How Long do Potatoes Last?

Potatoes being one of the most common vegetables globally have a ton of health benefits. And it is also the most celebrated since everyone loves French fries.

If you decide to buy potatoes from the grocery store but you store them in your pantry for far too long you just aren’t sure if they are still fresh.

Don’t worry!

One of the questions most asked is how long do cooked potatoes last in the fridge or do potatoes expire?

How long do potatoes last? First, potatoes normally have a shelf life of three to five weeks when uncooked.

Nonetheless, how long they last depend on the sell-by date, how they have been prepared, the type of potato, and the conditions they have been stored in.

But the question still remains when exactly do potatoes go bad after the date of purchase? Below is a table showing the exact length of time the potatoes can last.

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White Potatoes/Irish Potatoes3-5 weeks3-4 months-
Sweet Potatoes3-5 weeks2-3 months-
Cooked Potatoes-5-7 days6-8 months

As we all know all goods have an expiry date depending on the sell-by date and also the storage method.

How long can a potato last? For potatoes, they will have a shorter shelf life if they come into contact with water therefore washing potatoes before storing them in the pantry is not a good idea.

But how do you know if potatoes are spoilt?

  • Discoloration
  • Growths on the skin
  • Flabbiness
  • Growing new white spouts
  • Green spots
  • For mashed potatoes, there will be excess liquid

How to freeze and reheat mashed potatoes


If you notice any of these signs it would be better for you to dispose of the potatoes before it becomes a case of food poisoning.

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Make it a practice to study food hygiene and enjoy your foods before the shelf life had expired and we will find out how long do potatoes last in a cupboard.

But how do you extend the shelf life?

  • The potatoes shouldn’t be stored in a wet place
  • The humidity level should be low
  • There should be no light

The perfect place to store your potatoes at home would be in a bag that restricts light passage or in the cellar or in your pantry where light doesn’t get to but you should ensure proper air circulation.

To avoid the growth of sprouts it would be very beneficial to store your potatoes with a ripe apple with emits a gas that prevents sprout growth.

When you see sprouts groaning on your potatoes it may be a sign that you are losing valuable nutrients but the potatoes can still be consumed.

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As a rule of thumb make sure where you store your potatoes have very low humidity and very little light to prevent sprouts.

Cut potatoes should be kept very far away from the uncut potatoes as they tend to oxidize hence speeding up the spoilage of the uncut potatoes.

But this process can be slowed down by putting the uncut potatoes in a bowl filled with salty water. In the storage of already prepared potatoes, you should use an airtight container to prevent their spoilage.

One more thing, if your potatoes are exposed to water you may need to dry them outside first before storing them.

This is due to their short pantry life you should never store potatoes near onions as this will lead to spoiling the onions and potatoes.

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How long do Sweet Potatoes Last?


Sweet potatoes tend to have an earlier expiration date when cooked.

How long do uncooked sweet potatoes last in the fridge? Freezing may be an option but still, it should be consumed within a week. Irish potatoes should be kept away from moisture and sunlight since it ends up sprouting.

How to properly store potatoes

At times you may want to store your potatoes for longer periods, so I’ve compiled a list on how to make potatoes last longer after storing them for the longest time.

  1. Sort them

After purchase just sort out the good ones from the bad.

Then use the bad ones as soon as possible. How do you know the bad ones? The ones broken or with stains are the bad ones.

  • 2. Store the healthy potatoes in a cool, dry, and dark place.

A good place for this may be the basement or a kitchen cabinet that isn’t used too much. While you’re at it keep in mind that the place should be well ventilated to prevent rotting.

  1. The temperature should be cool and not cold

This is why frozen potatoes lose their taste. The temperature in the freezer is too cold. So when storing them in the cellar or pantry make sure that the temperature is in check.

  1. Check them occasionally

Even with these storage techniques it is not cast on a stone that the potatoes won’t get spoilt.

You should check how long are potatoes good for use after a specified period of time for any signs of spoiling. Such as sprouts, rotting, or when they go green.

Another great option that works wonders is curing them. I know it sounds funny but yes. Potatoes can be cured.

This is what you do… Freeze them at a slightly higher temperature and leave them there for two weeks. Then get them out and dust them and you can go on and follow the instructions above.

I hope this method helps you to know how long potatoes last and to keep your potatoes for longer and even remain fresh.

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Before I go, I have something for the farmers. You may want to know how long potatoes last after you’ve harvested them, right!


While you’re preparing for harvest, you need to reduce the amount of water you give them which will, in turn, end up toughening the skin.

You should also make sure the vines are dead before you dig out the potatoes to ensure the spuds maturing.  The type of potatoes also matters when you want to store them.

Thick-skinned tubers tend to last longer. For storage inside the house, you should consider curing them to make their skin even thicker.

Storing them in a cool dry place and sorting them also apply. A crucial point to remember is to store the potatoes on their own far away from fruits such as apples since they speed up rotting.

With these in mind, I hope your potatoes last longer!


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