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11 More Substitutes for Kirsch: Exciting Ones to Try Out

If you use recipes to make fondue, trifle, clafoutis, Black Forest gateau, or even cocktails, the chances are that you have come across an ingredient called kirsch. Most people use kirsch in recipes for its flavor and alcohol content.

If you don’t want your dish to contain alcohol or don’t like the kirsch flavor, you can use substitutes for kirsch. 

Cherry juice, grape juice, fruit brandy, vodka and cherries, liqueur de Mirabelle, dry white wine, cherry preserve, Kriek Lambic, red wine, champagne, and schnapps are ideal alternatives to kirsch. 

We will discuss these options in detail, but first, let’s educate ourselves about kirsch to know how best to substitute it.

What is Kirsch?


Kirsch is a clear cherry-flavored liqueur that has a mildly bitter undertone. Unlike other liqueurs, it’s flavor is not sweet or syrupy.

One of its distinct characteristics is its cherry aroma. Manufacturers make it by distilling unaged brandy on the fermented juice of black Morello cherries.

When added to dishes or cocktails, it offers a pleasant cherry and almond flavor. Additionally, it has a distinct alcohol flavor. Some people love the alcohol taste, but others don’t.

Most people use it to make Black Forest cake and fondue. Since it is not a versatile ingredient, it is rare in most households.

If you come across a recipe that calls for kirsch and you don’t have it in hand, you can use a different ingredient in its place. Most substitutes will give you similar results.

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The Substitutes

Here are some ideal alternatives for kirsch that will give you good results.

Cherry Juice

Manufacturers make kirsch using a mixture of cherries. Therefore, cherry juice makes for a great alternative.


A similarity is that cherry juice will give you a cherry-like flavor. The only notable difference is that it does not contain a pungent taste. Additionally, it does not have any bitterness to it.

I recommend using cherry juice that does not contain too much sugar. Using cherry juice that is too sweet can potentially interfere with your recipe. Additionally, you should reduce the amount of sugar in your recipe for a balanced flavor. You can use this in desserts and mocktails.

If you don’t like cherry juice flavor, you can opt to use other juice flavors. Raspberry, apple, black currant, and pomegranate juice work well in most recipes.

However, their flavor profile is slightly different from that of cherry juice. Remember that all these recipes do not contain alcohol.

Grape Juice 


Grape juice is another ideal product to use. Manufacturers make it by blending grapes into a liquid. Grape juice contains sugar, so it is commonly used as a sweetener. Note that this substitute does not contain alcohol.

You can use grape juice when making mocktails. You can also use it in pies.

Fruit Brandy

If you are looking for an alcoholic substitute, consider using fruit brandy. There are so many fruit brandy varieties available in the market, including; cherries, peaches, raspberries, pears, and strawberries.

I highly recommend using the strawberries or peaches flavor. Use it in your desserts and other tart recipes.

Fruit brandy won’t give you a flavor similar to kirsch, but your dessert will taste amazing. Therefore, fruit brandy is a decent option.

Vodka and Cherries


A vodka cherries mixture makes for a good choice too.

All you need to do is pour some vodka into a blender, add dried cherries, and then blend until they are completely combined. This substitute is a great option because it is not as expensive as kirsch but gives great results.

I recommend using the vodka cherries mixture in your baking recipes. You can also use it when making cheese fondue.

Vodka and cherries will improve the texture of your dish and also add some alcohol content to it.

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Liqueur de Mirabelle


Liqueur de Mirabelle is a French liqueur that can work great. However, it is relatively pricey. 

All in all, if you have it in stock, you can use it as an alternative. Compared to kirsch, liqueur de Mirabelle is much sweeter since manufacturers use the Mirabelle plum to make it.

I highly recommend using this in Rose cocktails, Black Forest gateau, trifles, and cherries jubilee.

If you can’t get liqueur de Mirabelle, use Grappa instead. It is readily available in liquor stores and makes for a great replacement in cheese fondue.

Dry White Wine


Dry white wine is another option to use.

However, not ideal for use in desserts and baking in general. You can use dry white wine as a kirsch alternative in fondue.

The alcohol content in the wine will improve the fondue’s texture, and the cheese will neutralize the distinct wine flavor.

Cherry Preserve

If you are baking a dessert and don’t want it to contain any alcohol, you can use cherry preserve instead of kirsch. The cherry preserve has an amazing cherry flavor.

Note that the texture of cherry preserve is not the same as that of kirsch. Therefore, you will have to add a little bit of boiling water to the preserve for its consistency to be similar to that of the product.

Cherry preserve works perfectly in baked goods.

Kriek Lambic


Kriek Lambic is a Belgian beer that is cherry-flavored. Manufacturers make it by fermenting the beer with sour cherries.

If Kriek Lambic is not available in your area, you can use any other variation of cherry-flavored beer.

Like white wine, this option should not be used in desserts. However, you can use it in your cheese fondue recipes.

Unlike kirsch, Kriek lambic won’t give you a bitter flavor. Instead, it will give you a somewhat sour flavor with sweet undertones.

Red Wine


Red wine is another good alternative. Most people always have it in stock, waiting for special occasions.

You can use red wine to replace kirsch in most recipes. The results are always amazing, and unlike kirsch, the red wine is not overwhelming. I particularly like using it in my cocktails and desserts.

I recommend using dry red wine, but if you only have sweet red wine, it will work too.



Champagne is a good choice in baking recipes. The fact that it is bubbly should not prevent you from using it.

I recommend using concentrated champagne in baking recipes as it retains its flavor even after the baking process. 

Other than in baking, you can use champagne as an alternative in your cocktails. The champagne bubbles complement most cocktail ingredients.



Unlike the others, it has a relatively high alcohol content (20%). A few schnapps brands have an alcohol content that is higher than 20%.

If you don’t mind the high alcohol content in schnapps, you can use it in recipes that call for kirsch.

Note that there are different flavors of schnapps available in the market. I highly recommend using cherry-flavored schnapps for the best results.

Use this substitute in desserts and cocktails.

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Kirsch is a cherry liqueur that has a distinct flavor. It comes in handy in many baking and cocktail recipes.

If you don’t have it on hand, you may have to substitute it with another ingredient. Luckily, there are several options from which to choose.

The ones we have discussed above work well in most recipes. In some cases, they give better results, e.g., using liqueur de Mirabelle when making Black Forest gateau. The liqueur does not overpower it the same way kirsch does.

Try experimenting with different ones until you find one that works best for you. Keep me posted in the comments below.

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