Creme Fraiche Substitute

Cream Fraiche is a dairy product that is more famous in France than in the united states. Due to this reason, it is a bit expensive in America. 

It is made of cream and butterfat and should have a ph of around 4.5. People use creme fraiche in various recipes like making toppings and in soups. It is also sweet, and you can eat bread with it. 

It has a nutty but sour taste. Because it is expensive and not easy to find in the stores, you might find that you need to use an alternative if the need be. 

I discovered creme fraiche through a friend. She recommended that I try it as a topping when eating a cookie, and I fell in love.

I then incorporated it into some of my recipes, like making soups and desserts. 

If you cannot afford or find creme fraiche, there are various substitutes you can use. They are cream cheese, sour cream, Mexican crema, ricotta, mascarpone, full-fat greek yogurt. 

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What is Creme Fraiche

It is a sour dairy product made from fresh cream and butterfat. It is made in France, and so it is famous here. Furthermore, people use it in various french recipes. 


In America, cream Fraiche is mainly known as fresh cream. It is not as popular here as in France, but you can still get it in some grocery stores. Some of the recipes that might require you to use creme fraiche are making soups to thicken them. 

Creme fraiche is easy to make at home. All you need is heavy cream and butterfat. Mix the two well and pour them into a container or bottle. Keep at room temperature for about nine hours. 

After nine hours, you will have made creme fraiche. It is crucial to note that you should not use it for more than seven days because that is how it will last before it goes bad. 


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Creme Fraiche Substitutes

I will look at the best alternatives to creme fraiche. Some alternatives taste the same as it, but others have a close taste.

When used in the same recipe, other substitutes have the same outcomes as creme fraiche. Keep reading to know more.

1. Cream Cheese


Cream cheese combines cream(and sometimes milk) with lactic acid. It is both creamy and savory and is very common. Most of us use cream cheese in various recipes, and therefore, we already have it in the refrigerator.

 It cannot be drizzled and is not a good fit for topping. However, you can use it in soups and desserts. You have to mix it very well and ensure it melts. 

This cheese is a perfect substitute for creme fraiche, especially if you need it urgently. It is readily available, and it is sweet. That is, it is not as sour as creme fraiche. 

2. Sour Cream


Sour cream is one of the well-known alternatives for creme fraiche. They both have a creamy, tangy, sour taste and a similar flavor. 

This cream combines regular cream and bacteria, resulting in the sour cream. Sour cream is famous in the united states. As a result, you can buy it from practically any grocery store. 

The availability of sour cream and its similar taste to creme fraiche are some of the things that make it a famous substitute for creme fraiche. Most people use sour cream in their recipes. 

You can easily make sour cream in your kitchen if you don’t have any. You need cream and some lactic acid. If you do not have any lactic acid, you can use lemon use. Mix the cream, and the lemon juice, then cover with a cloth for a few hours, and you will have your sour cream. 

3. Mexican Crema


What is Mexican crema? It s a sour and tangy substance similar to sour milk and cooks mainly use it as a flavor in various dishes. It is thicker than sour cream but thinner than cream Fraiche. It tastes like creme fraiche, and therefore, it is an excellent alternative. 

The main difference between creme fraiche and Mexican crema is that Mexican crema is sweeter than creme fraiche. If you wish to use Mexican fraiche as a substitute for creme fraiche, you can best use it in dishes that require small amounts. 

Like any other substitute in this recipe, you can make Mexican crema from scratch. You need thick cream, lemon juice, salt, and buttermilk. 

Mix one cup of cream with two tablespoons of buttermilk. Cover it with a cloth for about a day, then add lime juice and a pinch of salt. 

4. Ricotta


Ricotta is a type of Italian cheese made from literary any kind of milk. It is also known as fine cheese, meaning people derive it from other cheeses’ leftovers.

It has a fine texture, and it is an excellent alternative to creme Fraiche if you have nothing else. 

It has a similar taste to creme fraiche and is cheap. It is available in most grocery stores, and if you do not creme Fraiche, you can use it. 

5. Mascarpone

Mascarpone is a cheese that main components are lemon juice and heavy cream. As a result, this cheese has a sour and tangy taste, just like creme fraiche. 


It is a perfect substitute for creme Fraiche because they have a similar, and so if you are looking for a replacement that will not alter the taste of your recipe, it is a good alternative. It is readily available in many grocery stores, and it is cheap. 

All the same, you can easily make mascarpone at home. You need thick cream and lemon juice. Heat the thick cream in a pan, and then add the lemon juice.

Mix well for a while until you get a thick combination. Coll the mixture and drain excess water. Please put it in a refrigerator to use severally. 

6. Full-fat Greek Yogurt


Full-fat Greek yogurt is another excellent alternative to creme fraiche. It might have a lower fat content than creme fraiche, which is healthier. When you use it, you can substitute it in the ratio of one is to one. 

This yogurt is sour and sweet, and the taste is different from that of creme fraiche. It is perfect to use in recipes that require both sweetness and a little bit of sourness. 

It is good to use in various recipes and is available almost everywhere. 

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Bottom Line


Creme fraiche is sweet in a tangy and sour way. I love it, and I find myself using it a lot. I eat it raw sometimes because it is a delicacy. 

If you are trying out a recipe that requires you to use creme Fraiche and don’t have it, you can use the alternatives I discussed above. 

Most of them are easy to find and taste, just like creme Fraiche. You can also make most of them from scratch at home. You should consider trying each one of them and see what you love. Cheers!

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