Does Corn Syrup Go Bad?

Trying out new sweet things is part of my DNA, and since most people know me to have a sweet tooth, I’m not trading that soon.

To make a discernible recipe in my meals, I use corn syrup judiciously, mostly when making candy or baking.

Furthermore, when making candy and bread. I believe there’s nothing you can substitute corn syrup for to give you the much sought after consistency.

However, I try to use it in moderation since leading a sedentary lifestyle entirely isn’t advisable. Having said all that. Does corn syrup go bad?


To minimize the amount of corn syrup I use daily, I refrain from using packaged food a lot; instead, I opt for the homemade counterpart, with my homemade corn syrup.

All processed foods go bad after a certain period because of bacteria multiplication, which leaves toxins behind. Due to its high sugar content, bacteria may not thrive in corn syrup unless you store it improperly.

For instance, in case you leave the bottle open and then water is exposed to your syrup, it gets spoilt.

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How long will your jar of corn syrup last?


When it comes to the longevity of corn syrup, you should always keep in mind the storage method and date of expiration. When air mixes with open packaged food, chances are it speeds up the rotting process. Use an airtight container, whether you decide to have it on the pantry or refrigerator.

When corn syrup goes bad, your eyes and nose will help to detect any changes. First, its bright color may turn brownish. Although you can use it for baking and cooking, your pastry and meals may not flavor fresh corn syrup.

It might also have some crystals when you rub it between your fingers. It also thickens, and it will not have the same consistency as the time of buying.

Like all condiments, corn syrup also comes with a best by date, so try using it within the specified time limit.

Corn syrup turning yellow doesn’t mean it’s spoilt; however when you feel the smell is off, discard the bottle. To use it for a longer time, go for high concentrated syrup.

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Simple homemade corn syrup

You will need

Source of heat

Cooking pan

Lemon juice

4 cup of white sugar

3 cup of water

  1. Place a cooking pan on top of the fire. Add the sugar with water in the pan and mix well until all sugar dissolves.
  2. Let the mixture boil for 10 minutes until sticky and light.
  3. Add in 1 ½ tablespoon of lemon juice
  4. Boil for another four minutes
  5. Allow the mixture to cool down then transfer it into a clean airtight jar.

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Should you refrigerate your corn syrup?


With the exception of homemade corn syrup, the one from grocery stores can still survive in your pantry. Refrigerating your homemade corn syrup will help extend its shelf life. Most sweeteners don’t have inherent antibiotic properties like that of honey, which can help them thrive when stored in the pantry.

Although bacteria have a hard time multiplying in the syrup because of the sugary environment, eventually, mold and bacteria will find a way into the bottle or container, especially after you crack it open.

If your package states that the sugar level in your corn syrup is at 75%, then it means it can sit on the pantry from one holiday to the next. If you remember to remove the syrup from the fridge early enough before use, then it is fit for use.

Although opting to refrigerate the corn syrup won’t also do any harm. When out in the cabinet, opened corn syrup can last up to six months.

What are some uses of corn syrup?


Processors use the ordinary corn syrup when making candies sorbet, icing, and fudge because it makes them have that sheen and smooth consistency.

At home, corn syrup also plays a vital role because you can use it to make barbeque sauces since it is less sweet than sugar. It has a slight tang that most people like when you add some to your biscuits or pancakes.

It has a combination of properties for baking and cooking at home, so you don’t have to look for a substitute. With baked food, corn syrup helps maintain freshness and holds moisture.

The reason commercial bakers and manufacturers go for corn syrup is that is works as a short-term preservative. Unlike other sweeteners, you only add a little corn syrup to make your mixture smooth.

The stability with corn syrup prevents it from crystallization or spoilage. Also, do you know that high-fructose corn syrup is different from the corn syrup made at home?

Primarily, it’s a preference to both large and small manufacturers since it’s affordable, and it comes as syrup.

The purpose of using syrup is because of the cost and not the cooking part. Albeit if HFCS wasn’t cheap and sweet, people would look for something else.

Are there any dangers associated with using corns syrup?


Corn syrup is a cooking agent that’s obtained after processing corn. So what happens when it’s metabolized inside your body?

The entire metabolizing process goes into the liver. In the end, you have a fatty liver, which leads to lifestyle diseases such as type 2 diabetes, dementia, cancer, strokes, hypertension, Alzheimer’s, and high blood pressure.

During the corn syrup making process, the separation of fructose and glucose occurs to create high fructose corn syrup.

Fatty liver is one of the diseases affecting a significant population in the world today. Intake of fructose causes lipogenesis because the product goes directly into the liver.


Corn syrup also has a lot of calories, but it doesn’t offer nutritional benefits.

Items that have HFCS as an ingredient are cheaper as compared to those with cane sugar. This is why you find sodas readily available, and most people like to indulge in soft drink.

High fructose intake is worse than sugar because it stimulates your appetite that leads to obesity.

What you need to understand is how much intake of corn syrup is advisable in a day. All these depend on an individual’s lean body mass and level of physical activity.

Eat foods with corn syrup ingredients minimally because, from many studies, we learn that instead of filling you up, too much corn syrup tends to make you feel hungry after a short time.

What can you substitute corn syrup with?


Before deciding to substitute corn syrup with any other cooking agent, you must understand why specific recipes prefer corn syrup.

Most food experts will say corn syrup leaves them with a smooth final product. It also prevents crystallization when used on pie or chocolate sauce.

Some of the best substitutes for corn syrup include brown rice syrup, which can make candy, and some of your pastries. To achieve consistency, you have to heat the syrup, which helps to break down all the sugars. But be sure it will not work well with all recipes.

Another option for your cooking that requires corn syrup could be the well-known agave nectar.


It has a neutral flavor, which brings out the natural taste of your recipe. However, you won’t make it with candy because of the differing properties from that of corn syrup.

Although you can’t use it for candy, it comes handy in other recipes that require corn syrup. To get it in liquid form, extract the juice from sugar then boil until it thickens.

Golden syrup, on the other hand, will work best in the place of corn syrup because they have the same properties. This means you can use it when making candies, and you’ll have that sheen texture.

Honey can also work, although it can’t stop crystallization like corn syrup. It’s not a good option for candy, but you can use it for other recipes that incorporate corn syrup as an ingredient.

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Will corn syrup harden after some time?


The properties found in corn syrup don’t support crystallization; hence hardening is also impossible. However, after opening the bottle, storage will determine whether your corn syrup will start thickening or not.

Whether homemade or commercially made, store your jar of corn syrup in a cool and dry place, which is away from light.

After the expiration date, you’ll notice crystal-like substances, so this is the appropriate moment to discard your jar of corn syrup.

What’s the best way of storing corn syrup?


Since people use corn syrup for some pastries and make sweet junk at home, you have to store it like other syrup types found in the market.

It means you can keep it in your kitchen cabinet or pantry if you have one. Like what you’ll find in most food packaging material, ensure the place is dry and cool, away from contamination.

One reason food goes bad is that after opening, we don’t consider tight sealing. Air is good for life sustenance, but it may bring it toxic molecules when it is mixed with corn syrup.

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What is the Best Way To Freeze Corn Syrup?


Corn syrup, also commonly known as glucose syrup, is made from corn starch. It has several uses, including; preventing sugar crystallization in dishes, adding volume, and softening their texture.

Lately, there has been a craze over frozen corn syrup, a delicious jelly-like snack that has won the heart of many.

Frozen corn syrup is in many ways similar to frozen honey jelly. The two are even made the same way. However, most people are leaning towards frozen corn syrup for several reasons.

For starters, honey has a distinct color and flavor. Therefore, you may not successfully mix it with other flavors or food coloring.


On the other hand, corn syrup has a mild taste and has no color. Therefore, you are free to experiment with as many colors and flavors as you want.

So what is the best way to freeze corn syrup? Freezing corn syrup is relatively easy. All you need is the corn syrup, food coloring of your choice, and a plastic bottle that you can squeeze.

Mix the corn syrup with food coloring and then pour the mixture into the plastic bottle. Place the bottle upside down in your freezer for a few hours or until it hardens.

The corn syrup won’t harden all the way. Instead, it will become jelly-like, the same way frozen honey jelly usually turns out.

What can you experiment with?


As discussed above, corn syrup is quite versatile, and you can mix it with various ingredients. If you don’t have an idea of flavors to try, you can mix it with any of the following ingredients;

  • Edible glitter.
  • Jell-O powder.
  • Honey.
  • Sour candy.
  • Hi-C drink mix.
  • Kool-Aid.
  • Chocolate syrup.
  • Vanilla frosting.

Is frozen corn syrup good for you?

Unfortunately, frozen corn syrup is not a healthy snack. It has a high sugar content, which translates to many calories.

If you choose to make this delicious snack, only consume small quantities at a time.

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