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What to Take to a Christmas Party

The Christmas season is always a period much anticipated during and throughout the year. For many people, no other period of the year offers as many emotional memories as Christmas does.

The Christmas periods bring together families, the periods are filled with warm love, compassion, caring, and sharing.

As is commonly said, the spirit of Christmas which is the real joy of the season often lies in savoring the special moments with loved ones, and the warmth of sharing and compassion.


One of the ways of spending this festive period is attending Christmas parties. Whether it is an office Christmas party or a family get-together, these parties avail the opportunity to interact, learn and share some good times together.

A Christmas party is an ideal chance to get to know and interact with other members of your family or organization (at work).

Wine, A dish to share, Dessert, Seasonal gifts, Event tickets, Flowers, Kitchen Equipment, and Guest Soaps are some of the most ideal gifts to take to a Christmas party. We will learn more in this article.

Due to busy lives and long distances, it may be difficult to connect and interact with other friends and family throughout the year.


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However, festive holidays like Christmas avail one of the best opportunities to do so. If it’s a work Christmas party, you should highly consider attending as it offers an ideal chance of connecting and interacting with colleagues.

Moreover, some bosses view attendance of such events as a team event; therefore attending would showcase your team player skills.

It can also offer the best chance to get noticed by senior executives at work, which may position you for better things.


At home, attending a Christmas party may solidify familial ties, encouraging and ensuring closeness with other family members.

For both instances, attending the parties will create a chance of enjoying free food and wine, a highlight of many parties.

Whether you are planning to attend a home Christmas party or an office Christmas party, going empty-handed is not a good idea.

The tradition of host and hostess gifts which some may consider outdated is still very important. It is a show of care, love and compassion, and the spirit of Christmas.

There are few joys in life such as gifting a loved one, or a close friend. As you decide on what to bring to a Christmas party, you should first understand the context and the type of party you are attending.

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Factors to Consider When Buying a Christmas Gift.


Always tailor your gift according to the Christmas party you are attending. When you attend a Christmas party hosted by a conservative family, alcoholic products may not be the most appropriate gifts to bring.

Before you attend any party, it is important to try and understand the context of the party.  Where possible, find out about the culture and traditions of the Christmas party hosts that you will be attending.

Bringing a gift to a Christmas party should add to the joy and merry of the season. For instances where it has been difficult to identify what to bring to the Christmas party, you could always ask your host what they would prefer.

Personal Tastes.


For more special and intimate Christmas parties, considering the hosts’ personal tastes is very important.

When you gift your host with a tailored personal item that they love, it sends an important message of caring and this results in stronger friendship bonds.

Some people value items, others love experiences so it is better to discern what the hosts value most. We all have different tastes and preferences and as it is often said, variety is the spice of life.

If possible, always try to bring something which can be stored easily. If you are taking food to the party, it should be something that can be prepared without too much hassle.



In as much as you would want to impress your hosts and hostesses when identifying what to bring to the Christmas party, always stick to your budget as much as possible.

Buying a rare bottle of expensive wine may be impressive, but it may be too costly.

For many party hosts, nobody really expects grandiose, often luxurious, and such expensive gifts. Most times it is often the thought behind the gift that really counts.

Take comfort in the knowledge that showing up, and the virtues of caring and compassion are most important.

In case your budget is tight and you do not have spare funds to bring something to the Christmas party, you could always volunteer your time which is a great gift in itself.

Christmas party preparations can be quite a handful involving a lot of time and effort. You may choose to help in the preparation of meals, helping to clean up, or arrangements and decorations for the party.

These gestures may seem minute and inconsequential, but they are actually very important and will be well appreciated by the hosts of the party.



Dress appropriately, in nice attire, and a neat presentation. As the invited guest, you are one of the most important assets in the party and certainly a gift to the host.

In light of this, try as much as possible to be presentable and appropriately dressed for the occasion.

Practicing simple yet important grooming skills is important. Different cities, families, and cultures have different dress codes that go together with occasions. It would be prudent to find out what to put on to avoid embarrassment.

Proper dressing and grooming are also important, especially if the host intends to take pictures. You certainly don’t want to ruin Christmas party photographs and create the coming year’s memes.

The best things to take to a Christmas Party

Besides yourself (with a warm smile and engaging personality), here are some of the best things to bring to a Christmas party.



A good bottle of wine has and will always be a classic gift. Wine pairs up very well with food, it will be a great gift to the host.

Whether it is intended for serving immediately or for reservation, wine is a good take away all round.

A classic side dish for sharing.


Cooking and eating are a major part of any Christmas party, and there is a high likelihood your host will appreciate some help with cooking.

Bringing a home-made classic side dish will help your close one ease the stresses of hosting the party. i.e.

Barbecue Meatballs, Potato Salad, Broccoli DipGrilled chicken wings and more.



Desserts are some of the highlights of any party, including Christmas parties. Whether it is cakes, pies, cookies, gingerbread, or any sweet treat, desserts are incredible additions to bring to any party.

Always ask your host about their preferred dessert, and they will appreciate it.

Seasonal gifts.


As the Christmas season is largely a season of giving and sharing, when you are invited to one, an appropriate gift such as an ornament, or a holiday décor item would be well appreciated.

More examples; Perfumes, toys for kids, tech gadgets, books, clothes, home décor pieces, and many more.

Tickets to a movie or an event.


The Christmas holidays are some of the best times to enjoy a nice Christmas movie, and your host will certainly appreciate the warm gesture.

Bouquet of flowers in a vase.


Flowers are one of the best décor items for any house, and certainly for Christmas.

Bringing fresh flowers for your host is not only gracious; it is a thoughtful gesture that will certainly be appreciated.

Kitchen Equipment.


Giving out kitchen equipment as gifts is a great way to honor those who love to cook and host people.

Equipment like mixers, blenders, spiralizers, toasters, coffee makers is perfect as kitchen gifts.

Guest Soaps.


Since this period of the year is marked by visits and hosting relatives and friends, toiletries, grooming kits, and exotic soaps will be much appreciated.

This is very thoughtful and helpful too.

A gift for a host or a hostess who is gracious enough to accommodate you for the night should be more than the ordinary Christmas party gift.

More preparations have to be done for your warm stay, including extra laundry, more meals, bedding, as well as cleaning.

You may incorporate items that you will use before, during, and after the party as well as other extra items the host could enjoy later. Some of these may include:

  • A gift card, that will definitely help with the groceries and food expenses
  • A spa card, this could help the guest relax after a strenuous and busy period of preparing and hosting the Christmas party.

If you are short on time and you would like to prepare some nice meals or desserts to bring to a Christmas party, there are some considerations you should take into place.

You can make a delicious pasta bake to share, a recipe that requires minimal effort and very simple ingredients.

Making a good chocolate pie, with Oreo crusts and a few other ingredients is also an appropriate choice of a good dessert.

A key advantage is that many stores are increasingly offering ready-made and frozen foods and desserts.

As much as it is not an obligation, it is always important to bring a gift when you are attending Christmas parties whether at someone’s home or at the workplace.

Whether it is just wine, chocolates, flowers, or even a permanent gift, the hosts of the party will appreciate the warm gestures.

Leaving the holiday stresses and winter issues, when you attend a Christmas party, be ready to kick back, relax, mingle, and enjoy yourself.

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