Looking for Ways on How to thicken chili? [9 Awesome Ideas For You]

how to thicken chili

Have you ever tried making chili? It is quite an amazing addition to any delicacy if you ask me. What’s more, you can serve it to vegetarians and non-vegetarians too!

So if you are having a party at home and unsure about what to use to spice up your meal, you should try making your homemade chili. But there’s only one problem, how do you make it thicker and still maintain its original tingly taste?

There are various ways you can do it. Especially if you want it to taste like the canned chili’s


This is by either:                


Reducing the amount of water you add to it

Adding vegetables

Adding flour

Adding arrowroots

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How to thicken chili


simmering chili

The best way to simmer is to boil it in order for the excess liquid to evaporate which leaves a richer taste, without losing the original chili taste.

This method works best if you’ve got no extra ingredients in your kitchen. The temperature should be a bit low so that you do not risk burning the chili. Nonetheless, your chili will have a very rich taste.


Next to simmering is the amount of water you add to your chili. This is a very crucial point while you are making stew or soup. Because too much water lessens the taste of the food.

On the bright side though, you can always simmer to reduce the water in your stew or soup. When it comes to chili, the water should always be added step by step to avoid making the chili thin. But in a case where you’ve added too much water, you can always simmer.

By reducing the amount of water you add, the taste is not interfered with. This is also the best option for you in a case where you don’t have any extra ingredients.



In as much as you can simmer or reduce the amount of heat added, floor is also an amazing ingredient to add. When I watch my mom cook fish stew she adds flour to the soup to make it thicker which always works.

For your chili, floor is also an amazing ingredient to add, but you have to get the right floor. There is corn flour which thickens it very quickly.

A point to note, you should NEVER add the floor directly. You mix it in water first in a bowl, then add it to the chili.



Not only is this a very healthy option for you, but trust me it richens the taste in a way nothing else can. The vegetables can either be tomatoes, beans, corn, onions, and pepper.

And you can also add all the vegetables you want to. It absolutely depends on your taste.

But before adding any of the veggies, they should be diced in very small pieces and for the beans, they should be mashed.

Potatoes are also a great option, they’ll not only richen the flavor but also thicken the chili. This is one of the best options of thickening chili or even stews at home.

Check how to make your own chili from the video below


Arrowroot is derived from a number of tropical root tubers. It is an amazing additive since it has no flavor.

So if you are looking for an alternative that will not change the taste of your chili, this would be a great choice.

You’ll not add it directly either, but make a slurry (mixing it with water) then add it to the chili. It’s a great option since it’s healthy and does not interfere with the original ‘chili taste’.


These are food additives that are used to thicken the chili. They reduce the amount of water in your chili making your chili even tastier.


chili ingredients

If you are out to prepare a thick chili and do not want to mess up with its taste, then, you can just add a little bit more of its own ingredients but always remember to add water one step at a time.

You can increase the mashed potatoes you add to it or the tomato puree. This will not only richen its taste but make it thicker too.


We all know the amazing health benefits of oats.

Oats go a long way in absorbing excess water in the chili and better yet it doesn’t get soggy which maintains the original taste of the chili.

Too many oats will not be good for your chili because it will end up making it dry instead of thickening it.



You can use protein powder instead of flour to make your chili carbohydrates free. Mix the protein floor with water to make a slurry then add it to the soup.

There are other ways of thickening it while you serve it, which is even more beneficial to your guests because they’ll get to choose what they love most as a thickener.

You can add crushed tortilla chips, corn chips, crackers, potato flakes, and even grated cheese and crumbled cornbread.

One thing you should remember while simmering is, to keep use very low heat to avoid burning the chili and you should not add too many ingredients either because you risk losing the original taste of the chili.

You can also check out my list of the best canned chili’s here

Whatever option you choose to use in thickening, I hope you enjoy your chili


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