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Kosher Recipes For Shabbat: Shabbat and Passover Dinner Recipes

My husband is Jewish. We have a kosher home, and I have learned to keep the kitchen kosher. I must admit I love making kosher meals, as I find them tasty and healthy.

We always have  Friday-night dinner and Shabbat lunch together. I assure you we enjoy a terrific meal together.

The simple family dinner routines are always observed during Passover when his mom and dad come over.


We all know that traditionally, Shabbat includes three important meals; Friday night dinner, Saturday lunch, and finally a third meal late in the afternoon.

The Friday night dinner is typically the most common Shabbat meal and we always want it to be perfect, or at least I do.

The biggest part of the delight of Shabbat is enjoying Shabbat meals especially the dinner.

All meals need to be elegantly prepared and the pressure to have the perfect meal can sometimes be over the top.


Hosting Passover can be quite a daunting task, especially if you do not do it often. In the few years that I have hosted for Passover, I learned that strategizing is key.

Having a Shabbat menu with easy recipes will have you pull it off with no fuss at all. Avoid the complicated dishes and stick to the simple ones that will still have your house filled with the scent of Shabbat.

I try to include the typical Shabbat foods in my menu as much as I can but most of the time I end up adding a fun twist to it, mostly to improve the flavor and make them more appealing.

The dinner is usually preceded by services in the synagogue so you might want to have your meals ready before attending the service.

Here are simple Shabbat dinner recipes that are easy to prepare and won’t take up too much of your time.

They will most definitely make hosting Shabbat and Passover dinners a breeze for you.

Sheet-pan Za’atar Chicken with Cauliflower and Chickpeas


Sheet pan meals have recently caused a craze on the internet and I’m here to confirm that they really are that good.

Throwing dinner on one sheet pan can really be that great. Coming from me, it means a lot considering I am pretty skeptical about certain food trends.

The Za’atar Chicken with Cauliflower and Chickpeas is a super delicious sheet pan meal and easy to prepare. This makes it perfect for Shabbat.

The convenience is just over the top. If you’re wondering what Za’atar is, well, it’s an amazing Middle Eastern spice blend widely used in Israel.

I bought mine while there on holiday but it is definitely a spice blend you can easily make on your own or simply buy online.

Very few ingredients are needed for this recipe and they are also very common and easy to find. I am certain that once you try this recipe you’ll never look back, and your family will keep demanding it.

I got this lovely recipe from The Nosher here

Lemon Oregano Baked Salmon


I don’t cook with oregano too often, but I had some in the house and I decided to get creative and make it useful. I was going to make salmon for dinner since I am a great salmon lover.

I normally use thyme on my salmon but since I only had oregano at hand, I came up with this delicious lemon oregano baked salmon that my entire family absolutely loved when I served it for dinner.

Trust me when I say it is full of flavor. It is most definitely one of my best salmon recipes. The lemon oregano baked salmon is easy to make and gets ready in just a few minutes.

Only 7 ingredients are needed and the oven does most of the work for you.

The salmon tastes even better when served with a salad on the side. This meal is great for Shabbat.

Check out the recipe here

Crockpot Sweet and Sour Brisket


Growing up, I absolutely enjoyed my grandmother’s brisket. For years, I tried to make them just like she did, she even gave me her recipe but it just never tasted the same.

I decided to try and figure it out myself, so I added a modern twist to her traditional brisket. That, my friends, is how this crockpot sweet and sour brisket was born.

Thanks to the power of slow cooking, I use a crockpot instead of the oven and I made the recipe as simple as possible.

All you have to do is throw together the ingredients in the crockpot before going to the temple and when you get back it will be ready to serve.

It is definitely my go-to meal during Shabbat and Passover.

Check out the recipe here

 Apple Cider Beef Stew


This is my ultimate comfort food, especially when it is cold outside.

I have been working on this apple cider beef stew recipe for quite some time since I am a perfectionist and I did not want it to be anything less than perfect.

It is a seasonal twist to the classic beef stew.  Cubed beef combined with apple cider and potatoes creates a simple but sweet meal that the whole family will enjoy.

I add potatoes to the beef stew 2 hours into cooking so that the potatoes remain firm and don’t mash right into the stew.

The cider tenderizes the beef and provides a wonderful flavor for my hearty stew.

It is great when served with rice or noodles but you can also serve it with a loaf of fresh bread.

Check out the recipe here

Sheet Pan Chimichurri Cod with Potatoes and Squash


This is yet another sheet pan meal that has never disappointed me.

I never miss this recipe during Passover.

I love incorporating as much fresh produce and fish into my cooking as is seasonally possible, thanks to my background in farming and fishing.

During Shabbat, I tend to go for meals that don’t require me to spend too much time in the kitchen.

I am always looking for short cuts, which really isn’t a bad thing as long as the meal turns out delicious.

This sheet pan chimichurri cod with potatoes and squash has very recently become one of my favorites.

The fresh flavors of the herbed chimichurri sauce really heighten the mild flavor of the fillets. The potatoes and zucchini mellow heat traveling from the chilies in the dish.

The sheet pan chimichurri cod with potatoes and squash is easy to prepare and still makes an elegant Shabbat dinner.

Check out the recipe here

Gorgeous Hunk of Salmon Roasted with Orange and Dill


We really eat a lot of salmon in my house and I constantly joke that one day we might actually turn into salmon.

I guess I simply love salmon for its great taste and also the fact that it is super healthy. I make my salmon in all sorts of ways but this particular salmon roasted with orange and dill tops the list.

It is a 5 ingredient meal that is super amazing and would be great for Shabbat dinner. The glaze is basically orange marmalade and mustard which is super easy to prepare.

Try it out and serve it to the company then let me know just how much they loved it.

Check out the recipe here

Chicken Meatballs in Saffron Tomato Sauce


Who doesn’t love chicken? Chicken has always been a favorite in my house so chicken meatballs have always been a winner.

Meals that are fast, fresh, and healthy are always my go-to meals, and these chicken meatballs in saffron tomato sauce tick all the boxes.

You need a few basic ingredients that come together in just a few minutes. The cooking instructions are also very easy to follow.

It is a perfect meal for Shabbat and definitely a crowd-pleaser.

Everyone will come back for second servings.

Check out the recipe here

Za’atar Fried Chicken with Spicy Thyme Honey


Yet another dish with za’atar, the amazing Middle Eastern spice blend!

As much as deep frying at home can be a huge pain because of the mess and how things can sometimes come out raw, it is one of the best things when done right.

Fried chicken is undoubtedly the best chicken and this za’atar fried chicken is the ultimate comfort food.

The za’atar gives the classic American fried chicken an Israeli twist and the fresh thyme adds to the flavor even more.

The buttermilk marinade and spiced brine tenderize the chicken. For better results, I soak the chicken overnight in saltwater brine and a variety of spices for flavor.

The end result is a herby, juicy chicken with a shatteringly crispy crust that is positively addictive. Serve it with grilled corn with sumac mayo and limonana then thank me later.

Check out the recipe here

Orange Glazed Chicken


This orange-glazed chicken is finger-licking good, and no, I’m not exaggerating.

Preparing it is as easy as seasoning defrosted frozen orange juice, pouring it over the chicken, and putting the chicken in the oven.

Imagine having a delicious meal that requires this little effort. All you have to do is basting the chicken every 15 minutes to ensure each piece is well glazed.

I scatter orange slices around the chicken so that everyone can at least have a slice. You can have this meal ready in approximately one hour which is pretty okay.

It is best when served hot with rice or quinoa. If you are extra like me, serve it with Israeli Couscous.

Check out the recipe here

Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken


Most Jews love Chinese food, and so does my husband.

For a long time, I was pretty scared about trying out Chinese recipes in my kitchen, mostly because I was not sure they would turn out as good as the food I eat at Chinese restaurants.

I find Chinese food a bit intimidating which is so unlike me considering how adventurous I am in the kitchen but once I tried this sweet and sour chicken recipe I have never looked back.

It is irresistible and the best part is that no cutting, breading and frying is required. There is also no super long list of ingredients that can potentially scare you away.

The sweet and sour sauce is tangy sticky and amazingly delicious. This dish will be a star in your Shabbat menu.

Check out the recipe here

Delicious No-Fail Challah


The mouthwatering smell of Challah baking for Shabbat is undoubtedly the best during Shabbat.

Challah is a classic that you simply can’t fail to prepare. You only need a few basic ingredients to ensure that your Challah does not fail.

When all the ingredients a ready simply follow the 7 basic instructions laid out in the recipe and you’ll have your perfect Challah that everyone will love.

For the best results, make sure you first bake at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes then at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for another 15 minutes.

Let the Challah cool then serve.

I guarantee that everyone will come back for a second round.

Check out the recipe here


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