Substitute for Marash Pepper

Marash pepper is one of the most popular spices out there. For several years, chefs have used it in several dishes at restaurant kitchens.

Marash pepper is a native to Turkey. Therefore, it is not readily available. Most people choose to use substitutes for Marash pepper in their dishes.

You can use Marash pepper fresh or dried. However, most people are familiar with the dried version that is ground into flakes.

Marash pepper flakes are deep red in color. Unlike red pepper flakes, Marash pepper flakes do not have a uniform appearance.


The flavor of Marash pepper is earthy with fruity undertones, and it gives off mild acidity. Marash pepper adds mild heat, which makes it a perfect addition to most dishes.

Most people use Marash pepper to garnish dishes. All you need to do is sprinkle it over your dish of choice eight before you serve it.

Additionally, you can mix Marash pepper with olive oil and use it as a dip for your bread or a marinade for chicken, fish, or lamb. If you want to add fruity flavor and a little bit of heat to your sauce or soup, add a tablespoon of Marash pepper to it.

Where to buy Marash pepper


Like I mentioned earlier, Marash is a Turkish pepper. Therefore, it is not readily available in the United States.

If you don’t get Marash pepper at your local grocery store, try looking for it in Mediterranean groceries or specialty spice stores. Alternatively, you can buy Marash pepper online. I have come across a few online vendors that stock if

If you don’t have Marash pepper in stock or can’t get it in stores close to where you live, you may need to use a substitute in its place.


Luckily, there are a few alternatives you can use in its place. Aleppo peppers, Antebi peppers, Urfa pepper, and red pepper flakes are good substitutes for Marash pepper.

In this article, we will discuss the four most suitable Marash pepper substitutes in detail.

Most of the substitutes will give you good results.

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The substitutes


Before substituting Marash pepper with something else, you need to know the flavor you are going for.

Your substitute should give your dish mild heat, an earthy flavor, and a little bit of smoky flavor.

Here are some Marash pepper substitutes that will work well in recipes that require you to use Marash pepper.

Aleppo peppers

Aleppo peppers are arguably the best substitute for Marash pepper.


They are popular for their use in Mediterranean cuisine, but since they have a Turkish origin, they are not readily available in the United States most of the time. You may have a hard time getting your hands on Aleppo peppers.

Just like Marash, Aleppo peppers have a deep flavor profile. They have a slightly sweet, earthy, and oily flavor profile. Additionally, they give dishes a smoky flavor, the same wary Marash pepper does.

Aleppo peppers and Marash peppers also have a similar texture and appearance. 

They are both deep red and add an extra kick and spice to the dishes. Substitute Marash pepper with Aleppo peppers in equal amounts.

Antebi peppers


Just like Marash pepper, Antebi peppers are from Turkey. There are several similarities between Marash pepper and Antebi peppers.

For starters, Antebi pepper is very similar to Marash pepper in terms of appearance. The flakes’ color and texture are pretty much the same.

Antebi peppers’ flavor is also similar to that of Marash pepper. However, it is milder and fruitier in comparison. This makes it a suitable alternative to Marash pepper.


The overall feel of Antebi peppers and Marash pepper is slightly different.

However, Antebi peppers still make for a suitable alternative because they enhance the flavor of dishes they are added to the same way Marash pepper does.

The most noticeable difference between Antebi peppers and Marash pepper is that Marash pepper gives dishes a smoky flavor while Antebi peppers give dishes a fruity flavor.

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Urfa pepper


Urfa is another Turkish pepper that makes for an ideal Marash pepper substitute. It belongs to the capsicum family and has wine and chocolate flavor notes. Generally, it gives dishes complex but gratifying heat.

Compared to Marash pepper, Urfa pepper is smokier and spicier. However, it gives dishes a similar feel and flavor.

If you don’t like spicy/smoky flavor, this substitute may not be the best option for you. Compared to the other substitutes, Urfa pepper is very spicy.

The downside with this substitute is that it is not readily available, and you may not find it stocked in grocery stores near you. However, you can try buying it online or from specialty spice stores.

Red pepper flakes


Out of all the Marash pepper substitutes, red pepper flakes are the most convenient and efficient.

Most people use Marash pepper for the spicy and smoky effect that it has on dishes. Red pepper flakes also have the same effect on the dishes.

Red pepper flakes and Marash pepper have a few similarities. For starters, they have a similar appearance. You will only notice they are different when you compare them side by side.


Marash pepper and red pepper flakes also have a similar level of spiciness. Therefore, you can easily use one in place of the other.

Red pepper flakes are the go-to substitute for most people because it is readily available.

The chances are that you have red pepper flakes in your pantry because it is a common ingredient used in various dishes. If not, you can buy it at any local grocery store close to where you live.

Substitute Marash pepper with red pepper flakes in equal amounts.

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Marah pepper is an amazing ingredient that gives dishes an authentic Turkish flavor. Unfortunately, it is not readily available, and you may have difficulty getting your hands on it.

If you are using a recipe that requires Marash pepper, you can always use a substitute in its place.

Aleppo peppers, Antebi peppers, Urfa pepper, and red pepper flakes are ideal substitutes that will give y0ou amazing results.

Use any of them today, and let me know how your dish turns out.

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