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Why are Ritz Crackers so Good?

Most of us grew up eating Ritz crackers. They are a simple snack that has stood the taste of time.

In fact, they are so tempting. They have a unique buttery flavor, and you can enjoy them on your own. If you want a more complex flavor, you can top the crackers with cheese or peanut butter.

Manufacturers package Ritz crackers in cardboard boxes that have long and narrow plastic packages inside them. The plastic packages are the ones that contain the product. The cardboard boxes are usually red, which makes them stand out.


The crackers are usually circular, 2 inches wide, and have ridge edges. They have a pleasant crunchy texture, and you can easily bite through them.

The products may be simple, but consumers love them. They are versatile snacks that can be eaten independently, combined with other foods, and incorporated into various recipes.

So are you wondering why everybody loves them? Let’s dive in.

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Why are they so Irresistible?


There are several reasons why Ritz crackers are so good. For starters, they have just the right level of saltiness. Secondly, they have the perfect texture.

They are tender, but they do not crumble when you bite into them. Third, their flavor is out of this world. They have a buttery and toasty flavor that is simply amazing.

Unlike other crackers, Ritz crackers are seasoned throughout. The seasoning is just right because it does not overpower the crackers’ flavor, and it goes well with any toppings you may decide to use.

Another reason why people love them is that they are packaged in portioned sleeves. Therefore, the other crackers remain fresh after you open the box.

Other than that, you can beat their pricing, everyone agrees that they very affordable.

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The Origin


Nabisco introduced Ritz Crackers in 1934. During that time, there was a demand for fancy and exquisite snacks in the United States.

Therefore, Nabisco introduced the crackers and named them Ritz, a suggestion by one of its employees.

Nabisco had given the employee, Sydney Stern, a weekend to develop a viable marketing idea, and he did! Sydney Stern also helped design the first-ever Ritz crackers box that appealed to most consumers.

Nabisco first introduced the product to Philadelphia and Baltimore markets on 21st November 1934. They were marketed as “a taste of affordable luxury.” In 1935, Nabisco made over 5 million crackers. Within three years, it was being sold all over the world.

They quickly gained popularity shortly after their introduction in the market. It became a top seller and has remained one of the best-selling snacks since then.

Over the years, commercials have had several slogans. The most known one is where Andy Griffith says, “Everything tastes great when it sits on a Ritz.”

Currently, they are manufactured by Mondelez International. The headquarters of Mondelez International is in Chicago, and the company manufactures several other products, including; biscuits, chocolates, cookies, powdered beverages, confectionery, and gum.

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What Varieties do they Come in?

Most people are only familiar with the original Ritz cracker that has a buttery flavor. However, there are several other varieties available. They include;

  • Low sodium
  • Whole wheat
  • Reduced-fat
  • Honey Butter
  • Garlic Ritz crackers.
  • Bacon Ritz crackers.

All of these varieties come in different sizes. They are quite versatile. You can use them in casseroles, side dishes, desserts, and even main courses.

You can also add them to your mac n cheese, butter toffee cookies, and baked kitchen.

How are they Compared to Other Crackers?


Ritz crackers have been ranked a top snack for several decades. Over the years, several brands have also manufactured crackers, but none of them are as good as the original product.

Most of the other crackers varieties are not seasoned throughout the way Ritz crackers are. Therefore, their flavor is dull compared to this product. Additionally, they do not have the shimmering brown color that these have.

Another notable difference is the density. Most of the other crackers varieties do not have a flaky, airy texture. Some of them crumble very easily.

These reasons explain why they have remained an all-time favorite for most people.

Interesting Facts About Ritz Crackers

  1. The holes on the crackers are meant to maintain their flat shape, even texture, and crisp taste.
  2. Sydney Stern, the Nabisco employee that came up with the name and designed their boxes, also designed boxes for Shredded Wheat cereal and Animal crackers.
  3. The mock apple pie recipe on the boxes was invented in the 1930s when there was a shortage of apples. The recipe uses the crackers, cinnamon, sugar, and lemon juice as alternatives to apples. Although the flavor is different from that of apples, when you use the recipe, the end product is very similar to that of an original apple pie.
  4. When Nabisco introduced them in the market, they cost 19 cents per box.
  5. Over 11 billion are made every year.
  6. Ritz crackers were originally designed to help people with depression. Nabisco introduced them in 1934 during ‘The Great Depression.’ The original slogan implied that the crackers were a taste of the good life.
  7. Sydney Stern named the product after the Ritz hotel since it was the poshest hotel he knew at the time.
  8. They are not bad for you. They only contain 5% saturated fat, 4% sodium, and 7% total fat.
  9. They are versatile. You can serve them with any topping you can think of.

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The reason why Ritz crackers have remained popular for several decades is that they are so good.

They have a shimmery brown color, a unique buttery flavor, and the perfect airy, flaky texture.

You can enjoy them straight from the box on their own or top them with peanut butter or cheese. You can also use them in various recipes.

I love them, and so does everyone else in my family. They are perfect for snacking on and go well with most toppings.

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