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Best Stand Mixers under $100

A stand mixer is a convenient asset to have at home, particularly if you are into cooking and baking frequently.

First of all, how you intend to use the stand mixer is the first consideration to make before purchasing a stand mixer.

For instance, if you plan to bake for a huge family, or a gathering involving many people, you may probably need a greater capacity stand mixer with a more powerful motor than what is normal.


Likewise, if you intend to use your stand mixer more frequently than normal, such as making several loaves of bread daily, you will need a stand mixer with a powerful motor, enough to withstand the pressure.

On the other hand, if your use requirements are much smaller than average, buying a large mixer will be more cumbersome than beneficial.

This is why one needs to be diligent enough when looking for the best stand mixer for your specific needs.


Prices of stand mixers.

Price is also a significant consideration to take into place if you are looking to purchase an appropriate stand mixer. Depending on its utility, you can find a variety of models of different price ranges

You may also find models that cost a lot; however, these may be more specialized mixers, such as those which are needed for larger quantities of food.

Below are some of the best stand mixers under $100 listed:

Dash stand mixer (Electric Mixer for Everyday Use).


Many may not be aware of the Dash stand mixer, but the device can perform quite a number of mixing jobs. This electric stand mixer is made of plastic material, generally intended for everyday residential use.

It comes in different versions and a variety of colors including white, pink, red, blue, copper and black.

The beaters are of considerable quality (plastic) and are dishwasher safe.

One of its other key features is a switch on the base of this device which allows it to change positions, adjust the mixer, and blend towards the center especially along the sides of the bowl.

Moreover, it has various features which make it efficient and the best at performing a variety of tasks. For instance, its mess-free tilting motor head makes removal of the mixing bowl and ejecting the beaters look easier than it actually is.

Another great aspect is its stainless steel bowl that is easily detachable and can be easily removed by turning up the device or pulling it up.

This mixer is easily available online as well as other retail stores, and it comprises of the following.


  • A stainless steel mixing bowl with a capacity of 2.5 Quarts.
  • Dough hooks.
  • Mixer beaters are useful for dressings as well as the frosting.


  • It has a retro design, as well as a wide variety of color options that can accentuate any kitchen.


  • The mixer may be too simplistic, especially if you need fancy or more complicated attachments.

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Hamilton Beach Classic Hand and Stand Mixer.


This is a reasonably priced mixer made of brushed stainless steel, useful for light to medium mixes such as batter, cake, eggs or cream.

It is one of the best devices for beginners.

It is generally 10.5 inches high, with a width of 5.9 inches and a diameter of 9.7 inches.

When you purchase this device, you will receive a variety of attachments including the whisk, two dough hooks, as well as two beaters.

You will also receive a 4-quart stainless steel mixing bowl having a bowl rest stabilizer. Moreover, it is convenient for people with arthritis and other mobility conditions.

This mixer also has a large bowl which is enough to handle enough batches of dough. The stand mixer also has a whisk attachment, making it easy to create fluffy and whipped frostings using the Hamilton Beach Classic mixer.


  • A tilt button is found on the rear end of the stand.
  • Speed setting controls and an eject button located at the top of the mixer.
  • A quick burst setting for more speed and power.
  • Straight wire beaters and twisted wire beaters.
  • Dough hooks.
  • A quick burst.
  • A bowl rest feature, which is easily used as a hand mixer.
  • A stainless steel bowl that acts as a perfect mixer.


  • The stand mixer easily detaches from its base, making it suitable for use as a hand mixer as well.
  • It is very lightweight in use, uses center styles rotation to mix batters, making beaters function fast and efficiently.


  • The mixer is not suitable for handling big batches of food at a time.
  • You may need to scrap or mix food manually from the bowls.
  • Beaters do not reach to the bottom of the bowl.

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Albohes stand mixer, 600 W


The Albohes Stand mixer is an electric stand mixer that weighs an average of 12.13 lbs. It is a powerful 600-watt mixer, with a full metal core and a high-intensity operation.

Mostly black in color, it dissipates heat and operates with significantly less noise compared to other mixers.

Its large capacity bowl allows mixing of enough dough for at least four loaves of bread; so whether you are making food for one or for a crowd, this mixer can create an adequate amount of food.

The mixer allows you to choose from six different types of speed, ranging from the slowest pace (great for items that you may not want to fully break) to greater speeds such as whipped foods.

The stand mixer also has a pulse function that allows you to mix ingredients according to your individual preferences.

As you will probably note, many mixers do not have this feature. The tilt-head design of this mixer makes it easier to knead or paddle, without having to adjust the bowl.

To raise or lower the head of the mixer, you would simply have to turn the lever of the mixer on the side depending on the side of the mixer.

This would allow you to move the stand mixer up or down depending on your preference. The Albohes 600 watt Stand mixer also has a high-quality motor, enabling it to withstand long use while maintaining its power and efficiency.

It’s quality functions also include reduced noise features and high dissipation. The stand mixer also works very fast, which saves a lot of time while mixing.


  • It comes with a variety of features like a stainless steel bowl,
  • It offers a capacity of 5.5 liters,
  • Six different types of speed,
  • A tilt-head dough mixer,
  • A dough hook,
  • A motor of 600 watts.


  • This mixer has a large capacity, 5.5 liters to be precise, and it comes with six different attachments.
  • The stand is also very user-friendly and many of its users have reported a good experience with its use.


  • The features and attachments are not dishwasher safe, which may be inconveniencing to some.

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Sunbeam 002371-000- NPI MixMaster


The Sunbeam 002371-000- NPI MixMaster is a great choice for a stand mixer if you are on a budget.

Sunbeam Mixmaster has a soft-grip handle, guaranteeing comfortable utility and prevention of unnecessary spillage as you mix your ingredients.

It has a low-noise feature which is very ideal if you prefer quieter environments. It offers a non-slip base that allows you to prevent spillovers, toppling or kitchen any accidents.

Moreover, its additional accessories such as the chrome beaters, dough hooks, and glass bowls make the best accessories for general kitchen use.

This stand mixer is efficient at certain kitchen tasks such as mixing cookie dough, making it one of the best appliances for mixing and making the dough.

It has a 12-speed mixer that works slowly, thus preventing you from being sprayed with ingredients when you initially making your recipe.

However, if you need extra motor power, you can simply push and adjust the power button. The mixer has a tilt head which makes it easy to place or remove attachments from the mixer.

You can insert the dough hook using the smallest foot into the socket on the bowl, as the whisks of the mixer penetrate into either socket.

The Mixmaster has a detachable head, which allows you to separate the mixing head from the stand, allowing you more portability and mixing of the ingredients as you please.

The Sunbeam Mixmaster is available in either white or silver colors.


  • It is white in color and has a soft-stand technology stand mixer.
  • It has 12 different speed levels.
  • 4-quart stainless steel mixing bowl.
  • Bowl selector switch.


  • It is a lightweight, affordable and versatile mixer that could offer a great addition to your kitchen appliances.
  • It has a bowl selector switch which lets you use different sizes of mixing bowls.


  • During mixing, the contents of the bowl may gather towards the sides of the bowl, where the beaters may not necessarily reach.

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Stand Mixer, Cusimax 5-Quart 800W Dough Mixer.


This powerful professional mixer is a baker’s paradise. Having a powerful 800 Watt motor, it is able to knead and mix flawlessly.

The Stand Mixer, Cusimax 5-Quart 800W Dough Mixer is a great investment for the kitchen. It is also dishwasher safe, allowing faster clean up after use.

The splatter shield of this device prevents dripping and spillage of food. In addition, the device also comes with three other attachments: the dough hook, mixing beater, and egg whisk.

The attachments create versatility and variety for any cooking and also allow users to prepare food with a lot of ease.

The Cusimax 5-Quart mixer also has a tilt-head, which allows easy access to the bowl as well as the beater, giving you the chance to easily add ingredients to your recipe as you see fit.

Another great aspect of this document is its anti-silicone suction cups, which ensure the Cusimax remains steady.

The device also has a non-slip base designed which maintains its grip on a surface for safety reasons.


  • An 800-watt dough mixer,
  • A stainless steel bowl,
  • A Dough hook,
  • A mixing beater,
  • Tilt-head electric mixer.


  • The 800-watt motor mix offered by this mixer is efficient for kneading a variety of foods ranging from cake to cookie dough and makes it comfortably easy to prepare most homemade dishes.
  • The large stainless steel bowl allows you to use more than 4 quarts of all-purpose flour, which is a great amount of food.


  • The device may not work considerably under heavy loads.

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Stand Mixer, Aicok Dough Mixer.


If you love baking at home, then this is the right mixer for you.

Using the Aicok stand mixer, you will be able to make a lot of bread, and other sweet and savory goodies in the least time possible.

If you bake frequently, you will soon realize that each type of pastry requires its own unique blend, texture, and smoothness of dough.

For instance, the dough of a cookie differs significantly from that of normal bread. Most of the time, kneading and mixing by hand alone won’t do, and you will require a powerful machine to knead and blend the dough.

This Aicok dough mixer will do just that.

The tilt-back head offers easy bowl removal, which makes switching or using alternative accessories easier.

Then you would not have to worry about breaking the mixer by mistake while trying to pry it open.

This device offers suction cups that ensure the contents of your bowl do not get splashed, and that all the ingredients remain in the bowl, as the bowl stays in the mixer as well.

Its additional accessories, the attachments that come along with this device ensure that you would not have to spend extra resources on key tools.

Indeed, a mixer is only as good as its attachments. The Aicok mixer will also come with an all-in-one pouring shield. This makes using the mixer easier, especially by preventing spills and showers.

The mixer also has six different speed types, which offer the option of choosing the speed type you prefer, according to your dough type.

Having a variety of features makes kneading and making the dough much easier.


  • A large quart bowl,
  • A powerful motor machine,
  • Double dough hooks,
  • Six different speed levels,
  • Tilt-able head.


  • Certain types of dough require certain types of speed, the mixer has 6-speed options
  • This is a great type of mixer to have for a low budget.
  • It is easier to use for beginners and is a steady, durable and strong device.


  • It may not function properly (mixing and kneading) with huge quantities of food.

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Klarstein Bella Rossa Mixer.


If you are looking for the best kitchen helper in terms of kneading and mixing, the Klarstein Bella Rossa mixer is the best.

Powered with a 650 Watt motor, it is able to mix and knead in an incredibly fast and inefficient way.

The versatility offered by its quickly clamping system allows you to easily change the system’s function, allowing you to knead pizza dough or cream for soup within a short time.

The device is also able to perform a range of tasks, ranging from pureeing, mixing, beating as well as kneading.

It is a simple, well-designed and easy-to-use system that allows the mixing arm to be easily folded back after use.

Moreover, the suction at the base ensures a strong grip, giving you a stable position as you use the device. One of the best features of this device is its low-noise feature, which is unlike most devices on the market.

In addition, the mixer is made almost entirely out of plastic, which makes it light and easy to use. Its sturdy nature and great speed allow you to mix your ingredients more conveniently and with ease.

The large stainless steel bowl is also able to hold a large amount of batter, allowing you to make enough food.

It is also incredibly user-friendly, especially for first-timer. The mixing bowl has a 5-liter capacity and is made of stainless steel for durability.

Moreover, it offers six different types of adjustable speeds, offering you a variety of velocity strengths for unique dough finesse.

Indeed, this kitchen machine can meet all mixing needs, whether you prefer your cake airy or heavy sourdough.

Moreover, the device is created using an anti-slip base design, which ensures more grip and it is incredibly easy to clean.

The mixing bowls are easily detachable. Being dishwasher safe, they are very convenient to clean, especially if you don’t prefer hand washing.


  • A tilt-head stand mixer,
  • A dough hook,
  • Flat beater,
  • Stainless steel bowl,
  • Six different levels of speed,
  • Wire whip.


  • It has a quiet transmission system, which ensures the best results.
  • The device is powered with a 650-watt powerful motor system.


  • It may not operate properly with exceedingly large portions/ batches of food at a go. For best results, it is advisable to use limited portions of food at a time.
  • Its bowl capacity is limited.
  • Klarstein Bella Rossa mixer also comes with a limited set of attachments. As such, for any other attachments, you may need to get separately.

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Stand mixers make the process of baking or even mixing ingredients much easier. Especially if you are into baking thick dough, such as bread or pizza for instance or other recipes which entail intensive mixing, such as making meatballs.

As a standard, stand mixers come in a package with a mixing bowl, and different types of attachments depending on the particular type of mixing you prefer.

For example, the attachment used for making bread differs from the one used for milling grains.

Stand mixers are advantageous in that they are more powerful than hand mixers. They all mix faster and more thoroughly than contemporary mixers.

Moreover, stand mixers also allow you to make some common delicacies such as pasta, ice cream, mill grain right at home, ensuring you get the freshest ingredients.

A stand mixer also makes it easier to mix and knead ingredients as you perform other duties because they are stationary. You can start mixing something and leave it while you work on other cooking ingredients.

For example, if you are adding ingredients as you mix, you may certainly need a mixer.

A chief disadvantage of using stand mixer is its size and weight. If you are getting a stand mixer, you should also identify enough space for storing it safely, as the process of removing it in and out of a kitchen cabinet may be difficult.

As you plan to get this device, you should keep in mind that it is a kitchen investment that is worth every penny spent.

Get a stand mixer today!

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