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Why Are Griswold Skillets So Expensive?

Skillets are a must-have in every kitchen. They come in very handy because you can use them for cooking different dishes.

Currently, there are several brands of iron skillets available in the market. Some of them are affordable, but others are relatively expensive. Griswold skillets fall in the latter category.

Griswold is a company that has a good reputation when it comes to cookware. Matthew Griswold founded it in 1865. Since then, the company produced the best cast-iron products until 1957. The quality of their products is always top-notch because they are hand-crafted with great precision.


Unfortunately, most people complain that the products, including Griswold skillets, are way too expensive.

If you have been thinking of buying a Griswold skillet but keep asking yourself; ‘Why are Griswold skillets so expensive?’, you are at the right place. 

The reasons why Griswold skillets are pricey are; manufacturers use high-quality materials to make them, they are durable, rare, have a high market value, and most people are willing to pay high prices to acquire them.

In this article, you will get a detailed explanation of why Griswold skillets are pricey, but first, let us look at features of the Griswold skillet that makes 

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Features of Griswold Skillets

Below are features of Griswold skillets that make them stand out from other skillets.

  • Shape

Griswold skillets are round. Their sidewalls are tall and they have pouring spouts on two sides. This unique shape makes them ideal for braising and shallow frying.

However, the tall sidewalls make it a little hard to flip food using a spatula. If you are making something that needs to be flipped, it would be best if you went for a skillet that has low sidewalls.

  • Texture

I would describe the texture of Griswold skillets as smooth. Griswold skillets are smoother compared to other skillet varieties that are available in the market.

Their smooth texture makes them ideal for cooking food that would otherwise stick on the pan. However, you must season the skillet occasionally for the best results.

  • Non-stick features

Most skillets have non-stick features. After using the Griswold skillet several times, it naturally develops a seasoning layer. The seasoning layer develops when the fat on the pan polymerizes. 

The seasoning layer makes the Griswold skillet more durable by protecting it from rust.

  • Short sturdy handle

All Griswold skillets have short, sturdy handles. Like the skillets, the handles are very durable as they do not easily break. Additionally, they are very smooth.

  • Weight

Unlike most cast iron skillets, Griswold skillets are very light. One skillet weighs approximately 3.7lbs, which is almost half the weight of most modern-day skillets.

  • Overall thickness

Griswold skillets are thin compared to other skillets. They are only 0.12 inches thick. Most skillets have a thickness of 0.15 inches and above.

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Reasons Why They Are Expensive


Here are a few reasons why Griswold skillets are pricier than other skillets.

  1. They are built with high-quality materials.

The chances are that you already know Griswold products are made using the highest quality materials. Griswold skillets are no exception.

The main reason why Griswold skillets are pricey is they are made from quality materials.

Unlike cheaper skillets that manufacturers make using low-quality materials, Griswold skillets don’t affect the flavor of your dish. Additionally, they do not tear or rust.

The best part about Griswold skillets is that no matter how long you use them, their quality remains the same.

  • They are durable.

Most people claim that Griswold skillets last forever. Although this statement is debatable, there is no doubt that Griswold skillets are very durable. They last for a very long time compared to other varieties.

Griswold skillets last long because of the quality of materials manufacturers use to make them.

Therefore, they are expensive because you won’t need to buy another skillet in several years to come. Buying a Griswold skillet is an investment.

  • They are rare.

You may have noticed that Griswold skillets are not easy to find. Their rarity significantly plays a role in the high pricing.

Griswold skillets are rare cookware items. Therefore, most collectors buy them to add them to their collection.

If you are lucky, you may stumble upon second-hand Griswold skillets. They are still pricey, but not as pricey as the brand new ones. Note that Griswold company no longer produces Griswold skillets hence the rarity.

  • They have a high market value.

Since Griswold products are made using quality materials, their market value is quite high. Griswold skillets are no exception.

The market value of Griswold products dictates the high price of Griswold skillets.

  • People are willing to pay high prices to acquire them.

Most people are well aware of the advantages of Griswold skillets. Therefore, they are willing to pay high prices for the great experience.

The Griswold company also has a very good reputation; thus people are keen to see what all the fuss is about.

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Griswold Skillets vs Lodge Cast Iron Skillets


There is an ongoing debate on which is better between Griswold skillets and Lodge cast iron skillets.

In my opinion, both are great and are suited for different purposes. Lodge cast iron skillets will give you a great cooking experience since they retain a lot of heat due to their thickness.

On the other hand, the texture and non-stick features of Griswold skillets are unbeatable.

I lean more towards Griswold skillets because of their durability and numerous advantages. However, I recommend buying both of them. This way, you won’t miss out on any feature that would work to your advantage.


Griswold skillets offer an outstanding experience.

They are expensive because they are of good quality, are durable, rare (since they are no longer in production), and have a high market value.

Other than that, most people are willing to pay high prices to acquire Griswold skillets just so that they have an amazing experience.

If you have been thinking about buying a Griswold skillet, you should do it. Buying a Griswold skillet is an investment you would not regret making.

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