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Aroma vs. Instant Pot

I just so happen to be a busy bee in the kitchen. As such, pressure cooking is the way to go for me. It offers faster cooking.

Dare I say that it cuts down cooking times by almost 70 percent. It is worth noting that this method of cooking helps in cutting down on energy use and consumption.

The versatility offered by pressure cooking cannot go unstated.

Today, my focus shall be on rice. I shall cover how to prepare the rice faster, better, and much easy. It is, of course, cheaper.

This article shall offer a contrasting and comparison of the aroma and instant pot. At the end of reading it, I hope to have shared as much information as possible. Then you will be able to choose what works best for you and your home.

Which of the two Pots Is More In Style?


In my data collecting, I found out that since the aroma pot has been around since around 1977, it comes off as a bit retro in appearance.

Of course, in this day and age, it has more modern-day features. These modern features include being stainless steel in the material. Manufacturing companies are also trying to produce them with a modern-day feel to them.

The instant pot is a bit more modern. It made its debut in the year 2010. It offers a more polished and modern-day exterior, also made from stainless steel. The instant pot also boasts of a control panel and secure, strong handles.

It is overall attractive and eye-catching. When it comes to the instant pot, not only is the inner pot made from stainless steel.

The exterior as well is made of stainless steel. A worthy addition is that this stainless steel exterior just so happens to be resistant to fingerprints. I cannot overstate how amazing this is, especially when you have kids running around with sticky fingers.

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What Cooking Functions Are Offered For Both Cooking Pots?

Cooking PotFunction
The aroma pot is limited to a few modes only.These are; saute, simmer and slow cook. It works well for preparing soup, poultry, porridge, meat, fish, cake, brown rice, and white rice.
The instant pot provides the following modes of cooking;Pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, sous vide, sauté, steam, sterilize, warm, and the yogurt maker option.

found that these numerous functions can make preparing certain dishes much easy to do.

It comes in handy if you are not a strong cook or if following recipes does not do it for you.

The instant pot also comes programmed to monitor temperatures, times, and pressure. Yet another thing you do not have to worry over.

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How Versatile Are The Two Cooking Pots?

You probably do not have that much space in your kitchen and are looking for something that will fit perfectly and do more than one task. In this regard, the instant pot is the best option to consider. It is because it offers more than just cooking.

The instant pot can slow cook, pressure cook, steam, warm food, cook rice, saute and even make yogurt.

Since it functions almost like a pressure cooker, it can work as a sterilizer for objects. Eight in one, what a steal. Why get seven appliances when you can get only one?

All is not gone for the aroma rice cooker. It may not be as versatile as the instant pot but, it holds its own. It mainly cooks dishes that are related to rice but still does a good job.

What Options Do Both Cooking Pots Have To Offer?

I am sure you are wondering what I mean by options. It is simply how technology-savvy the devices are.

Both the aroma pot and instant pot come highly programmable. Yep, that means that you can leave a meal preparing and come home to a hot meal.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the instant pot comes with a miracle feature. It is the 24-hour delay start that is an absolute lifesaver. Let me break down what having a delayed start means.

It means that you can prepare your ingredients for dinner or lunch or whatever, throw it in the Instant Pot, set it to turn on a few hours before you get home, and then when you get home, it is ready to eat.

This delayed start is good for working mums out there. It can be the difference between ordering take-out because of lack of enough time to allow you to cook and feeding them a wholesome, healthy, homemade meal.

The instant pot is easy to control via Alexa as well as over wifi use. Did you know that? You can go, “Alexa, start the rice.” How awesome is that? It comes with a built-in barometer.


How To Clean an Aroma Pot and Instant Pot

Since the interior of the instant pot is stainless steel, it is relatively easier to clean. Some Instant Pots have a non-stick coating which is also easy to clean.

It can be cleaned by simply wiping it with a clean, damp cloth. For purposes of cleaning the gasket and the outer rims of the pot, they are detachable. The parts of the instant pot are dishwasher safe.

The Aroma Pot also has a non-stick interior that is easy to clean. However, some Aroma Pots do not have an interior that is detachable from the inner pot. It can make cleaning a bit harder and can get dirty after some time.

Make sure to check if the inside parts are detachable for the easy cleaning process.

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Which Of The Two Is More Ideal When It Comes To Size?

We have already covered that with the instant pot you get up to 9 kitchen appliances in one. However, it also comes in smaller versions.

These include the 6-in-1 or 7-in-1. When it comes to capacity, the instant pot comes manufactured in various sizes to accommodate any family.

Instant Pots 3 -quart
6 -quart
8 -quart
Aroma Pot 2 -quart
2.5 -quart
5 -liter

How Affordable are the Aroma Pot and Instant Pot?

The Aroma Pot is highly affordable. The pot is slightly cheaper than the other. It is entirely dependent on where you choose to make your purchase.

The instant pot, on the other hand, is a tad bit more expensive. It goes for slightly more than the aroma pot.

However, when we remember that we are getting eight appliances in one, it is worth the investment.

Where To Shop For the Aroma Pot and Instant Pot


You can always start your search for either one of the cooking pots online on stores

An in-person shopping experience will offer you the opportunity to compare and contrast the two cooking pots in real-time.

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Additional Information on the Aroma Pot and Instant Pot

The Aroma Pot comes with a few extra inserts. Those are; a rice measuring cup, a rice spatula, and a bamboo spatula.

Heck, it even comes with a soup ladle spoon. A steam rack may also accompany your purchase.

The instant pot only comes with a trivet. Not too shabby considering all it has to offer.

Equipment Safety.

In terms of safety, the Instant Pot comes fitted with several safety features. These include things like the steam release valves.

The function of the steam release valves is to ensure a release of the hot steam before the opening of the lid.

This feature is a good addition because it helps to avoid any accidents such as steam burns. It is also worth noting that the lid on the Instant Pot is tighter sealed to prevent any steam from sipping out.

I found that the Aroma Pot is also safe to use. However, it lacks the release valves to help steam escape before opening the lid.

When using the Aroma Pot, it would be advisable to let the pot sit for a minimum of ten minutes before opening the cooking pot.


The debate between aroma and the instant pot has been a longstanding one. On the one hand, the Instant Pot is an appliance that makes advanced meals easy for beginner cooks.

It is, by far, better looking and embodies a modern and fresh appeal that tends to complement and go well with the design of any kitchen or space. An Aroma Pot, on the other hand, is for the more tactile cooks.

It is because there are very few recipes and very little advice available to new users of the product.

Ultimately, when it comes down to the best between the Aroma Pot vs. the Instant Pot, I would vouch for the Instant Pot as the better multicooker. For me, not only does the Instant Pot look better, but it works much better, and costs just about the same as an Aroma Pot.

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