Does Cake Mix Go Bad?

Who doesn’t love cake? I would say a piece of cake brings out the right attitude. If you don’t have a dessert after an occasion, whipping up a last-minute batter cake for celebration is quite simple.

Whether store-bought or homemade, cake mix comes in handy whenever necessary.

I love having cake mix around since I’m an ardent host. From time to time, I’ll have people around, and a slice of cake always brings that needed mood in the room.

Does cake mix go bad?


Like any other processed food in the pantry or kitchen shelf, the cake mix will expire after some time. Powdered shortening in the mixture becomes rancid when it stays past the expected date. Leaving cake mix in a humid or moist area brings the possibility of mold growth.

Mostly, when visiting friends and family, I have this belief of bringing a freshly baked cake along.

Did you know that you could make a cake mix from scratch in the comfort of your kitchen?

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The thing with a homemade cake mix is how it’s easy to monitor every little detail of the available ingredients. Are you watching your calorie intake, or do you have a sweet tooth, and love going the extra mile with sweetness.

Yes, with a few ingredients like baking flour, granulated sugar, cocoa powder, baking soda, baking powder, and some kosher salt, you will have the freshest cake mix. After that, whip with the wet ingredients, and voila! You can cook the batter.

Cake mixes also offer a myriad of flavors depending on one’s needs. From gluten, sugar-free, strawberry, and vanilla flavor to seasonal flavor, there’s always something for everyone.

Do you want and pina colada or chocolate cake? Get your pineapple, crush it then add to your batter. For the chocolate bit of it, unsweetened cocoa will come in handy.

Why not get out that box of cake mix and bake to your family’s stomach.

What’s the Shelf Life Of Cake Mix?


Processed cake mix will stay longer than homemade ones because of the chemical process it undergoes during manufacture.

A homemade cake mix can stay in the pantry for at least one month, but it’s best to prepare the one you can use in one baking.

To ensure the cake mix lasts for a long time, transfer it to an airtight jar after opening the packaging box.

Once you buy the cake mix, store it in a cool and dry area. At room temperature, a box of cake mix can last up to one year.


Cold and dark cupboards will help the cake mix to stay for a long time. In case you’re in doubt after the expiration date, add in a little bit of baking powder.

Cake mixes will always come with a use-by date, which could be from 12 to 18 months. Best, by time, doesn’t mean the date of expiration.

The best way to confirm if the cake mix is still right for baking is tracing out any presence of molds, hardening, or change in color and texture.

If there is no sign of spoilage, it is still safe to use as long as it was well stored. A dry mix can stay for another four months.

What’s The Best Way To Store Cake Mix.

blankThe boxed cake mix is the best because it is incredibly convenient since it mixes well. To use the packaged cake for long, place it in a cool and dry place.

In case you’ve opened the pack, transfer the ingredients into an airtight bag and store, in the same way, you would an unopened box.

In the case of homemade cake mix, pour the remaining mix in airtight containers and store it in a dry, cool, and dark place. Sunlight and moisture play a big part in the spoilage of food items.

The pantry should be the best place to store the cake mix. Also, ensure the temperature remains constant until you’re ready to use your cake mix again.

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How to tell your cake mix is spoilt.


Cake mix is a dried agent used with wet ingredients before getting the final product.

This, at least, makes it different from most products that go bad quickly. When stored well in a dry and cool place, the cake mix can go for years without altering the color or taste.

However, if you are not sure whether to use a cake mix, you can look out for the following:

  1. A peculiar smell: Cake mix has a unique taste, so distinguishing any off the scent is quite easy. A bad smell means it’s time to bin the contents of the box.
  2. Change in color or presence of molds: Failure to seal cake mix package tightly can pave the way for moisture, which leads to the growth of mold. A difference in color also means it is time to throw away the cake mix.

A nicely smelling mix that’s dry means it safe to bake a consumable cake. The worst that can happen with an overstayed mix is flopping of the cake.

Cake mix that stays for an extended period loses the baking soda and baking powder intended for raising the flour while baking. However, after making the cake and it doesn’t come out nicely, you can throw it away.

Can you bake with cake mix after it goes bad?


Unless there’s a change in color or growth of molds, it’s safe to use the cake mix in your pantry past the expiration date.

Well sealed box of cake mix doesn’t bring any danger regarding food poisoning. The only downside of baking using cake mix has stayed in the kitchen pantry for long is that the cake may not rise to the expected size.

To solve this, add at least one teaspoon of baking powder to the batter before baking, and you can enjoy your cake.

Although you can also save yourself the time for doubt regarding using expired cake mix, most cake mix found in grocery stores come at pocket-friendly prices, you can always discard the old box and get yourself a new one.

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Can You Freeze Cake Mix?


Cake mix is a processed and dried ingredient that can stay in the cupboard of the kitchen pantry for up to one year. Freezing cake mix isn’t necessary because of its powder form.

Is there any way to fix expired cake mix?

The process of cake mix-manufacturing has changed over the years. Most cake mixes in grocery stores can last up to a year from the date of expiry.

If you’re not sure about the use-by date or date of expiry, check the box. Add a teaspoon of baking powder to help the cake rise and provide that explosion in the mouth.

If you forget and the cake comes flat, slice it into a thin layer, and you’ll still get some pleasant taste, although not as fresh as that of an unexpired cake mix.

Another way to make the cake mix a little better is by adding in some eggs. It will come out dense, but it would be edible.

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Why does cake mix expire after some time?


Some ingredients in the cake like the leavening may not work anymore after the expiry date. However, a package that has been carefully stored away from sunlight and moisture can still make a cake.

When it comes to the use by and best before dates, the best before is on the pack is for quality control. The use by date shows that the product can be harmful after a certain period.

The leavening in the cake mix consists of baking powder or bicarbonate and acid. The dry agents don’t react until after adding liquid, which puffs up the cake batter.  When left in the pantry for more than the needed time, it slows the batter reaction.

When you use the cake mix, the result is an edible deflated cake. The slow processing of ingredients in a cake mix after a long time means it’s expired. When you notice anything off, chuck the contents of your box.

Can you make a cake mix at home?


Making cake mix from home is a simple process as you have most of the ingredients readily available.

Furthermore, you won’t worry about the nutritional value it provides, as you can count the calories from each available ingredient that you use.

For any baker or a person who loves cooking, it’s evident that what you cook from scratch brings out the world’s taste.

Benefits of homemade cake mix.

  • It’s cost-effective because all ingredients are already available
  • You can watch out for calorie intake because it’s nutritional
  • It’s healthy because no harmful additives in the ingredients
  • Convenience in that the homemade cake mixes will taste the like that bought in the store if you follow all provided steps without alteration.
  • Healthfulness and tastiness, there is not a lot of sugar. They also provide that buttery and an avalanche of the vibrant explosion in your mouth.

On the debate about cake mix from the store or homemade cake mix, the event also determines one preference.

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