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What to serve with Meatloaf.

Whenever I think of the ultimate comfort food, meatloaf comes to mind. This comfort food is one of my favorite comfort foods because it goes with pretty much everything. You can transform meatloaf into a delicious meal in very few minutes.

My entire family enjoys the taste of freshly baked meatloaf. The savory taste of the meat combined with spicy seasoning has always been a winner.

Meatloaf is good on its own but it’s better when served with something else. Luckily for you, there are a good number of side dishes that will complement your meatloaf perfectly.

Potatoes, veggies, bread, salads, and rice are just a few of your options when you are wondering what to serve with meatloaf.

These are some of my favorite side dishes.

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  1. Mashed potatoes

The taste of creamy mashed potatoes combined with meatloaf is unbeatable. A few ingredients that I add to my mashed potatoes to elevate the flavor include; parmesan cheese, garlic, butter, and cream cheese.

Ever since I started adding these ingredients, I have never looked back. Creamy mashed potatoes are the perfect side dish.

  1. Cornbread

Crumbly bread pairs perfectly with meatloaf. I particularly like how the corn flavor complements that of meatloaf.

  1. Garlic bread

As I said above, bread pairs perfectly with meatloaf. Garlic bread is a perfect side dish and it is also one of the easiest types of bread you can make. Garlic bread tastes even better with a little bit of butter and cheese.

If you want an excellent side dish for your meatloaf, apply some butter and cheese onto your garlic bread slices, place them in the oven, and bake till all the cheese melts. 

You can even add any of your favorite ingredients because garlic bread goes well with pretty much anything.

  1. Potato wedges

My favorite thing about potatoes is that it goes well with pretty much anything.

Potato wedges will always be a winner when used as a side dish for meatloaf. I like my potato wedges crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

I suggest coating potato wedges with parmesan and garlic powder for the best flavor.

  1. Baked sweet potato fries

This is another amazing side dish that you can serve with meatloaf.  I like baking them because I get to achieve that amazing crispy texture that I simply love.

They are also a healthier option compared to the ones you fry in oil. Baked sweet potato fries are quite easy to prepare.

You will only need a few basic ingredients and 25 minutes of your time. The cooking process is pretty much hands-off so that is a plus.

  1. Italian peas

If you have some frozen peas in your freezer, put them to use by making Italian peas.

The recipe is very simple and straightforward. Italian peas go very well with meatloaf. The combination of flavors is heavenly.

  1. Mashed cauliflower

Personally, I usually have a hard time eating vegetables. So I try coming up with interesting ways to eat my veggies. Mashed cauliflower is one of my favorite side dishes for meatloaf.

Not only is it packed with nutrients, but it is also super delicious.  Add some smoked paprika to make it even tastier.

  1. Creamy spinach

Creamy spinach is another amazing dish you can serve with meatloaf. My kids generally don’t like veggies (like most kids), but they never say no to creamy spinach.

Cheesy creamy spinach pairs well with meatloaf and it is super healthy as well.

  1. Hasselbeck sweet potatoes

I’m pretty sure you are familiar with Hasselbeck potatoes. Now imagine Hasselbeck potatoes made with sweet potatoes, yum!

Hasselbeck sweet potatoes taste delicious. Once baked, the flavors just burst in your mouth.

I like adding specific ingredients to even add more flavor. Garlic, melted butter, paprika, parsley, chives, pepper, salt, thyme, and nutmeg add amazing flavors to the sweet potatoes.

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  1. Honey glazed carrots

Carrots taste good on their own, but with honey, they taste even better.  Since carrots are crunchy, they pair perfectly with meatloaf.  The contrast of crunchy carrots and tender meatloaf is unbeatable.

Honey glazed carrots are very easy to make. First, slice your carrots into sticks or circles, whichever you prefer.

In a pan on low heat, melt some butter, add brown sugar and honey then stir until all the sugar dissolves.

Add a little bit of lemon juice then add the carrots. Cook till they are tender then remove from heat. Add parsley to it for that pop of color.

  1. Brussel sprouts

Brussel sprouts are an interesting side dish for meatloaf. However, you need to be careful when cooking them because they can easily overcook. Overcooked Brussel sprouts are bitter and basically inedible.

The key to enjoying Brussel sprouts is cooking them right. You will end up with a tasty side dish to serve with meatloaf.  To bring out an even more amazing taste, coat the sprouts in maple syrup.

If you feel the sprouts still have some bitterness in them, toss them in mustard sauce. The mustard will tone down the bitterness.

I like cooking my Brussel sprouts with bacon just to add more flavor to them.

  1. Roasted veggies

Can’t decide on which veggies to serve with meatloaf? How about you roast a little bit of everything? Roast your favorite veggies in the oven and serve them with meatloaf for a perfect meal.

I like making mine with potatoes, carrots, red onions, red bell peppers, yellow bell peppers, cauliflower, and broccoli.

Just like the vegetables on a baking sheet, add a little bit of olive oil, and roast them in your oven. Serve them with meatloaf and enjoy it!

  1. Spaghetti

I like serving my meatloaf with spaghetti because the combination always gives me a filling meal. If you know me you know that I am a sucker for good spaghetti sauce.

I am very particular about how I like my tomato sauce. The sweet sauce complements the savory taste of meatloaf perfectly.

  1. Rice

Rice goes with pretty much everything, therefore, it complements meatloaf perfectly. On its own, rice can be pretty boring and bland.

The good news is that you can easily add other ingredients to it to make it tastier. With rice, the options are endless. You can easily customize it to your liking.

American fried rice pairs perfectly with meatloaf. Making fried rice is very easy. You just need white rice, peas, scrambled eggs, carrots, cilantro, and a little bit of lemon juice to make the perfect fried rice.

Fried rice and meatloaf make for a filling meal.

  1. Sautéed mushrooms

If you are looking for something that will complement the flavors of your meatloaf perfectly, you should definitely try sautéed mushrooms. I recommend using button mushrooms for the perfect results.

Just add butter to your pan and on medium heat, sauté the mushroom buttons. This combination is simply amazing.

  1. Coleslaw

Looking to pair your meatloaf with something healthy? Try some coleslaw. Coleslaw will give your meatloaf that amazing crunch.

I love my coleslaw with mayo dressing, but if you want a healthier version, you can use yogurt instead of coleslaw. It will still be creamy and super delicious.

  1. Mac and cheese

If you are making a meal for your kids, I recommend serving mac and cheese with meatloaf. Creamy mac and cheese are not only yummy but also very satisfying.

Most kids really enjoy eating mac and cheese. Pair it with meatloaf and you might just have your kids’ go-to meal.

  1. Broccoli salad

The crunchy texture of broccoli complements soft and tender meatloaf perfectly. Broccoli salad is a healthy accompaniment and it is also tasty.

To make my broccoli salad, I add red onions, cashew nuts, cranberries, and cheese to the broccoli.

These ingredients add flavor to the broccoli and complement it perfectly. I also add tangy salad dressing for that extra kick.

  1. Cream of mushroom soup

A thick creamy soup would make for the perfect side dish for meatloaf. I like cream of mushroom soup because of its distinct flavor.

Mushrooms have an earthy flavor that you just can’t replicate. Feel like trying something new? Use cream of mushroom soup as a faux gravy for your meatloaf.

  1. Bacon and cheddar cheese biscuits

Biscuits have always been one of my go-to substitutes. These bacon and cheddar cheese biscuits are super easy to make yet they are so flavorful.

The smoked bacon adds even more flavor. Simply put, these biscuits are irresistible. Combine them with meatloaf and you have a meal that the entire family will love.

  1. Bourbon-glazed carrots

This is the perfect side dish if you are making a meal for grownups. It is easy to make yet super fancy.

The brown sugar and bourbon elevate the flavor of the carrots and the parsley you add at the end just makes them irresistible.

Serve this with meatloaf and everyone will fall in love with your food.


With meatloaf, the options are endless because meatloaf goes well with very many side dishes. It’s good to be spoilt for choice sometimes. Try any of these side dishes for an excellent meal.

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