Can You Freeze Almond Milk? How to do it right.

I never thought a time would come for me to profess my love for almond milk. For a long time, I was out to find a milk substitute that was low in fat levels.

Talk of richness in flavor and high in nutrition. Look no further because almond milk provides both and so much more.

One weekend I’m in the grocery store going through the different types of milk on the shelves.


Once I came across the box written on almond milk, I got a little curious and decided to read the contents.

I was thrilled since I knew my search for the right milk had ended.

However, before purchasing, I racked my brain about can you freeze almond milk? How to do it right.

The internet is a lover in this century, and after a few moments, all queries about frozen almond milk and the best ways to preserve this gem began to be clear.

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You can freeze almond milk although ensure to drink it before 3 days elapse after thawing.

To drink it when in its nutritious form, most brands producing almond milk prefer that you don’t freeze the almond milk. Freezing almonds helps prolong its shelf life, however, let them be the last option.

Another advantage almond milk has over other milk products is the variety. Almond milk is made in different ways, so thus a myriad of flavors. Some of the available almond milk flavors include:

Carrageenan-free almond milk.


Waking up with swollen eyes or lips after taking a glass of milk is the worst feeling ever. This type of almond milk doesn’t cause inflammation, so you can enjoy it to the last drop.

Enriched nutrients in almond milk like vitamins A, D, and E with some calcium play a substitute to what dairy milk would have.

Unsweetened almond milk still has that incredibly sweet flavor but with not much sugar.

The best almond milk is the one with fewer ingredients. One or two additives work fine, but anything more than that is not necessary.

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How best can you freeze almond milk?


Most of the almond milk in the market comes packaged in airtight boxes. If you have more than the number of boxes, you can take it in one sitting, freeze the almond milk in its original package.

Trying to change the storage box may cause harmful organisms to get in, causing it to spoil.

In the case where you’ve opened the almond milk, use small airtight jars. Remember to fill the bottle three-quarter way. During freezing, the water in the almond milk will expand and force the jar to pop open.

Another way is freezing them in ice cube trays. After it solidifies, transfer them into airtight freezer bags and let them stay frozen until when you need to use the almond milk.

How to defrost almond milk effectively


When it comes to thawing almond milk, you can use all available options since you can’t consume or drink in ice form.

  1. Remove the almond milk from the freezer and leave it in the refrigerator for around 24 hours. This gives it the time to thaw even and provides the original consistency. After it defrosts, shake it well to combine the liquid and hard contents thoroughly.
  2. If you’re using the almond milk for cooking, then you can skip the fridge defrosting method and add it to the dish.
  3. You can also put the frozen almond milk in hot water so that it defrosts at the same time. It will separate, but the best way to mend it is by using a blender to combine the liquid and the solid.

It’s worth noting that defrosting almond milk won’t provide the required consistency because the contents are separate. Moreover, it will have a non-pleasing taste.

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Are all types of almond milk eligible for freezing?


When you buy almond milk, you’ll notice some packages have the “do not freeze” caution. Different brands distinctly produce their almond milk. Some will put in chemicals to add flavor and lengthen the shelf life.

The many processes may have a negative or positive effect when freezing almond milk. For some brands, it’s better to let them stay in the fridge. Those that have minimal changes after freezing can remain frozen.

Most manufacturers prefer if you drink almonds in their natural form. This will help you to enjoy the flavors without alteration.

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Can you make almond milk at home then freeze it?


It’s advisable to make your almond milk because it will be highly nutritious compared to the one purchased from the store.

Besides, making almond milk is simple. Some of the ingredients required include almonds, dates or maple syrup, a blender, and water. To start, soak the almonds in water for around two hours. Later, blend the almonds with water then sweeten using maple syrup or dates.

To remove the almond milk, place it in a filter, and enjoy your fresh, healthy drink. After straining, put the excess in the freezer so that you can drink it at another time.

Since it’s fresh with no additives, frozen homemade almond milk doesn’t have many detriments when it comes to freezing.

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Different ways to use thawed almond milk


Defrosted almond milk tastes better when used to make shakes and smoothies. Instead of ice cubes, frozen almond cubes provide a more delightful taste. You can also use it to whiten coffee, however, blend it first for evenness.

Almond milk cubes also work best with meals that call for almond milk as an ingredient. Vegetarians can also use almond milk for baking.

Health benefits of almond milk

  1. It’s dairy-free making it the best choice for people with lactose intolerance. This plant-based milk digests well and is not associated with any type of stomach discomfort.
  2. Unsweetened almond milk has low sugar content making it an excellent option. Most diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and other degenerative diseases, come from high sugar intake. Unsweetened almond milk gives you the best natural option.
  3. Almond milk has a low-calorie level making it the best choice for individuals watching their weight. It’s also low in fat, helping you to lead a happy life with a healthy heart.
  4. Almond milk is almost similar to standard milk because of nutrients like vitamin E and minerals. This makes it to have a high nutritious level.

How to tell when almond milk gets spoilt


All food intended for consumption becomes rotten after a certain period. Frozen almond milk gets spoilt faster, unlike refrigerated ones.

Once almond milk gets spoilt, it loses its smoothness and flows out in a lumpy and slimy manner. Once you realize the difference and inconsistency, it’s best to discard the box of almond milk.

Additionally, a bad smell and taste mean bacteria have formed in the almond milk. Before drinking, take a whiff and if the smell is off, it means spoilage. When it tastes like curd, that’s another sure sign of deterioration.

When you’re not sure of spoilage, pour some on a tablespoon, you’ll notice the difference in texture and smoothness.

Can you freeze almond milk yogurt?


Yes, you can freeze it, but be sure you won’t like the taste so much. First, it will lose the evenness after defrosting, and there’s nothing much you can do.

When making yogurt, the milk undergoes a heating process that gives it a lovely texture and sweetness.

All almond milk products, including yogurt, tastes better in their original form. Freezing almond milk yogurt depends on what you’ll use it after defrosting.

People freeze almond milk yogurt to use in smoothies and baking. But if you freeze it to drink afterward, you will not enjoy the taste so much. If possible, drink the one you bought from the store as soon as possible.

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Can you freeze almond milk to make ice cream?


Freezing almond milk to give you ice cream isn’t possible. Instead, you can devise ways to harden the almond to make it a bit similar to ice cream.

You can add in some cornstarch, food color, and sweeteners among many solid ingredients.

The end product isn’t ice cream. To get ice cream, which is frozen custard, you must remove the milk’s thick creamy substance. Afterward, you make confection using the same milk and cream.

That way, you can enjoy an almond milk ice cream. Although ice cream is a mass, it’s still possible to get a spoon inside and scoop out whatever amount you want to eat.

Can you freeze almond milk for popsicles?


Yes, you can freeze almond milk and make something closer to almond milk popsicles.

However, it will not taste the same as a real Popsicle that has all the ingredients.

Depending on your preferred flavor, you may add either strawberry or banana to the almond milk. Yogurt and almond butter will also help to make it have a delectable taste and sweetness.

You can then roast some almonds and roll your Popsicle in them.

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