How To Eat Hummus

When I think of my favorite dip, hummus is what comes to mind. Of course, I love guacamole and ranch, but they don’t give me as many options as hummus does.

Grocery stores now have a variety of flavors when it comes to hummus. We now have more options than we did back in the day. You can even make your own hummus at

My kids particularly enjoy hummus so had to go out of my way to find new and exciting ways of enjoying hummus. Eating hummus with carrot sticks and pita is great, but let’s face it, it can get a bit boring, especially for the kids.


You can eat hummus as a bread spread, as a chip dip, it can be used in place of mayonnaise, as an addition to vegetables, and many more ways we will find out in this article.

I have a list of the many different ways I eat hummus and I am more than happy to share them with you. You can experiment with the flavors to decide what flavor goes with what best.

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Here is how I enjoy my hummus.

  1. As a spread on bread

I am not a great fan of bread but it is a different case when I spread hummus on it. The taste is amazing and I love it, so does my family.

Two slices of bread spread with hummus and a cup of black coffee are all I need to conquer the day.

  1. Replacing mayonnaise or mustard with hummus

I replace mayonnaise with hummus while making anything from sandwiches to deviled eggs. The chicken sandwich with hummus is my favorite.

Hummus is rich in protein and it has a lot of health benefits. Some people even argue that it aids in weight loss. Therefore, hummus is the perfect substitute for mayonnaise and mustard

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  1. Using hummus as a chip dip

Hummus is my favorite dip, so once in a while, I use it as a chip dip. It gives the chips an amazing flavor that I would not trade for anything else.

If you haven’t tried this yet, I suggest you do it. You will wonder why you haven’t been using hummus as a chip dip all along.

  1. Making mashed potatoes with hummus

Mashed potatoes always taste better when mashed with a little bit of hummus. I use hummus instead of cream and my end result is usually creamy and delicious mashed potatoes.

These flavorful mashed potatoes are the perfect comfort food. I absolutely love it.

  1. Deviled eggs

Instead of using mayonnaise to make deviled eggs, I use hummus. Hummus is a healthy alternative and for some reason, the deviled eggs taste even better.

The first time I made deviled eggs with hummus, my kids loved them so much that I have never gone back to making them the way I used to.

Using hummus is a fun twist to the classic deviled eggs. They are quite easy to make and as long as the hummus blends with the yolk, you have yourself the perfect deviled eggs.

  1. Adding hummus to vegetables

For some reason, I have always had a problem eating my vegetables, right from when I was young.

Finding a way of enjoying vegetables has always been a goal of mine since I am trying to eat healthily and keep fit. I realized that adding hummus to vegetables like broccoli, cucumbers, and carrots do the trick.

I now eat more vegetables thanks to hummus.

  1. Making fish topped with hummus

Fish topped with hummus is a meal to die for.

It is super delicious and quite filling. Preparing it is super easy and you only need a few ingredients.

I serve this fish for dinner once in a while and my family loves it.

  1. Eating hummus with falafel

The falafel and hummus combination is a match made in heaven. I make my own falafel by baking.

Alternatively, you can make it by deep-frying. I prefer baking because it is never as messy as deep frying. However, most people claim that deep-fried falafel tastes better. When I am in a good mood I make sweet potato falafel.  Its flavor is amazing.

If you haven’t tried it you are missing out.

  1. Using hummus to make salad dressing

You can never eat too much hummus.

Hummus makes for a healthy salad dressing that is rich in protein.

I blend my hummus with paprika, lemon juice, and olive oil to get the perfect flavor. I would choose this salad dressing over any other store-bought dressing any day.

  1. Eating hummus by the spoonful

Yes, I eat hummus by the spoonful all the time and I enjoy it. Don’t judge me. I’m pretty sure I am not the only one who does this.

I know we have this mindset that we ought to combine hummus with something else for it to taste good but that’s not the case.

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Those are the 10 ways I enjoy my hummus. Hopefully, you’ll get out of your comfort zone and start enjoying hummus with other things other than carrot sticks.

It would be a shame not to use this spread more often considering its versatile flavor.

What goes with hummus for dinner?


I recommend having hummus for dinner any day because it is rich in protein and fiber. However, you will have to put in some extra effort for it to feel like a real meal that is filling and enjoyed by everyone.

For dinner, this is how I eat hummus.

Roasted veggies

Nothing tastes better than spiced roasted veggies served on a bed of hummus. The crispy oven-roasted vegetables combined with flavorful hummus make for a delightful meal. This is one of the few ways I can honestly enjoy eating veggies. You should try it.


Hummus is one of the healthiest salad dressings to ever exist. You can use it on any type of salad.

Salads that have hummus as the salad dressing makes for a delicious dinner.

Spiced meat


Spiced meat tastes delicious on a bed of hummus. The best thing about hummus is that it goes well with any kind of meat, be it beef, lamb, chicken, pork, or turkey.

The amazing taste is constant regardless of the meat you use.


The combination of creamy hummus and beans is delightful.  I make this dish a lot because it is very filling which makes it perfect for dinner.

The creamy hummus gives the beans more flavor. I usually serve it with either white or brown rice for dinner.


What to eat with hummus vegan

Vegans love hummus. It is one of the most bought snacks in their grocery stores.

Hummus is great for vegans because it is quite versatile and it gives them several options in making wholesome vegan meals.

Here are a few vegan meals you can eat or prepare with hummus.

Chickpea pasta

Chickpea pasta is a vegan meal you can make by mixing pasta with hummus and tomato sauce. This delicious filling meal is great for both lunch and dinner


Red cabbage slaw with black garlic dressing

This vegan snack is easy to prepare and it tastes amazing thanks to the mellow flavor of hummus. You only need a few ingredients to whip it up.

The hummus makes everything taste better than it normally would.

Exotic salad bowl


Vegan salad can get boring, but any salad that has some hummus in it always tastes amazing.

Just use the normal ingredients you use to make the salad and then dress it with a generous amount of hummus.

This salad bowl will always be your go-to vegan meal.

What to eat with hummus besides pita


There are several things that you can eat with hummus besides pita. The creamy goodness of hummus can be enjoyed with a variety of food items.

Here are a few things I eat with hummus besides pita.

Sweet potato chips

Sweet potato chips taste amazing with hummus. I use hummus as a dip for the chips.

Fried asparagus

I sprinkle some hummus and paprika on fried asparagus to enjoy the amazing flavor of hummus. This is the perfect vegetarian snack.

Shaved radishes

Hummus is a great dip for shaved radishes.

Crispy endives

Endives braised with hummus taste way better than when they are plainly cooked. My family particularly enjoys them because they are so delicious.

Replacing my tomato sauce with hummus on my Greek pizza

I replaced tomato sauce with hummus while making Greek pizza and I have never looked back. The taste is heavenly.

What chips to eat with hummus


Chips are one of the few things you can just dip in hummus and totally enjoy. I like thinking out of the box when it comes to chips and hummus.

Pita chips and tortilla chips come in various flavors. All flavors tend to go well with hummus. I use plain tortilla chips a lot just so that I taste the flavor of the hummus more.

Pita crisps, on the other hand, go well with hummus in any favor. If you want something simple just go for your classic potato chip.

Once in a while I eat black bean chips dipped in hummus. The taste of hummus on black bean chips is just out of this world. They are definitely my favorite chips to eat with hummus.

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