Unique Gifts Under $50 for a Budget Holiday

When the holiday season comes around, there comes a long list of gift-giving to be done.

Starting with having our parents, our siblings, our friends and even our co-workers to think about, the list can become pretty long and endless pretty quickly, with no form of warning whatsoever.

If you are not careful, once you are in this position, you end up spending even your life savings in the process.

In this article, we shall discuss ways to give thoughtful and meaningful gifts to everyone on your list without blowing up your budget.

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This is essentially a list that encompasses anything and everything. Click on the gift name easily to source for them online.

A Wireless Karaoke Mic

They come in an array of shapes, sizes and colours. It is an amazing way to bring the power of karaoke into the home during the holidays.

This is one gift that will bring such liveliness into your home, especially when used during game nights or just at family gatherings as a form of entertainment.

You never know, that might be just how you end up discovering the next Beyonce or John Legend.

A Customized Pet Pillow

This is a good and thoughtful gift for anyone who has a pet. Be it a dog, a cat, a parrot or a hamster this gift is sure to blow their socks off.

Not only does it show that you love the person but that it extends to their beloved pet as well.

On the plus side, not very many people would think of getting a person such a gift so you get points for creativity.

Handwriting Bracelets / Necklace

Yes, you heard it right.

Your very own handwriting is engraved or etched into a bracelet or a necklace. You have the option of choosing if you want gold or silver, as well as a multitude of personalization options; gemstones, ribbons.

Imagine your Mum unwrapping her gift on Christmas morning to see your handwriting etched into her bracelet.

You could literally just write any message down on a piece of paper and voila, it is turned into a bracelet or necklace. Cool, right?


Have you ever asked yourself why mugs make such an amazing holiday gift? Maybe it is because they carry all the hot beverages, we will be having all through the festive season.

Maybe it is because they are the perfect canvas for anything that we can imagine to put on it.

Or it could be the fact that we can use them for more than just carrying our hot beverages.

What is super fun about mugs is that you could get the thermal ones that change colours once you pour a hot drink or beverage into them.

A Water Bottle

Water is good for anyone’s health. It helps us keep hydrated, it is good for our skin and helps us lose weight as well.

We all have that one friend or that one family member who is always drinking water.

This makes a water bottle a reusable, refillable, and necessary gift for someone like this.

Books and more books

Not only are they educational and can last forever, but they also exist some books that can be personalised.

This is especially the case for children’s books. You can get some that are customised such that the story being told is about the child that you are buying the gift for.

They are also the easiest thing to buy online and the options are more or less endless. For grown-ups, you can choose from a variety of literature material depending on what the person likes to read.

You could also decide to go the unconventional way and get them an adult colouring book to help them unwind and relax.

Pyjamas and House Shoes

Sleepwear is one of those components of fashion that is often neglected by most people.

Many of us opt to go for comfort over style while picking out what we can sleep in. But who said you cannot look cute and feel comfortable as you retire to bed after a long workday?

You can pick out anything from flannel pyjamas that are practical and quite versatile. You can also choose onesies that are the most trendy of the bunch of sleepwear and do not worry, they come as both shorts or pants.

Finally, you can opt for a silky set that comes in variations of either shorts or pants or nightgowns that are most popular for being either silk or fleece in the material.

Indoor Plants

I believe you can never go wrong with indoor plants, whether they are real or fake.

They serve the purpose of adding a beautiful aesthetic to the home or office of the receiver.

When you purchase the real plants, the receiver may also learn how to be responsible due to the fact that they have to actually keep the plant alive and well taken care of.

Butter Churner

An upgraded version from the same one that was used way back in the day, this modern device comes with silicone paddles and stainless steel gears.

This makes sure that it makes it long-lasting and safe to use.

All you need to have is heavy cream and 10 minutes of free time (to churn the heavy cream).

Clear Ice Cube Maker

This is a device that makes ice that is perfect for cocktails. It tastes better, it melts slower and best of all, depending on the moulds you buy with it, you can make any shape and size of ice you want.

Best of all it is engineered to freeze water the same way it freezes naturally, from the top going down.

This pushes all the air bubbles and water impurities out leaving you with nothing but pure, clear ice.

A guide to cooking everything

This is more than just another recipe book, so you are sure it will impress.

You will not find a single recipe in here but instead, a collection of just about any and all ingredients the average person uses in cooking, with a list of all the complementary pairing and flavours and a brief explanation of why they work so well together.

Rather than just passing through a recipe, It will be sure to encourage the recipient to interact and engage with the food.

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Tech Gloves

Freezing hands can always deter you from going through the hustle of trying to use your phone.

That is where tech gloves or touch screen compatible gloves come in handy.

They allow you to use your phone. Tablet or any other touchscreen device without sacrificing your hands’ warmth.

They are the perfect balance between usability, comfort and style for anyone.

Vase Bookends

Imagine combining the beauty of a flower vase and the sturdiness of a bookend.

That is what you get, a Vase Bookend. Ideally, you would want to fill the vases with the favourite flowers of the recipient before you give it to them.

Bluetooth Headphones

Sleek and stylish, this would be the ideal gift for anyone. They are usually waterproof.

Noise-cancelling, and with a battery life that can go up to 8 hours, you are guaranteed and happy recipient.

Key Finder

Do you have those friends or that family member that is always losing or misplacing their keys? Well, this just might be the answer.

Also known as key locators or electronic finders, these are the perfect gift because they can be used to locate lost or misplaced items and, in some instances, stolen items such as luggage, pets, or tools.

They can also be used to send out alerts.  Some can also beep and flashlights alongside the whistling sound on demand.

Bartending Kit

This is for those friends who enjoy that occasional drink from the comfort of their homes.

A set comes complete with sword picks, cocktail shaker, straws just to mention a few.

This amazing stainless steel set is guaranteed to impress as a gift.

Travel Wallet

Instead of having multiple pockets to carry all the documents that you need, why not have them at one place. This is a super useful accessory that every traveller needs.

Most travel wallets are able to carry up to two passports, a slot where you can slip in several boarding passes, keys, credit cards and even a pen holder.

They are made from good, stylish and fashionable material that is normally long-lasting. And they come in every colour under the sun, as well as a variety of prints and collages.

Some companies have even taken to creating your own print as you order.

Perfume or Cologne

I know, buying fragrances for other people can be tough. But there is a reason why buying someone a fragrance remains a timeless choice to date for a holiday gift.

You see, when you are picking out a scent for a person, you are literally picking out something that represents them.

You have to consider what the other person likes, their personality and what generally brings out their essence.

The fragrance you end up picking sends a message to the person receiving it.

Passport Holder and Notebook

Well, you have a friend or cousin and all you know about them is that they love to travel the world and essentially, globetrot.

It is holiday time and you want to buy them a present because they have been completely pivotal in your life but you are at a loss of what to get them.

Well, think about it, what if you got them a passport cover that they could use to secure, protect and easily identify their passport as well as a notebook that they can travel with and write down their adventures in.

Hair Care Products Set

I am sure that we all know a naturalist who spends loads and loads of cash on their hair, no judgement.

Well, what if I told you that there is a way that you could aid in reducing the amount of money that they spend on purchasing these items.

You could bless them by purchasing one of the haircare products set available. These could be sets with conditioner, shampoo and treatment that are the main essentials.

Otherwise, you can even go a step further and get them the fancier things like a hair masque. All in all, you are just getting them something that will grow and strengthen his or her hair.

Manicure Set

The essence of buying someone a manicure set is to enable them to have the power to now be in a position to take chipped nails and those not so very well-groomed into their own hands.

Everyone and not just females need to have a manicure set on standby.

This will come in handy whether they are dealing with an emergency or they are just enjoying their home pampering session.

Skin Face Masks

These are for that special person in your life that absolutely loves to pamper themselves whenever they can get the chance.

These are for the person who pays keen care to their skincare and ensures to follow certain steps in order to keep it in tiptop shape.

It would also make for a great bonding activity where you can get together and mask as you trade horrid work stories and partake in a glass of wine. I just love how it can be either a male or a female activity with no judgement happening.

Video Games

Of course, this is for the gamers in your life.

Not only do they help in boosting brain memory since they require quite a bit of ruthless focus and concentration, but they also improve a person’s problem-solving skills through the different tasks that are needed to be achieved at every level.

Board Games

Because playing board games simulate the brain by simulating those areas that are good for memory-making as well as the formation of complex thought processes.

These include games such as snakes and ladders, scrabble, monopoly and chess.

Fishing Accessories

To begin with, since they may be on their feet for the most part of the day, you can choose to get the special person in your life a pair of all day impact sandals.

These leather, water-resistant, anatomically correct sandals are constructed with a hexagon textured insole for increased traction.

They also have a tapered heel wedge which is ideal for providing greater comfort and control that will be felt throughout the person’s legs all through to their back.

A Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

You can make shower time get its groove back by listening to your favourite hits using this waterproof Bluetooth speaker.

You can easily perform your concert to your fans in the shower.

This waterproof speaker is an inexpensive gift for any music lover.

A Journal

You want to keep alive the forgotten art of writing, actual writing. You could help them get their year off to a good start by buying them a journal for them to write down all their plans and goals they would like to achieve in the new year as well as the events that stood out for them whether good or bad.

Or maybe they express themselves better through words and you are trying to encourage their craft and talent.

Research has also shown that those people who keep journals have increased and sharper focus, are more mindful of other things and people and have a better memory than those who do not do any kind of writing.

This gift could also be the key that will unlock their creative ability and side.

A Movie Subscription Package

In this day and age of going digital, you can also open or buy them a Netflix subscription that they can use to get and follow or binge-watch a series such as money heist.

Vintage Laptop Backpack

This may be the best thing to ever happen to your special person who has been carrying or lagging around his laptop in a not very convenient bag that was threatening to cause harm to his or her back due to lack of enough lumbar support.

A Watch

These can be said to be a daily reminder of the person that gave you the watch since you see it every day.

To make it even more special, you can have the watch engraved with the name of the special person to receive the gift.

Subscription to Music Sites

In the case of a music lover, you can go a step further and get them a subscription to the music streaming sites where they may be able to explore and discover various other genres of music.

As an alternative, you can go ahead and buy them musical instruments such as a guitar and a violin that would help them make music easier.

You can also push it further and pay for them to have music classes with tutors who can for instance teach them how to play the piano or the cello.

This way you promote the skill set that the person has.

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