Substitute for Artichoke Hearts

Artichoke hearts are not the type of vegetable that you know by default. They are not famous, and most people do not know how to cook them. Artichokes are not a personal favorite, but I eat them sometimes for health benefits.

There are various ways of cooking artichokes. You can boil, steam, fry them, or eat them raw. I cannot stand to eat raw artichokes, so I either steam or fry them. Even when I use them in a salad, I steam them first.

The Artichoke heart is the innermost part of the thistle bud. The bud is the only part of the thistle plant that is edible. Even so, you can only eat the bud when it is young.


People mostly use artichoke hearts to make salads, eat pizza when baking, or eat with sauce.

Supposing you want to use artichoke hearts and you don’t have them, there are several substitutes that you can use to replace them.

The replacements for artichoke hearts are chayote, Cardone, asparagus, bamboo shoots, broccoli stems, and Brussel sprouts.

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Health Benefits of Artichokes

Artichokes are not a famous vegetable. In addition, some people like me do not find them sweet and only eat them because of their health benefits.

Let us, therefore, look at some of the health benefits of artichokes.

  • They have a ton of nutrients and vitamins. These nutrients include iron, magnesium, and thiamine. The vitamins include vitamin c and b6. These nutrients and vitamins improve your immune system.
  • They have anti-inflammatory properties. They are therefore helpful to people who have arthritis. They ease the pain and swelling.
  • They have antioxidants and luteolin, which help to burn cholesterol. In short, they are perfect for weight loss.
  • They increase bile production. As a result, the bile juice helps remove toxins from the liver, thus keeping the liver healthy.

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Artichoke Hearts Substitutes


Artichoke hearts have numerous health benefits, and when replacing them in a recipe, you need something with equal benefits. Also, something of a close taste.

When you eat raw artichokes, they have a bitter taste. On cooking them, the bitterness fades away, and you are left with a mild nutty flavor that almost tastes like undercooked potatoes.

Whether you want to replace artichoke hearts because you do not like them or simply can’t find them, I will take you through some of the best alternatives you can use. Keep reading to know them.

1. Chayote


Chayote is one of the best substitutes for artichoke hearts because it can be eaten both raw and cooked. When raw, chayote is eaten in salads, or you can snack on it. When using it in cooked dishes, you should avoid overcooking it to prevent losing the nutrients.

Most people are familiar with the chayote fruit. Other than the fruit, you can eat the stems and leaves of the chayote. To eat the branches, you should chop them like potatoes and then cook them. As for the leaves, you can cook them like vegetables.

In this context, we are talking about the chayote fruit as the substitute for artichoke hearts. Chayote has the same texture and crunchiness as artichoke hearts when cooked lightly.

Therefore, you can use chayote if you do not have artichoke hearts for your recipes.

2. Cardone


It is a vegetable that has an almost similar taste to artichoke hearts. It is a vegetable that people harvest from the cardoon plant. You have to be careful when you cook it since it is not consistent. Do not overcook it. 

You can best replace artichoke hearts with Cardone on dishes that require you to cook them for maximum experience.

Supposing you are going for a substitute that has a similar taste to artichokes, cardoons are the best replacements. They are used in many recipes, and you can use them in any recipe that calls for you to use artichoke hearts.

3. Broccoli Stems


Most people throw away broccoli stems when cooking broccoli. What they do not know is, broccoli stems are very nutritious. You can cook them and eat them as a side dish or in salads.

Other than that, broccoli stems are perfect substitutes for artichoke hearts, for they have the same texture as artichoke hearts when cooked.

Broccoli is a widely known vegetable, and people use it often when cooking. They have numerous health benefits since they have vitamins and minerals. The stems are hard to cook, and you should ensure you handle them delicately. They are hard, and you should maybe peel and chop them before cooking.

You can use broccoli stems in all the recipes that require you to use artichoke hearts. You can either boil or steam them. You can also fry them with oil and season them with pepper and garlic.

4. Asparagus


Asparagus is an excellent replacement for artichoke hearts, especially if you are into healthy eating. It is gluten-free and has a low-fat level.

Like many substitutes in this list, you should not overcook asparagus. Its flavor is best when you cook it for a short time.

This substitute is easy to cook. You can steam or fry it with olive oil. You can then season it with your desired spices for a unique taste. Asparagus are vegetables, and you can use them to make salads or complement the main dishes.

They are rich in nutrients and vitamins c and k, a commonality they share with artichoke hearts. This and the fact that they are gluten-free makes them a good replacement for artichoke hearts.

5. Brussel Sprouts


Who doesn’t know Brussel sprouts? They are small green vegetables that are bitter when eaten raw. When you cook them, they have a rich caramelized and sweet flavor.

Brussel sprouts are a perfect substitution for artichoke hearts. They are low in fats and have the same nutritional components as artichoke hearts. Another reason why Brussel sprouts are a good alternative for artichoke hearts is that they have a similar nutty taste.

Brussel sprouts have iron and vitamin c that boost your immunity. You can cook them in different ways. Depending on the dish you are cooking, you can roast, boil, or even fry them. They are good in salads and as a side dish to different recipes.

6. Bamboo Shoots


Whereas artichoke hearts are hard to cook, bamboo shoots are easy to cook. When this can be a perfect reason to substitute artichoke hearts with bamboo shoots, the best explanation is that they taste the same. They also have the same nutrient composition.

You can eat bamboo shoots either raw or cooked. You can use them to prepare salads or eat them as a snack when raw. You can use bamboo shoots as a side dish or complement when cooked. You can also use them to prepare soups or other main dishes.

Bamboo shoots have low calories and a variety of nutrients. Due to this, they are good for your health and will boost your immunity like Artichoke hearts.

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Final Thoughts


Not everyone is a fan of artichoke hearts. It cannot be a wonder if you had never eaten them before and came across them recently. Seeing they are not famous, I do not blame you.

Whether you are looking for artichoke substitutes because you hate them or cannot access them, I got your back.

I have shared some of the best artichoke hearts substitutes. Some taste like artichokes, while others have the same texture and nutrient combination.

After skimming through these alternatives, I hope you have found a few you can use the next time you need artichoke hearts and cannot access them. 

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