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I am a huge fan of syrup. I use it when eating pancakes, waffles, and bread, and when I am feeling motivated, I drizzle some on my French fries.

Before you come for me, that is the beauty of life. You can eat anything with anything, as long as your body is not complaining.

I have taken plum extract on multiple occasions, and it is delightful. It has a slightly tangy taste. I used it in a recipe to get rid of the vinegar odor because as much as I love vinegar, I do not like the way it smells.


It might prove problematic to come along with plum extract. For that reason, you might be on the lookout for plum extract substitutes.

They are duck sauce, peanut butter with soy sauce, plum jam with ginger, molasses with BBQ, garlic teriyaki, and black beans with plums.

What is a Plum Extract?

The plum extract is a famous Korean syrup. To make this extract, people use green plums. They then marinade the plums with either sugar or honey for a couple of months to develop the plum extract.

This syrup is typical in Korea, and most Koreans use it in various dishes. These dishes include teriyaki chicken and fish roe rice. They also use it to make plum tea.


As much as this extract is famous in Korea, it is not much available in the US and other parts of the world. I do not mean you can’t get plum extract in the United States. I mean that it is not as readily available here as it is in Korea.

Plum syrup is best kept under cool and dry conditions. It is not good to refrigerate it, for it will lose its taste. If you store it well, the syrup will serve you for a long time without going bad.

Like most syrups, you can use the plum extract topping for pancakes, desserts, or even salad. You can also use it as a tea sweetener. Then again, you can use this extract however you want. Your only limitation is your imagination.

The Substitutes

There are several reasons why you might want to substitute plum extract. Maybe you do not like its flavor and texture or cannot find or afford it.

Whatever the reasons, you are in luck. I am going to cover the six best plum extract substitutes. Please keep reading to know them.

1. Peanut Butter with Soy Sauce


Most of us have peanut butter in our kitchens. Peanut butter is used in several recipes and as a spread for bread. If you are an adamant cook, I know you have soy sauce in your house.

Peanut butter and soy sauce availability make this alternative to plum extract perfect. The combination of soy sauce and peanut butter yields a sweet paste that can be used in various recipes that would have otherwise required you to use plum extract.

This is an excellent option if you want to replace plum extract because it is too sweet. The paste is mildly sweet; thus, it will suit you.

To use soy sauce and peanut butter as a plum extract substitute, mix the two in a one- to one ratio. Supposing you do not have a problem with sweetness, you can add sugar or honey to the mixture.

2. Duck Sauce


Duck sauce is one of the best plum extract substitutes in texture and flavor. It even has the same color as a plum extract on most occasions, and the sweetness matches that of plum extract.

This sauce is well-known, especially among Chinese food fanatics. Most of us love Chinese dishes and often treat ourselves to them. So, if you have ever eaten a Chinese dish, maybe you have tasted duck sauce. Several people even confuse duck sauce with plum extract.

Duck sauce is also more available than plum extract despite sharing the same texture and flavor as the plum extract. You can quickly get it in the grocery stores or order it online.

Now, you can use duck sauce in all the ways you use plum extract. In your meat recipes, as a topping and a sweetener. Seeing that these two have almost equal amounts of sweetness, ensure your substitution is in the ratio of one.

3. Plum Jam with Ginger


You know I always got your back. There is no way I will talk about plum extract alternatives without talking about a substitute that you can make for yourself.

Plum jam is a common sweetener. If you do not have it in your kitchen, you can quickly get it in the grocery store. It is cheap and widely available.

As for ginger, I bet you already have it. It is an essential ingredient in the kitchen. Again, suppose you do not have it; you can easily buy it or use ginger powder.

Plum jam is already sweet, and I know you wonder why we need ginger. Ginger is for adding that tangy flavor, so your substitute will have a close taste to that of plum extract.

Grate some ginger roots on the plum jam to make this alternative from scratch. Mix the two well, and you have your substitute.

4. Molasses and Barbeque


Molasses is a common sweetener that is largely used in the US. It is delightful and flavorful, hence a perfect alternative to plum extract. If you want to replace plum extract with something equally sweet, if not sweeter, molasses is the way to go.

To improve the flavor of molasses to become closer to that of plum extract, you need to add some barbeque sauce. This sauce will give your substitute a tangy flavor that will go well with various recipes.

I do not think you can get this mixture in the stores. You have to buy the molasses and BBQ sauce and mix them yourself.

After mixing them thoroughly, you can use the mixture in place of plum extract. You can also add some seasoning spices to taste. I like adding black pepper and garlic to boost the tanginess.

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5. Black Beans with Plums


The combination of black beans and plums produces an excellent plum extract alternative. However, for this substitute to work, you must ensure that it is perfectly mixed; otherwise, it will work terribly.

First, you have to ensure that the beans are cooked. Overcooking the beans might help your mixture because you must completely crush the beans. After crushing the beans, you add coarsely crushed plums and a little water.

The results will be a thick paste that will be a perfect alternative to plum extract. It might differ a little in taste. You can, however, fix that by adding some spices like ground garlic and brown sugar.

Black beans and plums are some of the most accessible ingredients to get. They are sold all over and are cheap. The next time you go grocery shopping, you might want to add some black beans to the list, for you may never know when they will come in handy.

6. Garlic teriyaki


One of the ingredients people use to make plum extract is garlic. That is why you will notice that I recommend you add garlic to your substitutes to improve the flavor of those alternatives. In other words, to make the flavors taste like plum extract.

For that reason, garlic teriyaki is an excellent alternative for plum extract, especially if you want something with the same taste. Garlic teriyaki has a similar taste to plum extract because they are both sweet with a tangy flavor.

To make garlic teriyaki, you need a sweetener, ground garlic, and kidney beans. Cook the kidney beans and grind them. Add the ground beans and garlic to the sweetener, and you have your garlic teriyaki.

You can use more than one sweetener and any other spices. Garlic teriyaki is a good substitute for plum extract if you use it in soups and sauces.

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Bottom Line

The plum extract is not a common syrup in America. It is common in Korea as this is where it generally comes from.

Due to its unavailability, we find ourselves looking for substitutes when we come across a recipe that requires it. Thus, I have developed this article.

I have covered some of the best substitutes for a plum extract that I know. As a fan of syrup, I have tried these alternatives. What is left is for you to try them out and discover the ones you love. Cheers!

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