How to use a hand (Immersion) blender for chopping [with Videos]

Lately, I have been binge-watching “How to” cooking videos. One thing I have noticed is how the video curators chop ingredients and cooking with so much ease.

This has left me wondering, am I the only one who finds some kitchen chores tasking because these guys seem to have a blast while cooking every time.

Anyway, I thought probably it’s because I do not have the gadgets they are using so I decided to order some kitchen equipment and make my life in the kitchen easier.

Guess what! These gadgets do make cooking so much easier and enjoyable.

One of my latest favorite purchase was the immersion blender.

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Using the best hand blender with chopper

 What can I do with an immersion blender?

The hand blender is different from a regular blender because rather than pouring the liquid into the blender and turning it on you insert the hand blender is inserted into the container of liquid and turn it on.

It is surprisingly easy how to use immersion blender for chopping.

Then swirl the hand blender throughout to ensure that it’s uniformly blended.

Cleaning the Blender.

Honestly, I don’t enjoy cleaning the blender. When buying one, I look out for one which is easy-to-clean.

I bet if there was a blender for fruits that was self-cleaning, I would definitely go for it.

I have grown fond of the immersion blender because it is so easy to clean compared to the conventional blender.

An immersion blender is considered a type of blending and food processing appliance but it should not be confused with a counter blender or food processor.

It is quite a popular portable blender and has earned a special place in the kitchen for convenience which is essential when you are picking an appliance.

The Hamilton Beach Hand Blender

The hamilton beach hand blender works so well when it comes to pureeing large amounts of soup.

Also, using a hand blender allows you to simply blend the soup in its original pot.


The hand blender should be powerful enough to process all kinds of foods, including cooked meats, potatoes, and vegetables.

It is a handy appliance to have in the kitchen for making single drinks, chopping, and pureeing soups in a pot or for small chores where a large blender would be an inconvenience.

You can now see that the hand chopping blender is versatile and it is not limited to just making soup as is the common misconception. 

They do a good job of making your job easier because of how fast they are. It approximately 30 seconds to make some of the recipes.

They cut down on cleanup immensely because you can make whatever you need in one container without having to keep transferring it to other containers in the kitchen.

If you want to use your hand blender for chopping you need to purchase one that includes a chopping blade. You can blender chop small amounts of onions or other vegetables.  

Do not confuse hand blenders with hand mixers, which are used for top mixing bowl units. The ease and efficiency of using the hand blender for your chopping needs is a plus in your kitchen.

It is a hand-held appliance and consists of a hand blender and a separate chopping attachment.

My hand blender is very easy to use since it is small in size, light in weight, and very convenient. I also end up having a cleaner working top after using it and also fewer dishes to clean.

Who does not like that?

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It is such a nifty appliance that is as versatile as kitchen gadgets go. It is compact it does not take up a lot of space in the kitchen.

You have to take care of it so that it can serve you longer. You should wash it immediately after use.

The blade of the hand blender has some hard to reach spots and if you take your time before washing it, it can be hard to clean it completely.

Run it under very hot water after you finish blending then scrub it gently with a sponge soaked in soap.

When blending do so in large quantities, this will enable your hand blender to work better when there is enough product to work with.

Avoid using small quantities and shallow dishes for the best results. The head of the hand blender should be fully submerged in whatever you want to blend.

Many uses of the hand blender

Here are other ways you can use the hand blender.

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Cuisinart Hand Blender

Whisking does not have to be a manual task any more you can accomplish the task quicker by using the swift cuisinart hand blender.


blankIt is faster than doing it by hand which is a tedious task to get the right consistency.

It is easier to clean than when you use any other equipment because the bottom attachment of the hand blender seamlessly pops off for simple and easy cleaning experience.

Its main selling feature is the immersion design which enables the blending of foods right in a bowl or in a pot on the stove.

Meaning that with care, you can use it to blend or mix hot foods, eliminating the need to transfer contents to a bowl just to blend it.

The Cuisinart immersion blender reduces the preparation time of your recipes. It ensures that the processes are seamless, simple, and avoid the process of dragging out and cleaning up.

  • It is handheld which makes it very convenient for you in terms of performance, functionality, and versatility.
  • It must be immersed in the food for it to perform its stipulated functions without making a mess.
  • It has different functions from counter blender; (we have already established its versatility and convenience for blending, chopping, and mixing foods.)

With the hand blenders, you are able to smooth lumpy gravies, blending liquid batters, smoothing out chunks from pasta sauce, and processing small amounts of baby food.  

It is your go-to tool for all your lump-free recipes and the best blender for green smoothies.


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Though variety is small when it comes to hand blenders, there are some immersion blenders that come with a conveniently cordless design; some models have stronger blades that can blend ice in a smoothie.

The power of a hand blender can vary slightly, with the most common being low-powered, compared to larger counter blenders.

blankWhen you are buying any hand blender with or without its accessories, which usually includes the chopper components.

The performance of this versatile functioning hand blender is essential to your kitchen.

It has limited chopping abilities if you opt not to buy one with a chopping attachment because of its small blade. This then limits the number of ingredients that can be chopped by your hand blender.

It is important for you to consider whether you need extra attachments with your hand blender if you already have other appliances that can perform the same functions in your kitchen.

How to use Philips hand blender with chopper


If you want to make a small batch of something use the plastic beaker that comes with the blender. Move the hand blender around for the best results this way it will pick up everything in the beaker or container.

Move the blender up and down as you are blending so that it blends evenly.

If you are blending a big pot of soup, move the blender in a slow stirring motion so that you do not miss any big chunks of the products you are using. Cool the hot dishes before you begin blending.

As you are making soups or other hot blended dishes remove the pot from the heat and let it cool for 10 to 20 minutes before you blend anything.

Things can spatter as you use a hand blender so this is for your safety you do not want to be burnt by hot soup.

First, you have to assemble the hand blender or immersion blender attachments according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

The majority of hand blenders come in 2 major parts. The upper portion and the lower attachment portion come screwed together.


In case your blender is battery operated, make sure you charge the batteries before use.

If you want to use the chopping attachment it is essential that you pre-cut the food into smaller sizes before chopping.

You can use the chopping attachment on your hand blender to chop vegetables and fruits. It is up to the task you can use it to cut up and chop vegetables and fruits to a perfect, even consistency.

You can use the applicable blade to achieve the desired shape and thickness. When using the hand blender chopper, the visual appeal of food is enhanced. The hand blender is able to chop onions uniformly.

The chopper is a convenient accessory to have in your possession. The chopping component is convenient, especially if you have no need for a stand-alone food processor and your chopping needs are small.

Cutting meat is possible with a kitchenaid immersion blender. It is a hand blender with chopper capabilities. You are able to cut pieces of soft meat such as chicken, lamb, and fish in the chopper jar of the hand blender.

You have to be careful to avoid introducing meat with pieces of bone in it or it will damage the chopper blades. You can also chop nuts using the immersion blender.

You can save time and energy with this handy immersion blender when you want to make your daily recipes. It will be an effortless task when you are in a hurry.  

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