Gift Ideas for Low Budget Holidays: 35 Inexpensive Christmas Gift ideas

Christmas, we all know that it is the most wonderful time of the year… please tell me you sang that sentence.

I know that things can get absolutely and truly out of control when it comes to holiday shopping, especially when you leave it up until the last minute.

Hopefully, you are here, reading this article in a bid to put out that fiery dart of procrastination. Also, you can never start to plan too early. As the saying goes, failing to plan is planning to fail.

In this article, you will be able to find quite a few gift ideas that will not break your bank when you purchase them.

They are also quite easy to get a hold of seeing as you can do everything online and even ship the items directly to the receiver of the gifts.

You know, we do not want to end up emptying our pockets to stuff the stockings, lol. I am sure there are several people you need to shop for.


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First off, let us talk about the kitchen. I know we all have that one relative whether immediate or not or a close friend who is just a maestro when it comes to the kitchen.

They work wonders when they prepare meals or bake and each time you eat, the food is just so good that you always end up licking your fingers.

Well, the best part is, there are numerous gifts that you could get that would mean the world to them.

A Measuring Cup Set


We all know that when it comes to cooking, following a given recipe is the best. However, this sometimes becomes hard to do when you have to use estimates to measure just how much of an ingredient should go in a dish.

Well, to make this task easier for your friend or family member, you can purchase them a classic set of measuring cups that are ideal for use in the microwave as well.

These measuring cups are awesome whether in baking or even just in measuring other ingredients in normal cooking.

A Hand-Powered Food Chopper


This is without a doubt the best thing to get for someone who loves to cook but would like to speed up the time it takes to prepare chopped ingredients.

All you have to do is throw in whatever you would like to have chopped, ensure that the lid is secured in place, and just pull the cord attached to result in instantly chopped onions or whatever it is you had in there.

Think about it, instant guacamole, who would not want that? I know I would.

Clip-On Food Strainer


This easy to the clip-on gadget is the best thing that ever happened to the world of sorting and washing grains or other tiny finger foods.

To begin with, it can be attached to pots and pans and you simply pour out the water for instance from your ready pasta.

Magnetic Oven Mitts


Do you ever get tired of having to keep opening drawers when baking just to get something out of the oven or even just for use as you do your daily cooking? Well, same here.

These oven mitts come in super handy since they will always be stuck on the refrigerator, ready for use.

This way, you protect your hands from the heat on pots and pans as you handle them from the fire.

A Tipping Teacup


Not only is this item fancy and classy, but it is also quite functional.

This teacup is for those sorts of people that do not like to leave their tea bags in their tea while having a cap.

To use this tipping teacup, you simply have to tip it one way to steep your tea and then tip it the other way to enjoy your beverage.

Non-stick Cooking Utensils


In this regard, you can choose to facilitate the preparation of the meals by opting for these utensils. A set of such utensils usually includes 1 spoon, 1 spatula, 1 turner, and 1 slotted spoon.

The receiver of these as a gift will have the protection of their silverware from any scratch that might have been caused by using heavy-duty metallic spoons or utensils.

They are also highly durable and can last for up to more than six years.

 Recipe Books


As an alternative, you can choose to purchase them a recipe book from their favorite chef. This is for a person that just loves to have people over at their home and entertain them by cooking and cleaning.

A recipe book is ideal because it is a great source of recipes that are guaranteed to turn out just right if not perfect. The recipes are also easily replicated and as such will not cause frustration while cooking.

They will also enable people to avoid wastage seeing as the recipes will give exact amounts and measurements to be used in the meal.

A Revolving Spice Rack Organizer


This is the most ideal and perfect gift for that person who just loves to keep an organized kitchen. Not only does this ensure that you get your seasonings in order, but it also saves you space atop your counter and it goes further by keeping your dried spices fresh.

The jars are also labeled on the top of each thus making it easier and faster for a person in the kitchen to identify a spice when using them.

Now, let us consider the beauty and personal hygiene and aspects by which we can give the special people in our lives and make them feel calm, relaxed, and loved in a different but special kind of way.

The list of what you can get someone under this category is quite endless. And it does not even matter whether the special person is male or female.

Vanilla Scented Candles


Whether you had self-care in mind when you thought of this individual or whether you were looking for something classy and luxurious to gift to a person, scented candles are the way to go.

What is so awesome about vanilla scented candles is that they have the potential to turn even the worst day into a better, brighter one.

Of course, when coupled with a bath bomb or a glass of wine or just an amazing piece of literature.

Heart Pendant Necklace


No matter what anyone says, you can never go wrong with jewelry. And what better way to show someone you love them than by giving them something that they can wear that represents that love.

Obviously, a heart pendant necklace symbolizes love in the direct sense.

To make this even more special, you can engrave a special date on the necklace or any other special message that you would like to pass on to the person receiving the gift.



We all love gold and diamonds so this gifting idea is not limited to any specific gender.

Not only are bracelets durable and last long, but they can also be customized to convey a very particular message.

They can also be suitable for any age range.

An amazing attribute about bracelets is that you can get matching ones with the other party receiving the bracelet as a gift.

Diamond Earrings


Since jewelry appreciates, purchasing a set of diamond earrings can be considered as not just a purchase but an investment.

For such diamond earrings, you can even start a new tradition and hand those pieces of jewelry down from person to person as family heirlooms.

A Watch


These can be said to be a daily reminder of the person that gave you the watch since you see it every day.

To make it even more special, you can have the watch engraved with the name of the special person to receive the gift.

An Outfit of off their favorite store


If you know this person or people well enough, then you certainly know their shoe and clothes size.

Maybe you had gone window shopping with them and they saw something that they loved but they just did not have enough money to buy it and now you would like to do something special for them.

To make this even more special, you could choose to get them one complete outfit from top to bottom.

The beauty of buying clothes and shoes is that these are functional gifts that you can be sure will be made use of.

That is of course if you have similar taste in fashion to the person that the gift is for.



When it comes to the special ladies and even men in your life that just love to look good, makeup can never disappoint, especially in this age of social media.

Not only can you buy them both high-end and quality drugstore makeup items such as mascara, concealer, bronzer, and an eye shadow palette.

Makeup Organiser


In the case that the person you are shopping for is a trained professional, you can buy the items that will ease their pressure in their line of work.

These can be items such as makeup organizers and bags to ensure that they do not lose any more pieces of makeup.

What these will help with is obviously to keep the make-up items organized and as such when the person is attending to a client, they do not have to keep fumbling about to get an item and risk appearing unprofessional and ill-prepared.

They will know exactly where an item is and use it in sequential order.

Makeup Equipment


You can also get the tools that will aid them in the application of fabulous makeup such as the many different types of brushes, spoolies, and beauty blenders that are required for almost every step of make-up application.

These gift items will play a great role in assisting a person who was looking to start their own makeup artistry venture and lacked the necessary funds to cater for purchasing equipment.

Having these pieces of equipment will also allow the receiver of the gift to practice as much as possible their makeup application techniques in order to perfect them.

Gift Cards


Imagine that you have seven more people on your list left to buy Christmas gifts for and you just do not have any idea as to what to get them. Madness, right?

Think about all the running up and down that you will have to do and the never-ending queues as well as the malls packed with people doing their last-minute shopping.

To save you all that hustle and headache, you can opt to just get them a gift card or two from one or two of their favorite stores.

This way, you also save yourself the risk of buying them something that they may not like and the embarrassment of returning the same. Gift cards are a proper and sure way to ensure that the person being gifted has the opportunity to get that which they actually like.

Gym Wear


Without a doubt, most if not all of us make new year resolutions that include getting into shape and keeping fit.

Further to this, for most of us, getting or finding the time to go to the gym is close to impossible. That is in between our crazy work schedules and sleeping in order to have the energy for work.

Workout wear, in this case, includes articles of clothing such as tights, sweat pants, headbands, sweatbands, joggers, and of course, sports shoes.

Ultimately, the workout item that you end up settling on will depend greatly on the type of sport or means of keeping fit that the person in question is into or subscribed to.

Gym Equipment


Apart from the gym wear that they might need, you might also consider helping them by boosting their home workouts by getting the equipment that they can use in the house.

We do not mean things like treadmills but rather smaller bits of equipment such as dumbbells and several weights.

These are things that will facilitate the beginning of an individual’s fitness journey as well as bring the service closer to them since, with these items, the person may not necessarily require a gym membership.

Yoga Mats


If you find that the person receiving the gifts is a serious yogi, you may consider getting them the oh so special yoga mat.

These mats are the best to carry out yoga since they are specially designed for lumbar and body support.

It will be highly appreciated especially by a person that may have been using their carpet to do yoga.

Cross-Body Bags


You may be thinking about your niece or younger cousin and how she always needs you to keep things in your handbag for them.

You can go in the direction of buying her a crossbody bag where she can fit all of the essentials in.

Since it is a crossbody bag, losing it will be close to impossible and they will have quick and easy access to their items when needed.



This would be the best idea of a gift for your nephew or any other male relative or friend who always seems to have excess goods to carry.

You can easily get them a classy backpack where they can fit their laptops and other personal buildings when they are on the move.

This would also be an ideal option for a gift for a person that is still in school as they would get something to arrange their books and stationery in for the new class and year.

It also reduces instances of things getting lost since they will be in one central place and easy and fast to access.

A Daily Journal


This would be perfect for that person who just loves to write. You could help them get their year off to a good start by buying them a diary or planner where they can jot down all their plans and goals they would like to achieve in the new year.

Or maybe they express themselves better through words and a diary would help them open up more. Or they are into songwriting and you are trying to encourage their craft and talent.

Research has also shown that those people who keep journals or diaries have increased focus, are more mindful, and have a better memory than those who do not do any kind of writing. This gift could also be the key that will unlock their creative ability and side.

A Bunch of Comic Books


These would be an ideal gift for that person who loves to read comic books, be it on adventure or action or even romance.

Not only do they help in promoting different thinking but through the pictures, graphics, and illustration, comics can go a long way in aiding in the improvement of reading skills.

They are also said to be good for the brain in that they compel neutron activity of the person reading the novel, not just as they read it but even for days after reading it.

A Novel


Still with regard to literature, if you know or have a person in your life who is anything like me in that they can easily get lost inside a book, then novels will be the best thing to happen to them for Christmas. In this regard, they do not have to be fictional.

These can also vary in genre and range from inspirational and motivational to action and adventure to autobiographies. A good and well-written story has the ability to transport the reader into a different realm from reality.

It can also be an eye-opener to things that you did not know about yourself that you puck from the characters in the book.



Still, on matters books, you can choose to bless someone with a subscription to their favorite magazine to read.

This makes for an excellent gift because it is already something that the person likes so you are not guessing with it.



Being in a modern age and time, you can choose to buy the person an item that may act as a souvenir.

These can be anything from a copy of an old DVD to even an old record.

In the alternative, you can also open or buy them a Netflix subscription that they can use to get and follow or binge-watch a series such as money heist.



The music lover in your life may always be found either listening to or making music. And no, I do not mean someone who casually listens to what is on the radio but rather someone who carefully picks out their playlists and even carves out dates in their calendars to attend concerts and even go on tours of their favorite bands.

Individuals are different and each one may have a different need for their headphones to be.

Some like them to really amplify the Bass while others need them to be noise canceling and yet others want the headphones to be Bluetooth enabled or wireless.



This aspect of music enables the person to be able to share their music with other people.

It allows them to have something that they can bond over with other people as they do various tasks such as washing dishes or even while out on a picnic or on a road trip with friends.

Content Creation Equipment


In this era of social media and influencers and content creation, you can choose to be someone’s angel in disguise and just bless them with a selfie light that will ensure that the light in their videos or photos always hits just right no matter the angle.

It will also enable them to then be able to shoot content regardless of the time of the day. This may just be what they need in order to be more consistent with posting or uploading their content to the various social media pages such as Instagram and Youtube where they can amass a following.

Other items that you can purchase that will help in their content creation journey include tripods and microphones.

Music Subscription

In the case of a music lover, you can go a step further and get them a subscription to the music streaming sites where they may be able to explore and discover various other genres of music.


As an alternative, you can go ahead and buy them musical instruments such as a guitar and a violin that would help them make music easier. You can also push it further and pay for them to have music classes with tutors who can for instance teach them how to play the piano or the cello. This way,  you promote the skill set that the person has.

You have a friend or relative that just moved into their first home and you have yet to have the chance to go over for a housewarming.

You remember when you were in that very same position and how instead of people bringing wine and chocolate (though you enjoyed them, lol) you would have rather they brought things that you needed around the house.

Well, this is your chance to be that different and out-of-the-box thinker for your newly independent friend or relative.

Paintings or Drawings and Wallpaper


To begin with, you can get them paintings or drawings that they can place in various rooms of their house that will just tie the whole look together.

These can be abstract paintings or paintings of animals; it all depends on the taste and outlook that the person is going for.

If you know the color scheme and the pattern that the person is going for their house, you can even do them the favor of buying them the wallpaper that they need to cover the walls in and around the house. This can go well with fixtures around the house such as chandeliers.

Throw Pillows


In addition to paintings, you can get the throw pillows and blankets that they can use to cover themselves with as they lounge in the living room.

This will be very useful as they watch television or even read a book or better yet, as they entertain guests over.

Flowers or House Plants


Alternatively, you can choose to buy them flowers and house plants. Of course, these can either be real or plastic flowers and plants depending on what the person’s preference is.

They may be a busy bee and as such will not have the time to properly take care of real plants and so if you get them these, there is a high chance that they may wither to death due to lack of proper care in terms of watering and just general love and care.

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