Top 7 Cottage Cheese Alternatives You will Love

Cottage Cheese is an amazing dairy product that I can’t imagine living without. Whenever I am shopping for cheese, the cottage never misses on my list.

That is how much I love it.  Cottage cheese is quite versatile because it works great as a topping as well as in dishes.

It is the go-to cheese for anyone trying to eat healthy because it has low-fat content and high protein content. It is also packed with lots of other nutrients. Incorporating cottage cheese into my diet is one of the best decisions I have ever made.


I have never looked back.

What happens when you run out of cottage cheese? Luckily for you, there are several alternatives.

The top seven cottage cheese alternatives are; egg whites, ricotta cheese, Greek yogurt, Fromage Blanc, tofu, kefir, and beans & chickpeas. These alternatives will have people thinking that you used cottage cheese in your dish when you really didn’t. The similarity in flavor and texture is so much, that you will be impressed.

Before we get into the details of these amazing alternatives, let’s educate ourselves a little bit on cottage cheese.

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Unlike most cheese, cottage cheese has a curd-like appearance. Most people believe that it is never fresh, which is not true because that is just its natural appearance.

The reason why cottage cheese has that appearance is that it is drained and not pressed like other cheese.

For this reason, the curds remain loose hence their appearance. Unlike other cheese, cottage cheese does not go through the aging process. It is sold fresh.


Cottage cheese is also quite affordable compared to other types of cheese. This makes it quite popular. It is a great addition to several dishes and desserts alike.

To make cottage cheese, most companies use pasteurized cow’s milk. However, cottage cheese can also be derived from non-fat milk, regular milk, and reduced-fat milk.

You can buy cottage cheese in various forms including; whipped, creamed, sodium-free, lactose-free, and reduced sodium.

Cottage cheese has a mild flavor and creamy texture which makes it a favorite of many, I included.  It is also the go-to cheese for anyone trying to lose weight or when you are trying to reduce your fat intake.

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Cottage Cheese Alternatives

I remember this one time I really wanted to make pasta that has cottage cheese in it.

I normally buy cottage cheese in bulk, but for some reason, I did not notice when I ran out. At the time, I felt way too lazy to rush to the grocery store to get some, so I started researching the best cottage cheese alternative.

The internet is such a gem! I got so many interesting suggestions that I am more than happy to share with you. I have personally tried most of these cottage cheese alternatives and I can comfortably say that you may not even notice the difference.

Here are the top 7 cottage cheese alternatives. It is important to note that you need to know the goal of adding cottage cheese to your dish or salad in order to choose the best alternatives.

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  1. Egg Whites

As weird as it sounds, egg whites are actually a great alternative to cottage cheese. Cottage cheese and egg whites have a surprisingly similar texture.

Most people prefer to use egg whites because they are readily available. If you are like me, you always have eggs stored somewhere in your kitchen. For this reason, egg whites have always been my go-to alternative when I have run out of cottage cheese.

I use egg whites as a substitute whenever I am on a high protein diet. Egg whites are also highly recommended if you are trying to lose weight.

I particularly love how easy it is to use them in my dishes. Separating the egg white from the yolk used to give me a difficult time but now I can proudly say it is no longer an issue.

Egg whites are definitely healthy because they are rich in vitamins, proteins, and potassium.

  1. Ricotta Cheese

If you are looking for a cheese that is similar to cottage cheese, then you need to try using ricotta cheese as an alternative. Ricotta cheese has a flavor similar to that of cottage cheese. Its texture can also easily be mistaken for that of cottage cheese.

Ricotta cheese is arguably the best substitute for cottage cheese. However, you need to be careful not to use too much of it because it is not as mild as cottage cheese. Using too much of it will give your dish an overwhelming flavor which is never welcome, at least in my home.

Substitute one cup of cottage cheese with half a cup of ricotta cheese for the best results.

Ricotta cheese is also creamier compared to cottage cheese. I love my cheese creamy, so ricotta cheese is definitely one of my top three alternatives to cottage cheese.

Ricotta cheese is a great alternative if you’re making lasagna or even pies. The only deal-breaker with ricotta cheese is that it has a higher fat content compared to cottage cheese.

  1. Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is yet another amazing cottage cheese alternative. I recommend using Greek yogurt in dishes that require you to use fresh cottage cheese, especially deserts. Greek yogurt also blends in perfectly in fruit bowls.

For obvious reasons, Greek yogurt is quite creamy so remember to keep that in mind when using it as a substitute. Substitute one cup of cottage cheese with ¾ cup of Greek yogurt.

I particularly love Greek yogurt because it has several health benefits. It also has a mild flavor similar to that of cottage cheese, so it probably won’t overpower your dish.

  1. Fromage Blanc

Who doesn’t love Fromage Blanc? This succulent cheese is simply irresistible. Loosely translated, Fromage blanc simply means white cheese.

Although it is taken through a thorough purification process, its flavor is quite similar to that of cottage cheese. It is creamy and it has a yogurt-like taste that is just amazing.

Fromage Blanc is a great alternative for cottage cheese especially when you are making deserts. It is also a great topping for salads and the like as it adds that badly wanted creamy texture.

Just like cottage cheese, Fromage blanc has a high protein content and very low-fat content which makes it ideal for anyone trying to lose weight or anyone on a high protein diet.

If you are halfway through your recipe and you notice that you ran out of cottage cheese, Fromage blanc is the next best option. It blends in perfectly with other spices.

The only deal-breaker with Fromage blanc is that it is a bit expensive compared to other kinds of cheese, but I promise you, it is worth every cent.

  1. Tofu

Some people call tofu bean curd and it is manufactured using soy milk. There are different kinds of tofu in the market. Some are mild and others, not so much.

Tofu is a great alternative to cottage cheese. Most vegans actually substitute cottage cheese with tofu. 

When substituting cottage cheese with tofu, go for the mild tofu. You will also need to mash the tofu in order to achieve a consistency similar to that of cottage cheese.

The flavor of Tofu is a bit different compared to that of cottage cheese. If you do not like the flavor of tofu then go for the other alternatives, but if you like tofu then you should try using it as an alternative for cottage cheese.

  1. Kefir

Kefir is basically fermented milk made from Kefir grains. You can make your own kefir at home by mixing goat, sheep, or cow’s milk with Kefir grains.

Kefir’s consistency and texture are almost the same as that of cottage cheese which makes it a great alternative.

As an alternative, Kefir is best for dishes that do not require you to use heat because typically, you cannot cook Kefir.

If you are not a fan of cheese, try Kefir. It may just be what you have been looking for.

  1. Beans & Chickpeas

As weird as this sounds, bens and chickpeas are actually a great alternative to cottage cheese. Simply make a puree of your chickpeas and beans and add it to your pasta or ravioli.

However, it is important to note that chickpeas and beans are not a great alternative when making desserts. The two also don’t have a high protein content compared to the other alternatives.

All in all, beans and chickpeas are great alternatives for vegetarians.


You may want to substitute cottage cheese for various reasons. Maybe you ran out of cottage cheese, or you don’t like cottage cheese, or you just want to experiment with something else.

Whatever the reason, I am pretty sure you have one of these alternatives that we have discussed.  The substitutes may not be 100% similar to cottage cheese, but most of them come pretty close.

Try using these top 7 cottage cheese alternatives and let me know how your dishes town out.

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