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I am a firm believer in eating vegetables. They improve our health and make delicious side dishes. Brussels sprouts are no different. They are full of nutrients and minerals.

I love roasting them to improve their flavor. I shallow fry or steam them at times, depending on how I take them. From hamburgers to meat dishes, you can use brussels sprouts as a side dish for any meal.

Despite how much I love brussels sprouts, I cannot eat them all the time. Thus, I often use brussels sprouts substitutes whenever I feel like I have overeaten them.

Brussels sprouts have a bitter taste. This taste is what either makes you love them or sear never to eat them again. Supposing you find yourself hating brussels sprouts, there are various alternatives that you can use.

The substitutes for brussels sprouts are; artichokes, celeriac, broccoli, beetroot, asparagus, kale, and leeks. 

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More About Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are a typical type of vegetable in America. They are sold in almost any grocery store, and you can buy them either fresh or frozen.

They belong to the family crucifer. Other vegetables that belong to the same family as brussels sprouts are cabbage, broccoli, and kale. As a result, some of them make perfect substitutes for brussels sprouts.


These veggies look like miniature cabbages. They form at the end of a long stem. Upon maturing, people cut them from the branch and consume them fresh or freeze them for later consumption.

You can eat brussels sprouts raw or cooked. When you eat them, they are very bitter. The bitterness reduces upon cooking. For brussels sprouts, there is no in-between. It is either you love them, or you do not.

They are rich in minerals and vitamins; hence they improve your health. You can include them in your salad and pair them with hard cheese for maximum taste.

If you prefer brussels sprouts cooked, you can eat them with anything from soups to meat. I love eating roasted brussels sprouts with roasted meat and sauce.


Brussels Sprouts Alternatives

The primary reasons you might want to replace brussels sprouts in a recipe are either because you hate them or you do not have them at hand.

You might be looking for a change because you feel you have eaten them consecutively, and you feel you need the change.

Whatever your reasons, read on to know what you can use to replace brussels sprouts.

1. Broccoli


Broccoli is an obvious choice. Brussels sprouts and broccoli belong to the same family of vegetables. They have the same nutrient composition and have that bitterness in them.

This vegetable is common, and you might already have it in your fridge. If you do not have it, you can order it or get some in the store.

You can eat broccoli either raw or cooked. So, it does not matter where you are looking to replace brussels sprouts. Whether in a salad or side dish, broccoli is a perfect substitute for brussels sprouts.

Broccoli is a delicate vegetable. I remember the first time I cooked broccoli. I overboiled them. They were smelling and tasting so bad that I almost gave up on them.

I later learned how to cook them, and now I enjoy eating them once in a while.

2.   Artichoke


Although not that famous, artichokes are an excellent brussels sprouts alternative. They are both bitter when raw. The bitterness kind of goes away when you cook them.

Artichokes have the same texture as brussels sprouts. Other than that, they share the same nutrients; hence, they complement each other perfectly.

It does not hurt to try something new. If you have never tried artichokes, I recommend you buy them the next time you go grocery shopping.

Like brussels sprouts, you can eat raw artichokes or cook them. They have a nutty and slightly tangy flavor upon cooking.

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3.   Asparagus


Asparagus is a perfect substitute for brussels sprouts. An asparagus is an excellent option if you are eating healthy or looking to start. They are gluten-free and have low calories. They will nourish you and help you lose so e weight if that is what you are looking to do.

They are leafy and green. Sometimes I find it hard to believe something is a vegetable if it is not leafy and green. I know there are many non-green veggies, but I guess some things are just in the back of my head.

You can roast, steam, or shallow fry asparagus to replace brussels sprouts. They have an earthy and tangy taste, making them perfect for salads.

Asparagus is an excellent substitute if you hate brussels sprouts because it tastes different. You will be getting the same nutrients but with a different taste.

4.   Kale


I always have your best interest at heart. That is why I will always ensure I include a substitute that you can use in times of desperation. In this case, kale will do.

Kales are widely known vegetables. They are sold in every grocery store, and there is no way you can miss a thing. They are cheap, so you can use them in place of brussels sprouts if you have nothing else.

We all know that sometimes money is tight, and thus, we have to go for cheap options. In such times, you can buy kales to substitute with brussels sprouts.

Brussels sprouts and kale belong to the same family. They have the same nutrient composition, so you will not be missing out.

5. Beetroot


Beetroot is a unique vegetable. I am talking about the color and that you can eat the whole plant.

Supposing you want to make a salad with brussels sprouts and realize you do not have it, you can use beetroots. They give your salad a perfect red color that makes it look yummy. You can complement beetroots with hard cheese to better the taste.

Avoid overcooking them when replacing brussels sprouts with beetroots in a cooked dish. Like most alternatives in this list, overcooking beetroots will spoil their flavor.

We all have come across or heard of beetroots. Some of us have them in our kitchens. So, if you run out of brussels sprouts, grab some beetroots and use them instead.

6. Celeriac


Celeriac is brown vegetables that look like carrots. It is white on the inside, and often people call it ugly.

It is not a common vegetable, so it is not widely available. But as I say, it does not hurt to try new things. You might come across something like celeriac and fall in love.

Celeriac and brussels sprouts belong to the same family. They also have the same nutty and slightly tangy flavor. The flavor of celeriac is, however, more pronounced.

You can only use This brussels sprout substitute if you have time to look for it. At times, we plan a recipe so that we can look for the ingredients.

You can look for celeriac and try it out in such a case.

7. Leeks


Leaks are another expensive but excellent substitute for brussels sprouts. They have a tangy flavor which becomes mild when you cook them.

They belong to the onion family and look similar to green onions. They are perfect for salads. You can also use them as a side dish or make the main dish.

Generally, onions add flavor to food, and leeks are no different. They are expensive, however, and not available in some grocery stores.

Like celeriac, you should use leeks when you have time to look for them.

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Final Point


Brussels sprouts are common, and most of us have consumed them. They are also highly nutritious, but some people do not like them.

My main reason for wanting to substitute Brussel sprouts is that I sometimes feel like I have overeaten them.

I know you have your reasons for wanting to substitute brussels sprouts. Maybe you hate them, do not have them, or are just looking for a change.

That is why I have developed the above list of brussels sprouts substitutes. Read through them, and maybe try them out and realize which ones you love.

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