Salad Oil Substitute

Salad oil is the oil you use to top your salads and cook meals. A lot of folks refer to salad oil as vegetable oil. Vegetable cooking oil is an example of salad oil. In short, these two can be mutually exclusive. 

We use salad oil in our day-to-day cooking. For any meal that requires you to use some cooking oil, you can use salad oil. 

A great example of salad oil is olive oil. Many people use it for cooking delicious meals and for topping salads. It is stable at high temperatures, so it is fit for cooking. 


Sometimes, the salad oil you are using can run out, or you might be looking to use an alternative. What do you use then? 

You can substitute your salad oil with canola, safflower, peanut, avocado, olive, and coconut oil. You can also use butter or yogurt if you do not want to use any oil. 

Some options are excellent for baking, frying, or dressing. They differ in flavor, which may be why you are looking for an alternative. 

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The Benefits of Salad Oil


Salad oil, which can be any vegetable oil, has various benefits because it is used widely for cooking. Folks worldwide use this oil to sautee, bake, fry, grill, and top their salads. 

Salad oil is healthy as it contains fats and minerals essential to your body. Besides health benefits, salad oil has other advantages that make it the best option to use when preparing food. 

It is available in any grocery store, and it is cheap. There is no grocery store you can visit that does not sell some kind of salad oil. And since there are different types of salad oil, it is widely available, making it cheaper than other options like coconut oil. 

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Salad oils have different tastes. Some vegetable cooking oils have mild or no flavor, making them a good choice if you do not want to change the taste of your meal.

Some salad oils like olive oil have flavor, and you can use them in a recipe that explicitly requires that flavor. 

Although salad oil has some benefits, you might need a substitute for a particular recipe. For example, let’s say you have been using vegetable oil for cooking.

Vegetable oil has no flavor. Then, you come across a recipe requiring you to use oil with some flavor. You will need an alternative. 

I will take you through some of the best salad oil substitutes in this article. Stay with me. 

The Substitutes

When looking for a salad oil substitute, the alternative you will set upon will depend on your reasons for wanting a replacement. 

Maybe you ran out of vegetable cooking oil and are in the process of cooking. You do not have time to go to the grocery store to get some more. So, you will have to look for an alternative in your kitchen. 

Another reason you might be looking to replace salad oil is you need a different or some flavor in your food.

Have you ever noticed that your food tastes different when using butter instead of vegetable cooking oil? It is because butter has some flavor while vegetable cooking oil does not. 

Whatever your reason for wanting a salad oil substitute, I got you. Keep reading and find out some of the best salad oil alternatives. 

1. Olive Oil


If you are a salad lover, olive oil is a term you often come across. I have also encountered recipes requiring me to use olive oil numerous times. 

Although this oil is a bit more expensive than vegetable oil, many people who enjoy cooking or have to cook for their families might have it somewhere in their kitchen. 

Olive oil is also a very healthy option. But unlike vegetable cooking oil, it has a strong flavor. So, if you decide to use it as an alternative, you must bear that in mind. 

This oil is perfect for salad dressing. It is flavorful, and so it adds taste to your salad. 

However, most cooks prefer to use extra virgin olive oil. 

It is purer than regular olive oil. It also has a higher nutritional value as compared to traditional olive oil. 

2. Canola Oil


Canola oil is one of the purest forms of oil on the market today. In the United States, people are advised to use canola oil to eat healthily. 

This oil is made from canola seeds. The oil is the least saturated oil in America, thus the health benefits.  

Although the origin of this oil is Canada, it is now massively produced in the US. It is becoming familiar with many people trying to eat more healthily daily. 

Like vegetable cooking oil, canola oil has a neutral flavor. What I mean is that you cannot notice its taste, and it does not change the flavor of your food. 

So, if you want to replace your salad oil with an alternative that will not alter the taste of your food, canola oil is an excellent substitute. 

3. Safflower Oil


Safflower oil is another excellent alternative to salad oil. It is also a healthy option. 

This oil comes from safflower seeds. These seeds are processed to make the safflower oil. The oil comes in two varieties; saturated and unsaturated. So, it would help if you were careful when buying safflower oil. 

The unsaturated safflower is healthier than the saturated one. You can, however, use any of the safflower oil as an alternative to salad oil. 

Unsaturated safflower oil is perfect for salads. It is also great for cooking for it tolerates different temperatures. 

If you are looking for an alternative with a neutral taste, safflower oil is a great substitute. It will not affect the taste of your dishes. 

4. Peanut Oil


Peanut oil is made from peanuts. Bearing this in mind, we can conclude that peanut oil has a rich flavor of the peanut seeds. 

Peanuts are sweet. Some people are allergic to peanuts, and before using this oil as a substitute, you should ensure that the people you are cooking for are not allergic to peanuts. 

This oil has low cholesterol, so it is a healthy alternative. Using it as a salad topping will give your salad a mild taste of peanuts. This can help improve the taste of your salad. 

Again, if you want an alternative that does not alter the taste of your dish, this oil might not be a perfect choice. This oil’s flavor is mild, only noticeable to a trained tongue. 

Peanut oil is tolerant to high temperatures and, therefore, perfect for deep frying. You also use it for grilling and baking to improve the aroma and taste of the cake. 

5. Avocado Oil


Avocado is a widely known and liked fruit. I love using avocado in my salads, which adds an exquisite taste. Imagine using avocado in your salad as a topping. Sounds delicious, right?

Besides being sweet, avocado oil is also highly nutritious and low in cholesterol. It is an excellent substitute if you are into healthy eating. 

This oil is rich in flavor and taste and will change your food taste. You can use it for cooking food, and it is also safe to eat raw. That is why it is perfect when used as a salad topping. 

The oil has a high-temperature tolerance, and in terms of nutritional value and utility, it compares to olive oil. So, if you use olive oil as your salad oil, you can use avocado oil to replace it. 

6. Butter


Butter is an excellent replacement for salad oil when cooking. You can use butter when sauteing or baking. Butter is not a good choice for salad topping unless you melt it. 

It has a distinct taste, unlike some salad oils. So, if you want a neutral replacement, butter might not be your choice. 

A lot of people use both butter and vegetable cooking oil when cooking. In this scenario, they use butter to add taste to food.

However, you can use butter without vegetable cooking oil if you do not have any salad oil. 

Butter is perfect for baking. It is tolerant to high heat and leaves your cake or bread smooth and moisturized, not to mention it adds to their taste. 

So, the next time you run out of salad oil when cooking, cut a piece of butter and use it instead. 

7. Coconut Oil


I do not expect you to have coconut oil just lying around in your kitchen unless you love cooking with it or you have used it in a recipe before. It is not hard to find, but most people do not use it. 

It is an excellent alternative to salad oil, especially if you want a flavorful substitute. Coconut oil is rich in flavor, particularly the unrefined one.  

Under twenty-five degrees, the oil might condense. It will, however, melt quickly on low heat.

This oil is highly saturated, meaning it has a high cholesterol percentage. If you are into healthy eating, this is not an alternative you will want to use often.

Using it once in a while, however, cannot hurt. 

8. Yogurt


Yogurt is an unorthodox replacement for salad oil. While you can not use yogurt to deep fry food, you can use it for baking a cake. The good news is that you do not have to use salad oil when you use yogurt. 

Again, you can use yogurt as a salad topping. If you do not want the yogurt to change the taste of your salad, you should use plain yogurt.

Some flavors of yogurt, however, improve the taste of your salad in a good way. 

A yogurt is a healthy option for salad oil. Supposing you are trying to avoid consuming a lot of fats, you can replace salad oil with it. 

Final Point


Every cook uses salad oil when preparing food. Whether cooking the food or preparing a raw salad, salad oil is a crucial ingredient. 

Sometimes, you might run out of salad oil, and you want a substitute that you can use. You also want to use a flavorful option because the salad oil has a neutral taste. 

Whichever your case, I have covered some of the best salad oil substitutes above.

After going through them, you will always have an alternative to salad oil. As always, happy cooking!

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