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Why Does the Microwave Turntable Turn When the Door is Open?

The microwave is one of the most used kitchen appliances today. A lot of folks have a microwave because it makes work easier. 

We live in an era where we are so busy that cooking becomes an issue. So, we cook a lot of food and put it in the fridge. After that, we use the microwave to warm the food. 

Again, you might get some food from a friend’s house or a restaurant. Other than using your cooking pot to warm the food on a gas cooker, you warm it in the microwave. 


I use my microwave almost daily. One problem I have noticed is the turntable rotating when I open the door.

This is a problem for the turntable is supposed to be still when you open the door. 

I have experienced this problem twice, and it got me thinking; what could be the cause of the microwave turntable turning when the door is open?

A faulty door switch is the primary cause of the microwave turntable rotating when the door is open. Other reasons are; that the motor may be soaked, and the rotator is damaged. 

The Microwave Turntable


A microwave has a flat surface at its base. You can see this surface once you open the microwave. It is where you put whatever you are warming and is called a turntable.

Earlier versions of microwaves did not have a lot of options. All they could do was heat food and drinks. New versions, however, have some added options. You can use some of them to cook some food.

Whatever version of the microwave you use, it will have a turntable. When you put food on the turntable, set the timer, close the door and start whatever process you choose.  


The turntable rotates in either direction to produce microwaves responsible for heating or cooking your food.

Microwaves can be harmful; therefore, a microwave oven is made to stop turning once you open the door. 

The microwave door material does not allow these waves to pass through. It is a massive problem if you realize your microwave turntable is still spinning when you open the door. 

You should fix this issue immediately after you see it. Microwaves are harmful when emitted into the atmosphere. 

Why Does the Microwave Turntable Rotate when the Door is Open?

If the turntable of your microwave spins when you open the door, the cause of this problem lies with either the door switch, the rotator, or the turntable’s Motor.

This problem will not fix itself, so you must fix it after discovering it. 

That said, you should note that it is not hard to fix this issue. However, you might find some of these problems hard to fix, e.g., changing the Motor or rotator, unless you have experience in the said field. 

There is no need to panic, however, because many technicians can do the work for you, and they are not expensive. 

I will tell you all about these problems and what you can do to fix them. Please stick with me. 

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1. A Faulty Door Switch


A faulty door switch is the most common problem that can make your microwave turntable keep spinning even after opening the door.  

A standard microwave has three switches. The end goal of all three controls is to ensure that the microwave does not work with an open door. These switches are attached to the door, and you will encounter problems if either fails. 

Typically, a microwave will not start working until you close the door. If you have been keen, you have noticed that it stops working immediately you the door. This action will happen whether the cycle is complete or not. 

The door switches are the ones that send a signal to the control panel that it is time to start rotating the turntable once you close the door.


The door has a latch that helps to activate the switch. The latch comes into contact with the switches when you close the door. 

As a result, it activates the switch. The switches then send the signal to the control board, and the turntable starts to rotate. In an eggshell, that is how a microwave works. 

For a door switch to fail, it is perhaps rusted or has a blown fuse. Also, the problem may be lying with the door latch. The door switch will not be activated even if it is worn out.

So, before replacing the door switch, ensure you know where the problem lies. 

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How to Fix a Faulty Door Switch


Depending on what is affecting the door switch, there are several ways of dealing with this issue.

For example, if the switch is not working because it has layers of rust, you must clean up the rust, and the door switch will work again. 

In cases like that of a faulty door latch, you will have to replace the door latch. Remember, the door latch must be working so it can interlock with the switch to activate it. 

In most cases, the door switch is faulty in a way that it needs to be replaced. So, how do you replace a microwave door switch? 

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How to Replace a Microwave Door Switch

The process of replacing a microwave door switch is not that complicated.

If you have the right tools to get the job done, all you have to do is follow the steps I will discuss below, and you will be able to do it.  

The tools you need for this process are easy to find, so they will not be a problem. You will need a screwdriver( insulated), gloves, and the new door switch. 


Follow these steps:

● Unplug the power cable from the socket. Do not start working on the microwave immediately because it still has some electric waves, and you might be electrocuted. Give it twenty minutes to rest, and then you can start working on it. 

● Loosen and unscrew the screws on the microwave to remove the grill. Push it either right or left and then pull. 

● Remove the control panel by unbolting the two screws holding it in place. 

● After removing the control board, you will see the switch assembly. Unscrew it and carefully remove it through the wires of the control panel. 

● The switch assembly has a release button. Press it gently to release the faulty switch and remove it. 

● Take the new door switch and stick it to where the faulty switch was. It is crucial to ensure that the new switch is the same model as the one you are replacing. In most cases, it will not work if it is a different model. 

● Screw back the switch assembly and then reassemble your microwave. 

As you have seen, it is a simple process. If you follow these steps, your microwave will be back to normal functions within no time. 

It is important to note that you can easily get hurt during this procedure. You should therefore be very careful, and if you’re not confident enough, seek professional help. 

2. The Motor is Soaked


Often we cook and reheat meals that require using the microwave. Some of these liquids will inevitably spill on the turntable without you realizing it.

When that happens, it will slowly get into the inner parts of the turntable. 

The turntable sits on the Motor; this Motor is the one that is responsible for driving the rotator so that it can start rotating. 

A microwave oven is a simple appliance. For it to work efficiently, all the crucial parts need to communicate with each other. When you, for example, close the door, the latch will activate the switch, which will, in turn, communicate with the control panel. 


The control panel will then send a signal to the Motor so it can start spinning the rotator. The rotator will rotate the turntable, and your microwave will be in session. 

If the Motor develops an issue, it will not receive or send signals as it should. It will therefore start malfunctioning; that is, it might continue working the rotator even when you have opened the door. 

One primary reason the Motor can develop such an issue is if it comes into contact with some water.

The water will start eroding it, and the steam will make it not work. It will be confused to put it in layman’s language. 

How to Dry off Water From the Motor


The solution to the Motor having some water is taking the initiative to dry the water. Supposing you take long before drying the water, it will cause irreparable damage. 

To dry the water from the Motor, you need to access it. It is located under the control panel. So, remove the microwave’s top part and the control board. 

After you pull the control panel away, you will see the Motor. Remember, you should do all this after you have disconnected your microwave from the power source and given it a few minutes to discharge. 

Dry off the Motor by wiping it dry with paper towels. Reassemble the microwave, and you will have solved the problem. 

3. The Rotator is Damaged.


The rotator is connected to the Motor. Its primary purpose is to rotate the turntable so that your food can cook evenly. 

The primary cause of a damaged rotator is water and a blown switch. The rotator has a switch, and if this switch has a problem, the rotator will not work as it should.

A microwave is an electric appliance. This means that it uses electricity to work. Too much electrical power can blow the fuse of a rotator rendering it useless. 

If the rotator is not in good coordination with the Motor and the motherboard, it will start to malfunction; thus, it might continue rotating the turntable even when you open the door. 

You can replace a blown fuse in the rotator; if it has water, you can dry it off. These two solutions will fix the rotator.

Sometimes, you might need to replace the rotator, which is not a simple task. If you find yourself in such a predicament, ask for professional help. 

Bottom Line


The microwave turntable should not continue rotating after you have opened the door. If it is still turning, something is amiss with your microwave. 

The problem lies with the microwave’s internal parts: the door switch, Motor, and rotator. 

The good news is that you or a professional can easily fix these problems. 

Some are harder to fix than others, but as you have seen, they are fixable. 

The microwave is a delicate kitchen appliance. More than that, you need to let it discharge before you start to work on it. 

If you have no experience fixing kitchen appliances or do not trust your hands, look for professional help. It will save you a lot in the long run. All the best!

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