10+ 4th of July Awesome Snack Ideas: Red, White & Blue Treats

I’ll start with a little bit of history on why the 4th of July is such an important holiday. In the year 1776, Great Britain set free 13 British colonies on American land.

The British declared America independent on 4th July, giving Americans a reason to celebrate. This date is not like any other historic date.

Americans celebrate it every year in very colorful parties. Since it is a national holiday, the streets are usually decorated.


The 4th of July is that time of the year when we get to celebrate our freedom and independence. We celebrate with different delicacies and desserts. Most celebrations of this historic day take place outdoors.

The pleasant summer weather makes the celebrations even better. Soaking in vitamin D while enjoying great company and eating delicious snacks and sumptuous meals are my idea of a perfect day.

Sometimes I feel like there are not enough hours on this special day.


Most years I host a cookout in my backyard for my close friends and family. We don’t get together too often so when we do, like on the 4th of July, we make the most of it. Other years I simply go for a picnic with my family or if we feel like we want to enjoy the sun and sand we go to celebrate at the beach.

The 4th of July only comes once a year so I usually go all out on this special day. You should too, there is no reason why you shouldn’t. For obvious reasons, red, white and blue are usually the theme at my party.

As the grill gets going, I treat my guests to some awesome 4th of July snacks. Most of these delicacies are usually red, white, and blue in color.  Pancakes, burgers, cupcakes, cheesecake strawberries, and apple pies are some of the few snacks that my guests get to enjoy.


I always strive to make snacks that people of all ages can enjoy. Snacks that you can easily grab and go are my favorite.

I usually throw in some healthy options as well and snacks that contain a little bit of booze for the adults to enjoy.

Booze-filled snacks light up the party, besides, the 4th of July is one of the few days of the year when day drinking is socially acceptable.

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Here is a list of my 4th of July awesome snacks. Most of them are quite easy to prepare and the ingredients are not expensive.

You don’t need to break a bank to have the perfect 4th of July party. Try making these awesome snacks for your party and let me know how they turn out.

  1. Red, White, & Blue Cheesecake Strawberries

These cheesecake strawberries are the easiest July 4th dessert you could possibly prepare. They look adorable and taste even better.

The cheesecake complements the taste of the strawberries. If you make these for your family you’ll definitely have none left when the day is done.

Yes, they are that good. This snack is also quite healthy, so if you want a healthy tasty snack, look no further.

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  1. 4th of July Festival Burgers

I can never celebrate the 4th of July without a big juicy burger. I like mine moist and flavorful topped with crispy bacon and guacamole.

When it comes to burgers, I like keeping an open mind.  The traditional hamburger dressed in mustard and ketchup just doesn’t do it for me anymore. I always want to have an interesting and tasty burger. Traditional burgers are plain boring.

Each year, I experiment with different creative burger ideas that I can serve at my July 4th cookout.  Alternatively, I just set out burger ingredients and let my guests build their own burgers. It is usually so much fun, plus people get to choose the ingredients they would really enjoy.

My kids really enjoy building their own burgers, so I let them do it on this special day.

  1. Red, White, & Blue Pancakes

Who doesn’t love fluffy pancakes? Red, white and blue pancakes are always a classic on July 4th.

As long as you know how to make pancakes, you can whip these up with just an addition of food coloring and whipped cream.

All you need is red and blue food color. Mix the food color with your pancake batter separately and cook the pancakes. While serving, alternate the colors with a little bit of whipped cream. They will taste amazing as usual.

  1. Tasty Freedom Cupcakes

There is nothing better than celebrating political independence with colorful, tasty freedom cupcakes. Cupcakes are perfect for both parties and barbeques.

I am tempted to say that they are the perfect dessert. You can make many different flavors of cupcakes and decorate them with red white and blue frosting.

You can even get your creative juices flowing and make marble cupcakes that have the three colors inside them. Marble cupcakes are always a winner.

The easier alternative would be to bake the cupcakes and then use blue, red, and white frosting on different cupcakes. Everyone loves cupcakes.

  1. Charade Apple Pie

Apple pie is a classic and it never misses on any 4th of July celebration. The apple pie literally reminds us of our home. I always strive to make the perfect apple pie. The key to the perfect apple pie is a good pie crust and even better filling.

Normally I use one type of apple for my filling. There is a time I experimented by using different varieties and I was not disappointed by the results.

The apples gave my pie a little more texture. I wouldn’t mind doing the same another time.

Always stick to the recipe for the best results.

  1. 4th of July Firecracker strawberries

Every 4th of July celebration needs a little bit of booze for the adults, so why not make a snack that contains booze? These strawberries are usually soaked in vodka. 

After about an hour of them soaking in vodka in the refrigerator, you dunk them in marshmallow fluff and then into blue pop rocks. This gives the strawberries the perfect patriotic look. They also taste great.

Light up your 4th of July party with these amazing firecracker strawberries. Your guests will enjoy your party. Make lots of them because they are quite addictive and everyone will come back for seconds.

  1. 4th of July Flag Cake

Nothing screams patriotism like a yummy 4th of July flag cake. Everyone loves the 4th of July flag cake. It is a crowd pleaser.

The possibilities are endless with this particular cake because you can literally make any type of cake that you fancy and decorate it with the 4th of July theme.

There are dozens of recipes that you can choose from.  I usually make a red velvet cake because it is my family’s favorite. The 4th of July Flag cake is normally the highlight of our day.

  1. 4th of July Firecracker Popsicles

Firecracker popsicles are a perfect treat for the kids on the 4th of July. Popsicles on a hot summer day are all they need.

I prefer making homemade popsicles because they are healthier since I make them from fresh berries and fresh yogurt.

They taste even better than store bought popsicles. The recipe is quite easy and anyone can follow it to make the best 4th of July firecracker popsicles. I am not a huge fan of popsicles but my kids are, so they never miss on my menu.

  1. Delicious Freedom Cookies

Freedom cookies are always a winner. Cookies are perfect for any 4th of July party. I love how delicious and crisp they are. They are also pretty easy to make.

You can never go wrong with cookies because the possibilities are endless. Just add a little bit of color to make them the perfect freedom cookies.

  1. Beer – batter fried pickles

This is yet another awesome adult snack that contains a little bit of booze. Fried foods always taste great, and these crispy pickles taste even better when dipped in a spicy ranch dip.

They are quite easy to make and you won’t spend too much time in the kitchen whipping them up.

  1. Drunken strawberries

What’s better than strawberries soaked in rosé and vodka and then coated with sugar? These drunken strawberries are a personal favorite and they are the perfect snack for a hot summer day like the 4th of July.

Everyone will love them.

  1. Hot dog Cheesies

Calories don’t count on the 4th of July. The combination of grilled cheese and hot dogs is heavenly.

When you serve these hot dog Cheesies you’ll have none left at the end of the party because they are quite addictive and everyone will come back for seconds.

  1. Chicken avocado roll-ups

Other than being nutritious, these chicken avocado roll-ups are pretty delicious. If you want a healthy snack that still tastes amazing this is what you should go for.

The chicken and avocado combination wrapped in a tortilla is just perfect. Everyone will fall in love with them.

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