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Bella Coffee Maker Troubleshooting: Why is My Coffee Maker not Working? (How to Fix it)

We are all working hard to ensure a great future for ourselves and our loved ones. To keep going, we need a fresh cup of brewed coffee. 

Again, for most of us, a fresh cup of coffee is a must-have in the morning to kick start our days. Having a coffee maker in your kitchen saves you a lot of time. The time you would have used to go to a coffee shop on your way to work. 

Having a coffee maker will also save you daily money that you would be used to purchase the coffee. One of the best and the cheapest coffee makers in the market today is the Bella coffee maker. 


This coffee maker is easy to find and works efficiently. Despite that, it sometimes develops problems and works slowly or stops working completely. 

Your Bella coffee maker is not working because of a faulty or broken power cable, mineral deposits that congest the valves, something blocking the water flowage, and the coffee maker being worn out.

Before you deem your coffee useless and throw it away, there are various ways you can use to troubleshoot the coffee maker.

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Bella Coffee Maker 

There are many models to choose from when it comes to coffee makers, so you must be wondering, why the Bella coffee maker? 

This coffee maker looks expensive even though it is not. It is shiny and comes in a variety of colors. 

Bella coffee maker is long-lasting. It has served me since I bought mine, and I have no complaints. 

If you are thinking about buying a new coffee maker, the Bella coffee maker is good. 

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Reasons Why Your Coffee Maker is not Working


Most of us wake up in a mood that is cured by a steaming cup of coffee. It is pretty frustrating then if you try to brew your coffee and realize your coffee maker is not working. 

Various things might have caused your coffee maker to stop working. Keep reading to know why your coffee maker has stopped working. 

1. Broken or Faulty Power Cable

Coffee makers are electric, and the Bella coffee maker is no different. Usually, if you notice it is not working, you should check if you have attached the power cable to the socket. 

Supposing the connection is good, and the coffee maker is still not working, check the power cable itself. 


Since the power cable is insulated, it might be hard to notice if it is faulty. You, therefore, need to do some extra work. 

Connect the power cable to another socket. If it works, you will know that your previous socket has a problem. 

If it does not work, then the cable might have a problem. It might not be apparent if the cable is faulty until you cut it open and see. 

How to Fix Faulty or Damaged Cable

It might be hard to know if the power cable of the Bella coffee maker is faulty or not. As I have mentioned, you will have to test it in another socket first. 

If it is still working, it means that the cable is faulty. You will have to buy a new power cable to troubleshoot this problem, and your coffee maker will start working again. 

2. Mineral Deposits Clogging the Tubes


How often do you deep clean your coffee maker? Like most people, it may take you a couple of months before deep cleaning your coffee maker.

Due to this, your Bella coffee maker will accumulate many mineral deposits in the water. Furthermore, some coffee beans contain some oil deposits that become activated when the beans combine with hot water. 

The combination of the minerals in the water and oil deposits piles up over time. As a result, they will gradually form on the pipes and valves. Finally, they will be too much and will clog the pipes.

The easiest way of diagnosing this problem is when you realize your coffee maker is not pouring coffee. You have done everything, indicating that it is brewing, yet you see no coffee coming out. 

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How to Fix Clogged Tubes


You can only fix clogged tubes by deep cleaning your Bella coffee maker. So, how do you do this? 

To clean your Bella coffee maker, follow these steps;

● Unplug the coffee maker from the power source

● Remove all the removable parts from the coffee maker, such as the carafe, the filter basket, and the lid. Wash them with soap and warm water. Rinse them thoroughly and let them dry. 

● Add 3 cups of vinegar to the reservoir. Use white vinegar, and you can dilute it with water. 

● Let the vinegar rest in the reservoir for like thirty minutes. This will help it to penetrate and unclog any clogged pipes and valves. 

● Run a complete cycle with the vinegar to ensure that declogging is complete. At this point, you can try engaging the self-cleaning command that various Bella coffee makers have.

● Run two or three cycles with clean water to rinse the vinegar. Vinegar has a solid and lingering smell. You have to dilute it before use and rinse it thoroughly. 

● Assemble your coffee maker, and it will be as good as new. 

3. Something is Blocking the Water Flowage.


Sometimes your Bella coffee maker can stop working for a simple reason. If something is blocking the water pipes, the water will not flow; hence there will be no coffee. 

What is big enough to block water from flowing? 

There are two main reasons. 

The mineral deposits we have covered above could completely block the water pipe. This is a likely possibility if you have not cleaned your coffee maker in many months. 

Second, the heating element is not working. If the heating element is faulty, the water will not heat properly or will not heat at all. Due to this, the water will not flow from the reservoir to the spraying gun.

Two factors can cause a faulty heating element. One, it might be worn out due to age. Time is not kind to most electric appliances. With time, they start to wear off. 

It can also become damaged to short-circuiting. This happens when water comes into contact with the wires of the heating element. 

How to Troubleshoot a Blocked Water Pipe


You will have to figure out what is causing the water pipe to block. Is it the accumulation of minerals, or is it a faulty heating element? 

Check whether the light of the heating element is on. If it is off and you have connected the coffee maker to a power source, you know it has a problem. 

Fixing a faulty heating element can prove difficult if you are not a technician; thus, you should avoid it. There are two solutions to this; reach out to a technician or take your coffee maker back to the manufacturer if the warrant is still in effect. 

Supposing the problem is minerals blocking the water pipe, you will have to do a deep clean. Follow the steps I have discussed on the above point. 

4. The Coffee Maker is Worn Out.


It is hard to accept the truth sometimes. There comes a time when your coffee maker will just stop working. 

The explanation will be simple. The coffee maker will be old, and it will just shut down. This process of wearing out will not be sudden, though.

You will start seeing signs. The switch will keep on breaking down. Other times, the heating element will stop working, or the spray gun will shut down. 

You will know that your coffee maker will shut down completely when you see these signs. Make the necessary arrangements to get yourself a new one. 

The solution

There is nothing else you can do if your Bella coffee maker wears out. You will have to replace it.

Maintenance Tips for the Bella Coffee Maker 


It is pretty frustrating when your Bella coffee maker stops working.

Begs the question, are there certain things that you can do to prevent your coffee maker from stopping working? 

Yes! There are various steps you can undertake to maintain your coffee maker. Keep reading to know those maintenance tips. 

1. Clean your Coffee Maker Regularly

As I have already mentioned, there are two types of cleaning a coffee maker; shallow and deep. 

 Wash the removable parts of the coffee maker every few days. Wash them in warm water and soap. Cleaning them will prevent any oil deposits from accumulating. 

After every fortnight, deep clean your Bella coffee maker. Use diluted vinegar and ensure you rinse it thoroughly. Deeply cleaning the coffee maker will prevent brokerages and clogged pipes.

2. Disconnect From Power After Use

One of the major causes of the coffee maker not working is blocked pipes.

Blocked pipes can be a result of the heating element not working. A heating element can stop working if it has short-circuited. 

A power surge can cause short-circuiting. To avoid a faulty heating element, ensure you have disconnected the coffee maker from the power source. You can simply switch off the power. 

3. Address Problems Quickly

If you find an exposed cable in your coffee maker, cover it as soon as you notice it. The same goes for any other damage you see in your coffee maker.

Some damages may seem minute but will become critical if left unattended. 

4. Avoid Using Hard Water

Hard water has a lot of minerals. If you use it regularly to make coffee, it will leave the mineral deposits in the tubes of your coffee maker. As a result, clogging will be inevitable. 

Unless you do not have access to soft water, using hard water should be your last option. In case you use hard water, descale your coffee maker often.

Final Point

Bella coffee makers are some of the top brand brands of coffee makers in the market today. If yours is not working, there must be something wrong with it. 

Before you lose hope with it, try to see if it has any of the issues I discussed above. Supposing it does, you will find the solutions to fixing those problems.  

Some issues might be severe and cannot be fixed. In such cases, get yourself a new Bella coffee maker. All the best. 

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