending and grating my ingredients as opposed to chopping them so I am a fan of food mills especially the Foley Food Mill which I purchased here.

I always find myself making desserts almost every day and lately I am on this food tasting adventure. This is by far my best culinary journey spot as I am trying to find out how to make everything at home.

I enjoy making freshly puréed soups or just mashed potatoes as a topping in my food. So I understand the importance of a food mill.


The food mill comes in handy at very many points in your kitchen life and it’s a must-have! Food mills give out very smooth purees, most times better than some store-bought purees.

But the question is what happens when you want to make a soup or puree and you don’t have a food mill? How do you go about it?

You can use common kitchen appliances like a food processer and sieve, a blender, wooden spoon & strainer, hand mixer + cheese grater, and a potato ricer as substitutes. A strong blender works as the best substitute.

I always find it handy having these substitute for food mill in my kitchen which works as effectively as the food mill.



If this is the only alternative closest to you, go for it! It is still better than no puree right? Generally, the food mill is usually priced really competitively on Amazon. Click here to check the current price on Amazon because it is always changing.

If you combine these two the results you are going to get will be so much better than just using the food mill. It’s got a very sharp blade and a fast pulsating motion that can give your puree a very even texture.

The only problem with it is you have to get the peelings and seeds out yourself but don’t worry!

Keep going and it uses electricity making it the best option for someone who doesn’t want to use too much energy that the food mill requires. In as much as it is time-saving and very efficient, it does not come close to what the food mill can do! and it is also not the best option when you don’t have electricity.



Who doesn’t own this amazing equipment!

You definitely need a blender in your kitchen. It is one of the must-have kitchen pieces of equipment and is what can you use instead of a food mill. 

It’s been with us for the longest time, we know how it works, we all love it. Of all the blenders I have used over the years, this is my best Blender so far! Check it out here on Amazon and save a lot!

Then why not use it as an alternative for the food mill that you’re still saving up for? I would absolutely suggest a blender because it is absolutely time-saving. It is time-saving and very fast can definitely do the trick for you since it can puree any Food you want.

But just like the food processor and sieve you will need to Peel off the skin and also remove the seed manually.


With a modern blender, you can get a very even purée from the blender than from a food processor, but still, it cannot beat the food mill at its job.

But it’s a great option for using a food mill if you have electricity and a blender at your disposal. And keeping in mind the amazing juices it produces for us at home, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to pass this chance.

Go for it!



Even though not many people may opt for this option, you know what works best for you. If you cannot afford a food mill or just don’t know where to find one. Use this alternative instead. The tools are readily available!

This one, the puree entirely depends on your ability to use the wooden spoon. You’ll just cut small pieces of what you want to puree place them on top of the strainer and get to work with the wooden spoon.

I’d see my mom do this when she’d mash potatoes and trust me if this is the only option you have to go for it cause it’s going to produce the same results as that of a food mill. It’s the best option for you if you love putting in any extra effort.

And I’m sure if you really want it you’ll go for it. Stain away for that puree you’re hoping for. Your appetite is worth it!



As the name suggests, yes the foods will be cheese like after you use this substitute. When talking about soft foods like tomatoes then cheese grater is the best alternative for the food mill.

The only difference if you’ll have to boil the ingredients first before using the cheese grater.

Thus leaving the results softer and cheese like. But if you want the cheese grater as your alternative to a food mill, grade one would be the best option. The other reason why you should go for this is that it is very easy to handle. For a mashed potatoes puree look no further.

The cheese grater does an amazing job with it. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about the peeling because it does that too! Enjoy your puree.



Yes, you can use potatoes on it. This one works on the principle of extrusion.

When you press the Hopper the food goes to the end where it a let out and the size is that of rice. Amazing right!

I purchased this one on Amazon and it’s really great! Check here.

What’s more, it gets rid of the seeds, definitely a way to puree your favorite fruits. It may not be the best for potatoes but you can count on it to puree your favorite veggies.

The best part is that it’s very easy to use. All you’ll do is cut your vegetables into very small pieces, place it into the rice Hopper then press, and then you’ll have your mashed food ready to serve. If you are looking for an alternative that is very time-saving then this is the best option for you. It works perfectly for small jobs.

I hope you’ll get one food mill alternative that’s going to make you the best purees.

I don’t know how famous food mills are at your place but trust me there’s a ton of substitutes for it and the bright side is even if you cannot get any of the substitutes too, out can always enjoy freshly made purees at a restaurant.


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