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Why Are Stand Mixers So Expensive?

A stand mixer is a heavy-duty electronic mixer strapped to a stand that sits on a countertop.

Most stand mixers have different attachments that serve other purposes; hence, they are multifunctional.

Stand mixers are relatively expensive. There are several reasons why they are relatively expensive, i.e., they are multifunctional, their quality is high-ranking, they are equipped with outstanding motors, and their manufacturing rates are pretty high.

Additionally, their beautiful design and branding play a role in the high prices.

This article discusses the different reasons why stand mixers are expensive. Other than that, we will discuss their history and benefits. 

Let’s dive in.

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The History of Stand Mixers


Engineer Herbert Johnson, who worked at Hobart Manufacturing Company, reportedly invented the stand mixer in 1914. He came up with the idea after seeing how difficult it was for bakers to knead their dough.

The very first stand mixer was called the Hobart Model-H. It was specifically made for industrial use. Eventually, the company opted to manufacture a few models for home use.

Hobart Manufacturing Company introduced the very first models for home use in 1919. By 1927, most affluent households had stand mixers in their kitchens.


The Hobart stand mixer quickly started being called a kitchen aid because it was akin to having an additional set of hands in the kitchen.

Stand mixers can knead the dough, beat eggs and make pasta, and grind meat and much more. The best part about it is that you won’t break a sweat at all.

Since time immemorial, stand mixers have been known to last for a very long time. Their parts are of impressive quality, making them a worthy investment.

A quality stand mixer will last for over 15 years.

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Reasons for stand mixers’ high prices


Here are some reasons why you are likely to spend a lot when you purchase a stand mixer.

They are multifunctional

One of the main reasons stand mixers gained popularity so quickly is that they are multifunctional. Stand mixers perform a variety of tasks.

Stand mixers are the ultimate cooking and baking tool. They can mix, juice, mill, sieve, blend, temper, grind, shred, and so much more. If you’re only using your stand mixer for baking, you’re doing yourself an injustice.

My favorite thing about stand mixers is that there are several attachments you can buy to suit your needs. Over the years, you’ll purchase several accessories that will make your stand mixer the perfect kitchen appliance.

Stand mixers’ multifunctionality is one of the main reasons they are expensive.

Their quality is amazing.


Another reason why stand mixers are expensive is their amazing quality. Their bases are made of zinc alloy, which protects the mixers from electrical factors and makes them sturdy.

Additionally, it ensures that the stand mixer doesn’t move around your countertop when in use.

Additionally, stand mixers have a metal gear system that promotes a long lifespan and makes it possible for the mixers to mix large batches easily.

Another impressive feature is the insulation of electricals. It ensures that the stand mixer doesn’t overmix.

The quality of materials used to make stand mixers plays a role in their high price since they ensure that the mixer maintains its good quality for several years.

They are equipped with advanced motors.


Stand mixers have advanced motors whose power is between 275-500 watts. They ensure that it turns out perfectly smooth every time you mix the batter.

Other than being powerful, these kitchen appliances’ motors are accurate. They use planetary motion which means they rotate in two orbital directions to manipulate the ingredients.

Therefore, you can be sure you’ll get thoroughly mixed batter every time.

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High manufacturing rates


Manufacturing stand mixers requires skill, precision, and quality materials to live up to their reputation. Most brands import parts from other countries and put them together in the United States.

Since manufacturers spend a lot of money in the process, the price tags on stand mixers are pretty high.

Beautiful design

I have never seen a stand mixer that isn’t gorgeous. Most have stylish designs, and there is a wide variety you can choose from.

I can bet your kitchen will look much better with a beautiful stand mixer on the countertop.



Manufacturers brand stand mixers as high-end, luxury mixers. Therefore, it is natural that their price reflects what the brand sells.

Bakers have used stand mixers for over one century, and they are still one of the top-selling kitchen appliances, hence the high price.

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Advantages of owning a stand mixer

If you’re conflicted about buying a stand mixer, here are a few advantages that may help you make the best decision.

  • Versatility.

As discussed above, stand mixers are quite versatile. You can use a stand mixer for several purposes in the kitchen, including making pasta, making ice cream, juicing, grinding meat, among others.

  • Perfect for heavy doughs.

Stand mixers hold the bowl in place; hence they are stable. This makes them perfect for heavy doughs. Additionally, stand mixers give better results since they mix more evenly.

  • Can handle big batches.

Unlike hand mixers, stand mixers are good at handling big batches. Stand mixers’ bowls have a capacity of up to 7 quarts.

  • Superior motors.

Stand mixers’ motors are big and powerful. Therefore, they can effortlessly whisk through thick doughs and withstand long mixing times.

  • Better speeds.

Stand mixers have better speeds than hand mixers. Therefore, they are precise in kneading, mixing, and whisking dough. Additionally, they complete tasks in a relatively short time.

  • No physical strain.

You don’t need to support or hold a stand mixer since it can work perfectly on its own. This means you can go about other tasks in the kitchen while it churns ingredients.



Stand mixers are relatively expensive. However, they are worth every penny you’ll spend.

The three main reasons they are expensive are; impressive quality, high-ranking motor power, and multifunctionality.

I would always choose a stand mixer over the hand mixer because of the benefits above.

I hope this article answered your question on why stand mixers are so expensive. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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