Creole Mustard Substitute

Not long ago, I was at a restaurant with a friend. As I was pondering what to order, she suggested that I try the fried chicken with this sauce that she had discovered. That was the first time I tasted Creole mustard. 

After a few days, I decided to try and remake that delicious sauce. I went to the grocery store to buy creole mustard, but I realized it was harder to find than I expected. 

As a result, I wondered if there were any ingredients that I could use in place of creole mustard. I love a challenge, and so I started doing research. Hence the development of this article. 

Supposing you are also looking for creole mustard substitutes, you have come to the right place. They are homemade creole mustard, dijon mustard, beer mustard, hot mustard, whole grain mustard, and grainy Creole mustard.

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What is Creole Mustard?

Creole mustard is an ingredient that mostly compliments dishes, and it is common in Louisiana and New Orleans. This fact does not mean that you can not find it in other states. It means that it is primarily found in the southern side of the United States, but you can also find it elsewhere. 

 This mustard is made from brown mustard, vinegar, and different species. These ingredients are ground, mixed thoroughly, and then packed for sale. 


I know you might not have heard about creole mustard before( or you may have). Because of that, I will tell you where you can use creole mustard. 

This condiment compliments different types of meat, sandwiches, and chips. You can mix it with mayonnaise to make a delicious sauce, make salads and vegetables, and use it in baking. 

Although creole mustard is not famous in most parts of the US, you can still get it in some stores. If you do not find it, you can even make yours from scratch and use it as a substitute. 

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Creole Mustard Alternatives

Creole mustard can be hard to find, especially if you are not from Louisiana or New Orleans.

Not to worry, though, because I have the perfect substitutes you can use if you cannot find them. Please keep reading to know them. 

1. Homemade Creole Mustard


Maybe you tasted creole mustard somewhere, and you can’t seem to find it anywhere. What do you do? You can buy a few ingredients and come up with the creole mustard yourself. 

Homemade creole mustard will work perfectly in your recipe if you are impatient and do not have a lot of ingredients. To make this creole mustard, you need a few tablespoons of dijon mustard, a spicy ingredient like hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce. 

Mix all these ingredients thoroughly to ensure each scoop has the same taste. 

Dijon mustard is widely available, and so are the other items. If you are in a hurry, you can go for these items, and you will have homemade creole mustard. It might not be precisely like the creole mustard in the stores, but it is close enough, and you can use it when you run out of creole mustard. 

2. Dijon Mustard


Dijon mustard is the most famous creole mustard substitute. It is widely available. Hence you can use it if you have no creole mustard. 

Personally, dijon mustard does not taste quite the same as creole mustard, and I find the taste and texture quite distant. Although the flavor might be the same at the base, dijon mustard lacks the spiciness or creole mustard. 

Due to its availability, however, a lot of people use it. If you decide to use dijon mustard, I recommend using other spices to make the flavor more profound. 

You can use Dijon mustard in all the ways you use creole mustard. It is sold in squeeze bottles and jars in all stores. It has a pale yellow color and is creamy, so you cannot miss it. 

Most people consider dijon mustard to be vegan. It is also gluten-free. On the vegan part, you should be careful if you are vegan because some of the wine used to make it has animal-based agents. 

3. Beer Mustard


As the name suggests, beer mustard is a combination of mustard and flat beer. First, you should grind the mustard roughly before mixing it with the beer. 

What is flat beer? It is simply beer that has not yet been carbonated. It is flat and does not have bubbles or sound when you open it. 

The good thing about beer mustard is that you can make it from scratch in the comfort of your home. You need mustard seeds, a flat beer(mostly ale), water, honey, and spices. 

Soak the mustard seeds in water and then add the flat beer. The mustard seeds react with the beer, and they become softer, allowing you to grind them into a thick paste. The reaction produces an enzyme that gives beer mustard its distinct taste. 

You can then add honey and spices. As for the spices, you can be creative and use any herbs you like. You now have beer mustard, and you can use it in any place that requires you to use creole mustard. 

4. Hot Mustard


Mainly, people use hot mustard in Chinese dishes. You can buy it from the store or make it for yourself. It would help if you had ground mustard, water, and vegetable oil to make hot mustard. 

Mix the ground mustard with water. The mustard will react with water to produce a spicy flavor. Hot mustard is an excellent creole mustard substitute because they are both spicy. 

Hot mustard is spicier than creole mustard. When you use it as a substitute, you need to use vegetable oil to curb the spiciness. 

The texture and flavor of hot mustard are almost identical to those of creole mustard. These are some reasons hot mustard is a perfect alternative to creole mustard. Plus the fact that it is widely available. 

You can use hot mustard to dip your pizza, eat fries, make soups, etc. You are limited b your creativity in this case. 

5. Whole Grain Mustard


In most cases, people make creole mustard from ground mustard. Supposing you want a more grainer alternative, whole grain is the best option. 

Whole grain mustard combines whole seeds of mustard and coarsely ground mustard seeds. This combination of mustard has a rough texture and is excellent, especially when using it for topping. 

It is not as spicy as creole, but you can add hot sauce if you want that spiciness. 

Another wonderful thing about the whole grain mustard is you can make it at home. It would be best if you had a bunch of yellow mustards and brown mustard seeds.

You also need white wine and some vinegar. The measurements will depend on the amount of whole grain mustard you need. 

Grind some mustard seeds and then combine them with the remaining whole grains. Add wine and vinegar, then cover the mixture. Let the mixture rest for 48 hours before use. 

6. Grainy Creole Mustard


Grainy creole mustard is better and more authentic than simple homemade creole mustard. It has more ingredients incorporated to perfect the taste.

This mustard will taste more like the creole mustard you tasted in that restaurant or bought in the grocery store.

You need ground mustard, white wine, garlic, ground cloves, salt, celery seeds, allspice, and nutmeg to make this mustard.

Bring all the ingredients to a boil and then cover them for about two hours. After that, add the ground mustard and let it rest for like fifteen minutes. If you have vinegar, add it and mix thoroughly. Cover the mixture for some time before use. 

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Bottom Line


I am glad you are still with me to this point. If you did not know what creole mustard is, now you know. If you knew what creole mustard is and was looking to understand what you could use in its place, you also know. 

Creole mustard is not widely known in most states, so getting it might be a hustle. Maybe you have come across a recipe requiring you to use creole mustard, and you don’t have it, or you want it because you tasted it somewhere, and you loved it. Whatever the case, I have covered the best substitutes you can use if you don’t have creole mustard. 

Now that you have gone through them, you know what to use. Most of these substitutes you can make from scratch at the comfort of your home. The ingredients you are supposed to use are common, and you can easily find them. 

I wish you nothing but yumminess as you try them out. Cheers!

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